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Madden Cover Goes to Brady

He isn't worried about the "Madden Curse."


The Punishment Comes Down

Tom Brady and the Patriots hit hard.


Tom Brady: What Will Happen?

The fallout from "Deflategate" will hit this week.


Tom Brady in Car Accident

Some Breaking News:

Tom Brady was involved in a car accident Thursday morning in Boston, reports.  

The New England Patriots quarterback was reportedly "shaken" following the two-car crash. He was not transported to a hospital and his condition remains unknown, according to the station. 

The hydraulic cutting equipment known as the "jaws of life" was used at the scene, although it was not known if rescuers employed it with Brady's car or the other driver's.  No other reports of injuries as of yet.

The New England Patriots are due to play their season opener on Sunday.  Brady is married to supermodel Gisele.