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Yahoo Odd News with Greg Proops - Laughter Groups

On Odd News this week, Greg talks about something I've never heard of...laughter groups.

Apparently they are in India and the idea behind it is that laughing is good for your health.

Well, some want to put an end to this groups.

Here's the report:


Yahoo Odd News with Greg Proops

This week, Greg talks about a sexy European Union video that is supposed to promote science.

Also, a raccoon is saved from a sewer and a wedding in a water park!  What fun!

Here's the link:


Yahoo Odd News with Phil Lamaar

Phil in this week.

Topics this week include:

A man is misdiagnosed with a disease and then spends his entire savings, a tourist loves saving lives and a McDonald's statue.

Here's the link:


Yahoo Odd News with Phil Lamaar

Phil is is for Greg this week.

He talks about a bed that makes itself, goats used to prevent wildfires and locusts gone wild.

Here's the link:


Yahoo Odd News with Greg Proops - Parallel Parking

The world record for parallel parking has been broken.

By a Chinese man who slid his car into a parking space with 15 centimeters tp spare.

Have a look: