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Crowdfunding Corner: NewsHero

What's new in news?


In a news industry that has faced ever-increasing layoffs and diminishing financial opportunities, NewsHero envisions replacing the traditional advertising and subscription models. Members of the NewsHero platform will be able to get their local and global, curated news from a source that will be empowered to support journalists, their writing and their sources directly through a proprietary payment system that is being developed by the NewsHero team.

NewsHero has launched a Kickstarter campaign,

(, for exclusive membership offerings and to spread awareness about their news platform among consumers.

NewsHero will be a new way for readers to access all the relevant daily news, focusing on just the facts within the story, especially the fact that (almost) every story has a hero or someone trying to help, and that there is a positive narrative in every feature. A NewsHero article will be the work of no less than three (and up to five) reputable sources and will get to the core of the issue while prioritizing the heroes in each story.

NewsHero has already started recruiting world-class journalists who will maintain a positive news cycle, without missing out on facts. Through their efforts, NewsHero will help move the news away from its current crisis-focused emphasis towards a more helper-centric narrative through an ad-free, community-funded platform.


Crowdfunding Corner: Pillgo

With the goal of streamlining your medication intake and limiting the amount of stress you may experience about keeping up with your medication schedule, Qualife, has introduced a new smart pillbox, the Pillgo.

An upgrade to a previous model, the Pillgo is an even smarter, user-friendly pillbox that integrates biometrics for health status monitoring, as well as drug allergy and drug interaction alerts to inform users of possible side effects that might arise from combining certain medications.

With the Pillgo launch, Qualife seeks to address the troubling lack of medication adherence that leads to 30 to 50 percent of chronic disease treatment failures and 125,000 deaths per year in the United States alone.

Pillgo will help users better understand their response to the various medications that they take, as well as better manage a complex dosage schedule. No matter where you are, you can take comfort in knowing that you have curtailed the uncertainty and uneasiness of taking your medication, as the Pillgo will take care of the medication output and timing for you.

The Pillgo can be intelligently set up via optical character recognition (OCR) technology and incorporates a number of innovative features into an easily accessible, compact design. New features such as biometric tracking and analysis, drug interaction alerts, and flexible pill sorting improve upon the previous version that already included real-time remote monitoring and wrong dosage alerts.

Pillgo incorporates innovative technology into a compact product designed for optimal and efficient use by consumers. The combination of a comprehensive, intelligent app, and a physical, easy-to-use smart pillbox, the Pillgo has been developed to be your trusted health companion for a more balanced and healthier life.

Qualife has launched an Indiegogo campaign,
), to spread awareness about the Pillgo among consumers and the investment community.

Early bird pricing for Pillgo on Indiegogo is $42.


Crowdfunding Corner: EBORD by Proton New Energy Future

Proton New Energy Future, (, is looking to light the way toward a novel approach to home furniture with the launch of the EBÖRD table, a sleek and wireless self-sufficient device that taps into renewable energy to recharge your smartphone, Air Pods, tablets, and other electronics.

In response to the increased usage of smartphones in our daily lives, and sensing the need for an accessible common charging platform, the Proton New Energy Future team have taken a unique concept in its solution, combining solar technology with home modern design furniture.

The table, which requires no plugs and is wireless, is compatible with any smartphone that incorporates Qi charge, such as smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Sharp, Xiaomi, and more brands. In case your smartphone is not compatible with Qi Technology, EBÖRD offers an adaptor. An advanced system allows the table to capture artificial light in interior spaces without the need for sunlight to charge your electronic devices.

In 2014, Proton New Energy Future CEO, Miquel Jové, realized the potential advantages of using an existing protein capable of efficiently pumping protons when sunlight contacted its membrane. Jové was determined to design a new system capable of integrating these proteins into a table surface to achieve a high level of electricity on overcast days with little or no sunlight, indoors, and in areas of low light, and launched his company a year later.

Proton New Energy Future has launched an Indiegogo campaign, (, to spread awareness about the EBÖRD table among consumers and the investment community. As an added benefit, the company is rewarding consumers with an exclusive opportunity to purchase the EBÖRD table through its campaign at a discount from its $750 USD price.


Esports Coverage on Esportz Network

The fastest growing fanbase in the world is professional and collegiate esports in a manner that enhances the excitement and rapid global growth of the sport, Esportz Entertainment Corp., (, has begun building an extensive platform and network that will give esports enthusiasts access to expansive esports coverage, while also providing players an introduction to new resources that will help them effectively communicate on a level that matches their gameplay.

Esportz Entertainment Corp. will provide an exclusively dedicated environment for global esports news, entertainment, and training services through its three unique offerings:

Esportz Network is a subscription, sponsor and ad-driven broadcast entertainment platform that will bring esports global coverage of all things esports through various social media, streaming channels, and mobile applications.

Esportz Pro will consist of custom media strategy courses and curriculum for players, teams, students, and brand sponsors that will be offered in-person and online.

EZPro will develop exclusive esports fan apparel and merchandise.

Esportz Network is dedicated to bringing the best coverage of game play to you wherever you consume your gaming news and information, engaging a global esports audience with in-depth esports programming that will reach esports fans wherever they live and play. In addition to coverage and programming, Esportz Entertainment will also provide gamers and esports fans with a diverse selection of clothing for all occasions through their EZPro brand.

“We intend to cover esports in an expansive way that has never been done before,” Thimmig said. “Our focus for Esportz Entertainment and the Esportz Network is targeted towards building our brand, growing our esports viewing audience, adding subscribers, developing our tournament sponsor participation and attracting gamers to participate in regular tournaments. We intend to appeal to the largest esports fan base through creating programs that are engaging and informative. We will also work closely with gamers, teams, game developers, tournaments, sponsors, hardware and software companies to include them in our programming, benefitting from their shared interest in promoting our features.”

Esportz Network will be an open online Freemium subscription-based service that is styled in part by identifying the best presentation of other leading sports networks to share esports news, headlines, and entertainment shows. With the development of its media center and broadcast studio, a wide range of esports-centric shows will be created and streamed through the Esportz network site, mobile platform, YouTube, Twitch, and other popular esports community channels.

While launching its full Esportz Network in June 2019, Esportz Entertainment is already broadcasting its “Esportz Network Minute” podcast,, with accomplished esports journalist, Mitch Reames. Working with OC Talk Radio,, Esportz Network is providing a daily esports recap designed to give radio broadcasters the latest in esports news for their listening audience. Ask Alexa for your Esportz Network Minute.

Esportz Pro will focus on providing brands and players with the opportunity to increase their value to the esports industry at large. The expert educators and trainers at Esportz Pro will help develop and teach the most effective techniques unique to esports that can improve players’ communications skills to convey their personal story and build exceptional value that can attract major sponsors.

“Even if you are not a gamer, we're betting some of your friends, associates, children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews are gamers. You may not understand esports or appreciate the pleasure others get from watching and playing, but you are smart enough to see it going on all around you, and you know it’s not just a phase. It’s ingrained in our global culture, and it’s getting bigger and more widespread every day,” Thimmig added.

Esportz Entertainment has launched a StartEngine equity campaign, ( ), to spread awareness about their products and services among esports players, fans, and the investment community.


Crowdfunding Corner: Hottlight

Upgrade your bathroom moments. Installs in seconds with no tools required. Screws-in like a regular lightbulb!
Not everyone can enjoy the pleasures of having a bathroom heater to warm things up during those cold winter mornings. Hottlight is the first On-Demand Bathroom and Utility heater that screws into any existing light bulb socket. Just like a light bulb Hottlight will start working as soon as you screw it in. 
Additionally you will be able to listen to music, or podcasts thanks to its built-in Bluetooth speakers. At night Hottlight will show you the way thanks to its motion enabled night light. It also includes an ambient LED light and programable App.
Hottlight is live on Kickstarter. Early birds can get one for $119 (60% off future retail price).
Hottlights start at $119 through Kickstarter

When you use Hottlight you’re not only having an excellent time in your shower. You will also be saving money on your energy bill, save water consumption and your mirror will be fog free every time.