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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on ALT 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST

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Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio - Getting 'Tech Ready' for Football Season

Rick and Sully have been anticipating the start of football season.

Camps are open and the pre-season games have started in the NFL.

The Super Bowl is even in Atlanta this year!

College student-athletes are reporting and practices are ongoing.

What's new in tech this football season, on the field and off?

Have a listen:

1.  The HALO Shirt - may reduce concussions
About $100  - Available in October

Advanced Exoskeletal Systems (AEXOS) is now offering a new technology called HALO that promises to reduce whiplash when you’re playing a high-impact game like football. The technology, which the brothers started developing in 2015, has been endorsed by Safe 4 Sports, an organization that advocates for injury prevention among athletes.

The HALO is, at first blush, a compression shirt that you can wear under your uniform. But it comes with an “impact responsive collar” that sits against the back of your neck to fortify your vertebrae. A silicone-based postural support system is built into the shirt to safeguard major muscle groups along your upper body.

2. GPS Technology on the football field

How about a look into how much kids are running in games versus practice to kind of cater towards conditioning and prepare them for the season.

Some teams are partnered up with Sports Performance Track to utilize GPS player tracker technology to capture crucial practice and game information on speed, endurance, intensity and individual athletic exertion.
This is info teams have never has before.

3. Hudl

Hudl is software offers tools to edit and share film for coaches, and the ability for players to make recruitment videos for colleges. According to its website, Hudl has more than 160,000 active teams and 4.3 million unique visitors from around the world, including teams in North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe.
For any football coach, Hudl is a hub and just part of the everyday experience.

4. Your Call Football - for fans

Your Call Football—known as YCF— combines entertainment, sports innovation, and advanced technology to put fans at the center of live sporting events by letting them control the action on the field. For the first time, fans can impact the game by voting on plays. They can then see how their votes affect the game in real-time.
It's gamifying the football we watch on TV. Now there is a "game within the game."

5. LG C8: The best TV for watching sports

$2000-3000 depending on screen size
The C8 has excellent motion handling due to its fast response time and its ability to clear up blur. The gray uniformity is very good, and the dirty screen effect is not an issue when watching sports. The image remains accurate when viewed from the side, and it's suitable for large rooms unlike similarly premium models like the Samsung Q9FN. The picture quality is great due to the perfect blacks and wide color gamut.

6. NFL Mobile App  $99.00 for the entire year $24.99/quarter

The app lets you follow specific teams and news for only that team. It's a little clunky, but nothing too bad. This is also the home of NFL's Game Pass streaming service. It costs $99.99 per year or $24.99 per quarter of a year. You can watch every non-blackout football game. That means you can't watch home team games, but you can watch anything else. There are other options for live streaming, but the content and news is fairly top notch.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 - Super Bowl Game Watching Tech

Will you be among the millions and millions of people around the world watching next week's Super Bowl?

If you are, Rick has some fan experience gadgets and tech for the big game!

1. Man Crates

Once you get it open, the Man Crate has all sorts of goodies for Super Bowl enjoyment!
Man Crates has all types of gifts for every type of guy at every price point.

For the Drinker:
Whiskey Appreciation Crate - $150: decanter, bottom rocks glasses, ice molds, nuts and more
Personalized Growler Crate - $80: 64 oz. Personalized Mini-Keg Growler, 2 classic pint glasses, more
Menagerie Wine Pourer - $19.99: Don't know what to give the guy who has everything? Man Crates has the answer; and it turns his boring Bordeaux into a powerful grizzly bear or stag regurgitating it's lifesblood into your finest stemware.

For the Foodie:
Pizza Grilling Crate - $99.99: The Pizza Grilling Crate turns any ordinary grill into a flame-fueled furnace for crisp, smoky pizza that's way better than delivery. The four cordierite baking stones bring the heat to any pizza party!

Morning Glory Crate - $69.99: Sure to pack the whole family into the kitchen Christmas morning and keep the family energized with these protein-packed pancakes and marionberry syrup.
Mount Rubsmore - $19.99: A patriotic box from Man Crates filled with special president-themed spice blends, perfect for that person who's a little bit of a history nerd mixed with a master chef.
For the Sports Fanatic:
NFL Barware Crate - $99: Customized NFL team pint glasses, coasters, snacks
*Man Crates also has similar crates for NBA, NHL, College, NASCAR
Personalized Golf Balls - $65: 30 monogrammed Callaway Warbird 2.0 golf balls


2. Amazing products from BigMouth Inc!

Fun products to enjoy the game!
- Football Stadium Inflatable Salad Bar ($19.99)
Impress your guests with delicious snacks in this football themed salad bar. This is a great traveling snack station that’s perfect for tailgating, BBQs and picnics.

- Drink Kooler – The Red Party Cup ($9.99)
The infamous red party cup is now as a fun shaped drink kooler. Let everyone know you still know how to party!

- The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron ($14.99)
Get your grill on! Our unique camouflage-grilling apron holds everything a real man could want or need for an afternoon of fun. Holds 6 beverage cans or bottles, comes with a built-in can opener, and more pockets then he could ever need. Made from 100% cotton, one size fits all, fully adjustable length.

3. Nobis  - keeping warm if you are going to Minneapolis and the big game

Whether you're travelling up to Minnesota to watch the game live, or planning a super bowl Sunday bar hopping session with your friends; don't let the freezing temps put a damper in your sporting mood. Cheer on your favorite NFL team whilst keeping warm in nobis.

Ten years in with a presence in over 40 countries, nobis takes performance textiles and technological innovations for outerwear, footwear and accessories, and applies them to timeless silhouettes that can take you anywhere. Move from the mountains to the city streets, exploring the wilderness or trying a new menu.

Walk, drive, cycle or fly anywhere, any time with sophistication and comfort. Wanderlust is encouraged. We want you to embrace your passions and live a dynamic life.

4. Raycon  Wireless Sound Bar S2

Users can bring the Super Bowl party with them wherever they go with this new bass-powered sound bar. Packing 6 watts of power, the debut Raycon sound bar can connect to multiple music sources via Bluetooth, memory card and AUX. Available in luxurious black, white and gold matte finishes. SRP $49.99

5.  Epson’s new Home Cinema LS100 Ultra Short-Throw Laser Display

The battle for league champion is right around the corner, and guests can have the best seat in the house this year with Epson’s new Home Cinema LS100 Ultra Short-Throw Laser Display— providing an immersive viewing experience from any viewpoint in your home.

The Home Cinema LS100 features 4,000 lumens of equal color and white brightness, an extraordinary contrast ratio up to 2,500,000:1, and Full HD picture up to 10 feet diagonal for stunning color and incredible detail, even in a well-lit environment. The Home Cinema LS100 can sit just inches from the wall without any long cables, shadows or glare to disrupt the viewing experience so guests can enjoy the game from any room in the house— all at a fraction of the cost of a 120-inch traditional flat panel display.


My Appearance on WGST's "The Sully Show" 8/15/14 Talking Green Bay and Football Tech

Rick joins Sully for the second day in a row and they talk about Rick Still being in Green Bay and new technology in football.

Rick is in Green Bay all week at Packers training camp and checking out various things in Green Bay   website:

(My volume is really low for some reason, so you may have to turn up the volume all the way) :)


1.  High School team to test new high tech helmet

Riddell approached North Little Rock High's football team about trying a new helmet sensor that can alert trainers when athletes may have sustained a concussion. It's a brand new technology that only a handful of schools around the country are using.

"There's no high school in the state of Arkansas with this technology right now," said North Little Rock Athletic Director Gary Davis. "Concussions are a major concern for every football program."

Davis was honored when Riddell approached his program about trying its new InSite Impact Sensors.

The sensors, put inside a players' helmet, record the strength of every hit and send alerts to a handheld device on the sideline when the impact is strong enough.

"If a kid sustains a big enough impact it will alert the trainer that this happened," said Davis, "which gets us started on the preventative measures and the recuperation of that athlete making sure that we don't put him in any more danger."

The sensors don't just monitor big hits, they record every hit and even send an alert when a individual player sustains multiple lower-level impacts over the course of a week. While Davis would love to put one of these in every football helmet in his school district right now, it's not in the budget.

2.   NFL placing RFID tags in helmets and shoulder pads

“The NFL will use Zebra Technologies’ real-time location system in 17 stadiums during the 2014 season.

The tech will track position, speed, and distance, sending it first to RFID receivers around the arena and then to a database where the NFL is envisioning new uses for the data. Zebra, which is better known for building asset-tracking tech for Fortune 500 companies, will install the receivers in the 15 stadiums that host Thursday Night Football games (Atlanta, Baltimore, Carolina, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Green Bay, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, New England, Oakland, San Francisco, St. Louis, Washington) as well as in Detroit and New Orleans. The data will be captured from all 32 teams and presumably will be shared among them.”

3. New technology on the NFL Sidelines (Tablets)

Gone are the days when NFL teams took Polaroid pictures of plays from atop the stadium during games then send them down to the field on a rope.

Technology improved so that an automated camera could deliver the images to a printer on the sideline, creating that familiar sight of a quarterback staring at a sheet of paper to figure out what went wrong on an interception.

Tablets as in Microsoft Surfaces will be allowed for the first time this season and it started with Sunday's Hall of Fame game, though they won't exactly be running the most cutting-edge apps. The devices will replicate the old system of transmitting still photos to the field — but faster, clearer and in color.

No surfing the Web. No selfies or tweets. And more important from a football standpoint: no watching replays of the last snap.

For every game this season there will be 13 tablets on each sideline and 12 in each coaches’ box providing overhead snapshots. Only now they will arrive more quickly and in color.

Two pictures per play — one just before the snap and one after the play is over — are all the league allows.

4. New 49ers' Levi Stadium  - high tech stadium

The new $1.2 billion 68,500-seat venue 39 miles south of Candlestick Park in Santa Clara and about 30 feet from the 49ers’ team headquarters -- designed something different, creating a stadium with the most lower-bowl seats in the NFL, stacking all the suites in a hotel-like structure on the west side, fully exposing the entirety of the concourses and integrating the high-tech amenities you’d expect from a stadium that features views of some of the world’s most influential tech company headquarters.

The 49ers were able  to glass-in an oversized team store and magnificent 20,000-square-foot museum with 150 artifacts on the street level. A year-round restaurant and television studio also sit at street level.

Located under the seating bowl at the 50-yard-line, one of the more exclusive locations in the venue, the BNY Mellon club -- one of the five clubs and part of the 9,000 club seats -- will give patrons a college-style experience, with the 49ers players walking through the club on their way to the field. While the majority of the club rests below the seats, patrons will move onto the field and up into the stands to find their seats.

Each of the five clubs was created to offer use year-round for special events and designed in a different local theme and indigenous wood, featuring some of the over 200 pieces of original artwork commissioned for the building or 49ers photos.

A 25-beer tap room on the main concourse will attract visitors and the upper deck end zones each feature club-style party decks directly below the 200 feet by 48 feet scoreboards, one sponsored by Budweiser and the other Pepsi. The Budweiser deck, with a nice view of the roller coasters at next-door California’s Great America amusement park, has a wide offering of beverages planned.

The scoreboards, the highest points of the stadium, rise 188 feet, the tallest allowed by the FAA as Levi’s Stadium sits directly below the San Jose airport’s flight path. Southwest Airlines -- one of the largest carriers to the airport -- will get plenty of free advertising that way.

The stadium’s other high-flying location is the 27,000-square-foot green roof atop the suite tower that includes 16 different species of plants. The roof can open like a club-style venue offering fans the ability to mingle near the stadium lighting, an experience unlike any other in sports.

Expect plenty of sustainable aspects to the roof. Along with helping filter water, the roof holds an 18,000 square foot solar terrace that assists with housing 1,162 photovoltaic panels used in the building and on the three pedestrian bridges. Levi’s Stadium plans to score LEED Gold status, the first new professional football stadium to reach it. On game days, the stadium will achieve net-zero energy with the onsite power generation staying in the internal grid.

A new in-stadium app will give fans not only high-speed connectivity, but also access to information and real-time video.

Within the stadium, 2,000 Bluetooth low-energy beacons will provide access to static maps and stadium information. In-app food ordering will allow for in-seat food delivery for every single seat and the team will have over 1,000 runners to handle the demand. But if you get up, you can find charging stations in the drink rails.

From mobile ticketing to GPS locators telling you where the nearest concession fare, beer or restroom is, the “hero feature” of the app, Guido said, is the ability to offer in-game replays and video content.

“You might not have seen if he got two feet inbounds and we can deliver three to five replays and angles within five seconds,” he said of the in-stadium broadcast featuring 13 stadium cameras.

To keep this all working, Levi’s Stadium will have over 400 miles of data cable, including 70 miles of cable to support WiFi, with an access point under every 100 seats. In all, more than 12,000 physical network ports and 1,000 WiFi access points have been installed, supporting a bandwidth 40 times larger than any known U.S. stadium and plenty of IPTV throughout the 4K facility.

Also 194 charging stations for your gadgets.