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WGST's "The Sully Show" for 10/2/15 - Fire Prevention Week and Month

October is "Fire Prevention Month" and the coming week is "Fire Prevention Week"

The theme for 2015 is: Hear The Beep Where You Sleep. Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm!
Home fires facts:

- Half of home fire deaths result from fires reported between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. when most people are asleep. Only one in five home fires were reported during these hours.
- One quarter of home fire deaths were caused by fires that started in the bedroom. Another quarter resulted from fires in the living room, family room or den.
 - Three out of five home fire deaths happen from fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.
- 156,600 cooking-related fires between 2007-2011, resulting in 400 civilian deaths, 5,080 civilian injuries and $853 million in direct damage.


Rick and Sully look at some Fire Prevention Week gadgets, have a listen:

1. FIRST ALERT LCDI Safety Extension Cord, Protected with Fire Shield

Many fires start with cords and outlets

3-Outlet, 6-Feet,  Cord Fire Protection Senses damage caused by overload, overheating, pinching or aging and shuts off the power

Disconnects power in 25/1000 of a second if a dangerous condition is detected

UL listed and CSA Certified

Built-in Fire protection Specifically shielded Conductors

6' 16 Gauge 2 wire Avg 3 0utlet Cord.. all for $14.99

2. Childproof Lighters

Kids love fire. Having lighters around can be dangerous, especially with young children who haven’t had enough time to absorb your fire prevention talks. Invest in a few childproof lighters, which require extra coordination to light. Always keep fire-starters far out of children’s reach. A great buy for about $5.


3.  MAX 1 by MAX SmartHome

It is the only product of its kind that listens for existing smoke and fire alarms and supplements those alerts with the additional lower frequency sounds and lights.

Simply put, the MAX 1 is an all in one safety and security gadget that plugs into any outlet in your home and listens for your existing smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm.

If it hears your existing alarm go off, it sounds its own alarm - both the high frequency and low frequency alarm - to ensure that everyone wakes up. This could even mean a dog starts barking to wake the family up.


4.  Flame-Resistant Oven Mitts - OrkaPlus A82301 Silicone Oven Mitt with Cotton Lining

A great deal for $12.99.

100-Percent pure silicone oven mitt with removable cotton lining
Triple heat resistant, yet more flexible than the original Orka Oven Mitt
Waterproof even in boiling water; non-slip surface for a safe grip on hot handles and dishes out of the oven
Heat resistant to 480 degrees Fahrenheit; for oven use or handling of stovetop items; not for use on open flame
Super soft cotton lining is removable and machine washable

5. Fire Escape Ladder

Don't laugh. If you have second- or third-floor bedrooms in your home, fire escape ladders are a must. These lightweight, handy ladders fold up when not in use, but are easy to attach to any window for a safe, fall-free climb out a window if fire were to strike during sleeping hours. Be sure to purchase one for every bedroom.
The X-IT 2 Story (13') Emergency Fire Escape Ladder may be about $80, but it could be a lifesaver.

Other products to consider..

- of course a new smoke detector  -  Among the most common and unexpected dangers are electric blankets, faulty wiring, overloaded extension cords, and dryer vents. Would you be interested in more fire safety tips from an expert at Sooner Alarms, the company that is revolutionizing home fire safety with brand new products that detect fires at their source?
- fireproof safe
- and new fire extinguisers