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Crowdfunding Corner: EBORD by Proton New Energy Future

Proton New Energy Future, (, is looking to light the way toward a novel approach to home furniture with the launch of the EBÖRD table, a sleek and wireless self-sufficient device that taps into renewable energy to recharge your smartphone, Air Pods, tablets, and other electronics.

In response to the increased usage of smartphones in our daily lives, and sensing the need for an accessible common charging platform, the Proton New Energy Future team have taken a unique concept in its solution, combining solar technology with home modern design furniture.

The table, which requires no plugs and is wireless, is compatible with any smartphone that incorporates Qi charge, such as smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Sharp, Xiaomi, and more brands. In case your smartphone is not compatible with Qi Technology, EBÖRD offers an adaptor. An advanced system allows the table to capture artificial light in interior spaces without the need for sunlight to charge your electronic devices.

In 2014, Proton New Energy Future CEO, Miquel Jové, realized the potential advantages of using an existing protein capable of efficiently pumping protons when sunlight contacted its membrane. Jové was determined to design a new system capable of integrating these proteins into a table surface to achieve a high level of electricity on overcast days with little or no sunlight, indoors, and in areas of low light, and launched his company a year later.

Proton New Energy Future has launched an Indiegogo campaign, (, to spread awareness about the EBÖRD table among consumers and the investment community. As an added benefit, the company is rewarding consumers with an exclusive opportunity to purchase the EBÖRD table through its campaign at a discount from its $750 USD price.

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