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Gas Station Robber's Car Runs Out of Gas

Officials say an Indiana man who robbed a gas station made off with food, drinks and cigarettes. What he didn't steal was gas.

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Car Upright After Wreck

In Islip, NY.


Check Out the Lamborghini Replica


More on Paul Walker's Death

Info on the car he was in...


1966 Volvo Hits 3 Million Miles

Irv Gordon bought his red Volvo P1800 on June 30 47 years ago and has been driving it ever since.

"The day I first bought the car I picked it up on a Friday night and started driving around town and showing it off to all of my friends and local pubs and wherever else," Mr Gordon said.

"Before I knew it, I was up in New Jersey and up in Connecticut and went back to my college in Massachusetts."

He knew the car would lastm but this long?

"I was very happy when I figured I got a car that's going to be reliable and dependable, and well, I am still driving it today," Mr Gordon said.

On March 27, 2002, he was awarded the world record for the greatest ever recorded mileage by a single owner of a vehicle when he hit two million miles.

In just over 11 years, Mr Gordon was able to add another million to his odometer.

He reached three million miles while driving in the state of Alaska.