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Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 - South Carolina Tech

Rick recently spent a week touring around the state of South Carolina checking out some under the radar places and some tech angles..

South Carolina is widely known as the Palmetto State in honor of our state tree, the Palmetto. However, they were once known as the Iodine State. The state has many other colorful nicknames as well, including many for SC cities and towns.

What did Rick see and do? Rick and Sully discuss:


1.  South Carolina's Distilleries and Cideries

Carolina Moon is one example
Modernizing old moonshine equipment and turning out the classic taste of 'shine!

Windy Hill Orchard in York SC is an example of an area rallying around a cider

Open every fall from Mid August until Christmas we offer visitors, Award Winning Hard Ciders, Pick Your Own Apples, Fresh Pressed Apple Cider, Fresh Made Apple Products, and much much more.

2.  The Wild Turkey and and Wild Turkey Winchester Museum

The Wild Turkey is one of only two birds native to North America to have been domesticated. Wild Turkeys are very good fliers. Even though they fly relatively close to the ground and only for short distances, they canreach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour!

In Edgefield, SC, you will find The Wild Turkey Center, and what is really a celebration of the Wild Turkey.
Admission: Adults: $5
Youth (ages 3 to 17): $2
Children under 2: free

See such tech-infused exhibits like:
The world’s largest turkey call: Visitors can step into this oversized box call and learn how to make different types of wild turkey sounds.
A helicopter simulator: Sit in a retired USDA Forest Service helicopter and go along on a controlled burn expedition.
Shooting simulator: This arcade-style shooting game is fun for the young and young at heart!
3D wild turkey dioramas: This isn’t the shoebox stories of elementary school. See artist renderings and taxidermy of the five wild turkey subspecies and the ocellated species in their natural habitats.


3.  Dairy Industry
Dairy farms found in all but seven counties in South Carolina, making it a multi-million dollar industry for our state.

4. Dr. Benjamin E. Mays Historic Preservation Site

Atlantans will love this...
This attraction is dedicated to the life of Benjamin Mays, a respected Civil Rights leader. Many historians believe that if it weren’t for Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, the world might never have known about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s death on the horizon, this is a must stop to learn more about the man Dr. King called, “his greatest mentor”.  

There are images, some interactive exhibits and a great number of books and artifacts.
237 N Hospital St, Greenwood, SC

5. The Topiaries of Greenwood and SC Festival of Flowers

Lots of care and some technology in creating beautiful topiaries for the SC Festival of Flowers starting June 1.
You’ll see 46 topiaries displayed around the Square, at the County Library, and at the Farmers Market. The whimsical horticultural creations showcase the Uptown Greenwood area during the SC Festival of Flowers.
Each topiary has been adopted by an organization and is sponsored by a separate organization.  Come see for yourself and stroll our Uptown Square day or night.

6. Rock Hill SC - Velodrome

One of only about 30 velodromes left in the US.

The 250m world-class Giordana Velodrome is part of the Rock Hill Outdoor Center at Riverwalk. The facility, owned and operated by the City of Rock Hill, has hosted national and regional caliber races along with several special events and outreach programs.

At the Giordana Velodrome, cyclists can find their home base for training and development. This year-round facility offers programs for cyclists of all stages and ages, providing equipment and instruction. A certification process is required of all cyclists, regardless of cycling ability, before riding on the track.

The Giordana Velodrome also serves as a gathering place for a variety of non cycling activities and special events. Giordana is the sponsor of the Giordana Velodrome. Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates and Carolinas HealthCare System are Founding Partners of the Giordana Velodrome.
Onsite, there is also a BMX area and criterium track

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