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Every Tuesday morning between 9 and 9:30 am eastern time I will join Brian Katrek for "Tech Tuesday" on Sirius/XM PGA Tour Radio - Channel No. 93

We'll talk gadgets and tech, on and off the course.


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Tech Tuesday on Sirius/XM PGA Tour Radio for 12/3/13 - Instructional DVDs and Apps

TOPICS - Rick and Brian take a look at some golf instructional DVDs and Apps
Some of these would make some great holiday gifts

 Have a listen:


1.  "David Leadbetter Interactive" - Now only $69

This is a 5-volume DVD series, four discs of which are golf instruction, with the fifth disc being interactive software. The software, if you choose to use it, analyzes your swing and then recommends specific drills included in the other four discs. Even without the software, it's a good collection of Leadbetter training.
- 5 hours of instruction
- 70 game improvement drills
 NEW! Access the Leadbetter Interactive Golf Academy and send your swing to a certified Leadbetter instructor for personal analysis.
NEW! View your drills on your iPod? or mobile phone and take David with you on the practice range!


2. Jack Nicklaus: Golf My Way"  $29.99 on Amazon

This series of tapes, based on the Golden Bear's famous instructional book of the same name, was selected in a Golf Magazine poll of Top 100 instructors as the best golf instructional video of all-time.
Now available on DVD
In 1974, Nicklaus authored what would become the most successful golf instruction book of all time, Golf My Way. Translated into numerous languages across the globe, Golf My Way quickly gained international appeal and worldwide distribution. It became known as the instruction source for golfers of all generations and skill levels looking to take up or improve their game. Golf My Way was the book former British Open champion Greg Norman credits for how he first learned the game of golf in the 1970s.
This was a best-selling VHS series released in 1983.


3.  Any of Jim McLean's DVDs

Jim has received throughout his golf career, such as coaching students like Keegan Bradley, Lexi Thompson and Erik Compton. Jim is also the proud owner of Jim McLean Golf Schools
One of the very top golf swing researchers in the game. He has been a PGA Master Professional since 1990 and has led more than 50 national teaching workshops for the PGA. Jim has authored 11 top selling golf instruction books, produced over 20 DVDs, and writes full time for Golf Digest magazine. His Eight Step Golf DVD is the all time #1 selling DVD on the Golf Channel.



4. Swing Profile  free for iPhone

The Swing Profile Golf Free app for iPhone helps analyse the sequence of positions your swing to help you find room for improvement or areas of inconsistency between swings (using the swing comparison feature.
Swing Profile Golf’s Features

    Auto Capture – the app detects and records only the motion of your golf swing
    Auto Trim – superfluous footages is auto-deleted leaving a 2-second clip of your swing motion
    Auto Sequence – a sequence of 7 images of the stages of your golf swing are produced
    Auto Line – draws your swing plane
    Auto Sync – synchronizes two different swings regardless of tempo difference so you can compare them easily

5.  Tiger Woods: My Swing - $4.99 on iTunes

We may never have a swing like Tiger, but now with this app, we can compare our swing to Tiger's.
• Enhanced video capture
• Side-by-side swing comparison with Tiger Woods
• Advanced swing analysis and how-to demonstrated by Woods
• Swing comparisons, sharing and feedback tools tied to friends and community members
• Video updates from Tiger, exclusive for members only

• High quality video of each club from both Face On and Down the Line angles
• How-to video directly from Tiger covering swing analysis
• Video clips from Tiger when he’s on Tour, exclusive for members only

• Time delay to allow for self-recording
• Record voice and text notes that save with your swing

• Overlay “Tiger Lines” that demonstrate proper technique

** Bonus

On Golf Digest's YouTube Channel there are also all sorts of putting tip videos that are free to watch.