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"The Tech of Sports" Episode 13: Paul Shirley

This week on "The Tech of Sports" we are joined by former NBA basketball player Paul Shirley.

From being an above average college player at Iowa State to playing in Europe and then for the Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls and Phoenix Suns.

Paul is also a writer and a fan of music.

He also was briefly a television producer...

This is a fun interview and Paul has opinions and great stories to tell.

Have a listen:

Reader Comments (1)

Blown away by that interview. Never thought in the past that you had a "radio" voice. Sounded great. Did you do some voice over training?
Have many questions. One is, why did it sound like Paul was in studio and you were on the phone? Just curious.

This will get a lot more hits when I post it on Cyclone Report members board. I listened on my phone. Put the link on my email above, and I will get it out.


June 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBrad Shaw

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