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Based in Atlanta, GA - Rick Limpert is an award-winning writer, a best-selling author, and a featured sports travel writer.

Named the No. 1 Sports Technology writer in the U.S. on Oct 1, 2014.

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Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Havana Tips and Tricks: Interesting Facts and Tips On Havana And Cuba

With Cuba opening its doors and so many people starting to visit.

This sample guide includes dozens of interesting facts, tips and tricks to help you understand Cuban culture and daily life. The information presented in this guide was taken from the book Real Havana: Explore Cuba Like A Local And Save Money. This book is available at most online book retailers. It offers a complete description of all the information presented below.

In this mini-guide you will learn about:

● Dozens of facts and tips on Cuban Culture and daily life.
● Money saving tips on Cuban cuisine and dining.
● Common restaurant scams in Havana.
● Facts about buying alcohol, cigars and shopping in general.
● Important tips on using taxis, public transportation and rental cars.
● Info on biking in Havana
● Booking a cheap apartment in Havana (casa particular)

Plus, this updated edition includes a special Trinidad City Guide.


Crowdfunding Corner: FlexSafe

FlexSafe: The Ultra Secure Travel Safe

FlexSafe is back with all new colors, slash resistant nylon & a strong combination lock for safety.

And it's on Indiegogo at:

What's worse than trying to relax knowing your "stuff" is unprotected?  The thought of having it locked up tight makes all the difference.  Ask yourself next time you visit the beach, pool, or waterpark, Wouldn't that FlexSafe have made this trip way better?
-Customize with New Colors - With our all new exclusive colors, you'll never be bored. You can now chose between Navy Blue, Lavender, Aqua Blue or Digi Camo.
-Protect your Valuables - Made out of ultra cut resistant material and now with a new and improved combination lock, FlexSafe protects your belongings from being stolen.
-​Lock up Anywhere - FlexSafe is the perfect travel companion for your next adventure. Super lightweight, portable and easily attachable for convenience on the go.
The quality here is evident as FlexSafe keeps your phone, wallet, keys, watch, passport, headphones, sunglasses, cash and credit cards safe. No more standing guard as the “Bag Watcher” while everyone else is having fun.
FlexSafe’s programmable 3-digit lock is made out of salt & corrosion resistant nickel alloy. The new & improved combination lock is designed to be even more user friendly. Larger, smooth dials making setting your combination easy and the lock itself is secured tightly onto the bag. A reinforced magnetic backplate also allows for easy, secure closure.

FlexSafe attaches effortlessly onto any fixed object. The unique patented fold-over top can loop around objects such as beach chairs, umbrellas, poles, or even your bike. Simply wrap the top and secure it shut with the heavy-duty lock. FlexSafe will stay in place for as long as you need while you get the most out of your vacation.
Through the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, get one for as low at $45.


Airliner Saw Launced Korean Missile

Something else to worry about.


Rick on 'The Golf and Travel Show' 1100 WWNN in Palm Beach 11/17/17

Always great to join Dan Shube on "The Golf and Travel Show." Ran live on 1100 am WWNN in West Palm Beach and 95.3 fm in Pampano Beach and then on Nov. 18 and it reruns on 740 am in Boca Raton.

Here are my Black Friday and holiday picks we discussed.

Listen to both parts:


1.  Impact Improver - portable swing aid   $39.99  take with you on the road.

The Impact Improver.

Simply attach the the Strike Shield and start swinging.  The Impact Ball STICKS to the Strike Shield. With every swing, you know exactly where you made contact with the ball.  You get instant feedback, instant fun, and a better game!

Golfers get feedback they can use to make adjustments or consult with their local pro.

The Impact Improver also saves you time, money, and allows you to practice in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or wherever.  The Impact Improver is reusable, there is not sticky impact tape residue to deal with.  And the Impact Improver fits on YOUR club.

Great for beginners, children and avid tournament golfers.  

Each unit comes with One Strike Shield, Three Impact Balls, One Facilitator Tool, One Uber Cool Zipper Storage Case.

2.  All New Kindle Fire 7" Tablet with Alexa capabilities
$49.99  but deals will be running on Amazon

The next generation of our best-selling Fire tablet ever - now thinner, lighter, and with longer battery life and an improved display. More durable than the latest iPad.
Beautiful 7" IPS display with higher contrast and sharper text, a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, and up to 8 hours of battery life. 8 or 16 GB of internal storage and a microSD slot for up to 256 GB of expandable storage.
Now with Alexa, for quick access to the information and entertainment you want. Ask questions, play music, check your calendar, get the news, weather, and more - just press the home button and ask.
Enjoy millions of movies, TV shows, songs, Kindle eBooks, apps and games - including Netflix, Facebook, HBO, Spotify, and more
Prime members get unlimited access to over a thousand books and magazines, millions of songs, and thousands of movies and TV episodes - at no additional cost
Watch downloaded videos anywhere with a Prime membership, Netflix plan, or Showtime subscription

3. Bermuda Sands apparel

No matter what climate you live in, Bermuda Sands apparel has you covered!
New hues of deep reds, ocean blues and lavender purples. Look good and feel good with these performance and lifestyle pieces.
Golf and more. The apparel evolves as technology changes! Bermuda Sands is a family-owned company with over 40 years experience in apparel manufacturing.  Our garments utilize premium materials, designed and sourced in the US, and produced in Central America.  

Bermuda Sands offers a wide variety of men and women knit golf and polo shirts, layers/outerwear, skorts and our water repellent STORM DRI™ collections. All of our garments remain true to the traditions of golf apparel in design, pattern, color, and fit.

4. Mediflow Pillow

Get The Floating Comfort Pillow by Mediflow for $39.99 only at
(Original MSRP: $49.99)
It’s the gift of a good night’s sleep!
Here’s more about The Floating Comfort Pillow:
The Floating Comfort Pillow features an exclusive waterbase technology that provides responsive support by adapting to the shape of your head and neck as you move during sleep. No matter which way you lay, your head and neck remain in proper alignment, creating a totally different kind of sleeping experience.
> It’s the only pillow clinically proven to improve the quality of sleep, as noted by a peer-reviewed study conducted at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
> Benefits include deeper sleep (no more waking up to fluff your pillow!) and a reduction in neck pain
> It’s customizable. Choose your preferred filling (fiber, foam and feather) and level of comfort – just fill the pillow with tap water until you reach your desired amount of firmness
> Ranked #1 selling pillow in six countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France and China)
> Over 5 million sold – reaching #1 on global e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Shopify, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Alibaba with consistent 4+ Star reviews
> Reached #1 Bestseller in Amazon Home & Kitchen during July 2017 among 24,163,959 items

5. Night Sports USA - Spectrum Golf Ball  -  pick your color

- Kind of a novelty, but may be of use.   a dozen for about $38
If night golf is a definite possibility.

New from one of my favorite companies, Night Sports USA, is a high tech golf ball that changes into seven different colors- you choose.

6. Purequosa

Purequosa organic spray is not just for you, but all of your athletic clothing equipment and shoes, including golf shoes and equipment. Keep everything clean and fresh at home or bring with you when you travel. Purequosa is an energy boost for your skin. Spray from temple to toes and everything in between. A bargain for $5 and up, on

7.  Copper Tech Golf Glove....  how about a new golf glove?   $20

Copper infused into a comfortable golf glove. Help relieve pain and many that couldn't play golf can now, with the Copper Tech Glove.

Green Goo Travel Pack

Green Goo’s travel pack is perfect for golfers, hiking or any outdoor activities. It includes first aid for dry cracked hands and feet, insect bites, poison ivy and cuts. Pain Relief helps with bruises, inflammation, sore muscles, joint pain and sprains. Lip Balm is 100% all natural lip balm that nourishes, protects and hydrates cracked lips. Bugs Be Gone an outdoor bug spray repellant that keeps mosquitoes, gnats, flies, fleas and ticks away. This organic skincare line provides pure, natural and healing ingredients to nourish skin. Green Goo believes in using only the highest-quality, natural, beneficial ingredients the earth has to offer…food for your skin!

Black Lapel

Customize your own dress shirts online and they are delivered right to your dood  for about $100.
They have used the same process to custom make clothes for thousands of men, from regular Joes to Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb  .  they heard I was a Packer fan!


Holiday Travel Tips

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, AAA's 2017 Thanksgiving Travel Forecast predicts that roughly 1.4 million more travelers will be on the road this year than last. In preparation, Hertz is offering valuable tips to alleviate stress and navigate this busy holiday travel period with ease.

To steer clear of roadblocks and avoid hassle this Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday season, the experts at Hertz offer the following tips to help ensure travelers' holiday rental needs are as smooth and affordable as possible:

Don't wait until the last minute. Reserve your rental car when making other travel arrangements. Rates are often more expensive the closer one gets to time of renting. Ideally, the rental car should be booked at the same time other travel services are booked (i.e. air and hotel). For airport rentals, be sure to include your flight number, airline carrier and scheduled arrival time. This can protect your reservation if the flight is delayed.

Book outside of high-volume locations. If travelers need to book last minute and have flexibility, they may find car rental availability outside of high-volume areas (e.g. airports may not have available cars while neighborhood locations may). Hertz has thousands of conveniently located neighborhood branches across the U.S.  

Pre-pay and save. Often pre-paying for a car rental can provide nice savings. At Hertz, customers who prepay can save up to 25 percent.

Choose the car that best suits your travel needs. It's key to consider the type of vehicle most appropriate for your trip, depending on distance, the destination and number of people traveling. Hertz Ultimate Choice® lets customers choose the car that's right for them by selecting any vehicle within the car class they reserve or based on their loyalty status, including a diverse range of premium and luxury vehicles equipped with the latest technology features. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® members have access to exclusive Hertz Ultimate Choice® areas that comprise an even wider selection of vehicles and car classes to choose from when they make a reservation for a midsize car or above.

Join loyalty rewards programs. Rental car loyalty reward programs help renters save money and time, while gaining access to exclusive benefits such as free upgrades and expedited service. Now through Dec. 31, members of the free-to-join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® program can participate in the Great Gold Giveaway* for a chance to win 1 million Gold Plus Rewards® points, which can be redeemed for up to four years' worth of free rental days**! Plus, there are more than 1,000 runner-up prizes including free standard weekly and weekend rentals.

Look for discounts. Don't forget to look for car rental deals on the company's website for major national organizations, frequent-flier programs and credit card programs you may belong to. Discounts may also be available for government employees, members of the military and employees of certain corporations. On Cyber Monday (Nov. 27), check for a special Flash Sale for more savings on future car rentals.

To learn more about Hertz and its ongoing promotions, visit