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Esports Coverage on Esportz Network

The fastest growing fanbase in the world is professional and collegiate esports in a manner that enhances the excitement and rapid global growth of the sport, Esportz Entertainment Corp., (, has begun building an extensive platform and network that will give esports enthusiasts access to expansive esports coverage, while also providing players an introduction to new resources that will help them effectively communicate on a level that matches their gameplay.

Esportz Entertainment Corp. will provide an exclusively dedicated environment for global esports news, entertainment, and training services through its three unique offerings:

Esportz Network is a subscription, sponsor and ad-driven broadcast entertainment platform that will bring esports global coverage of all things esports through various social media, streaming channels, and mobile applications.

Esportz Pro will consist of custom media strategy courses and curriculum for players, teams, students, and brand sponsors that will be offered in-person and online.

EZPro will develop exclusive esports fan apparel and merchandise.

Esportz Network is dedicated to bringing the best coverage of game play to you wherever you consume your gaming news and information, engaging a global esports audience with in-depth esports programming that will reach esports fans wherever they live and play. In addition to coverage and programming, Esportz Entertainment will also provide gamers and esports fans with a diverse selection of clothing for all occasions through their EZPro brand.

“We intend to cover esports in an expansive way that has never been done before,” Thimmig said. “Our focus for Esportz Entertainment and the Esportz Network is targeted towards building our brand, growing our esports viewing audience, adding subscribers, developing our tournament sponsor participation and attracting gamers to participate in regular tournaments. We intend to appeal to the largest esports fan base through creating programs that are engaging and informative. We will also work closely with gamers, teams, game developers, tournaments, sponsors, hardware and software companies to include them in our programming, benefitting from their shared interest in promoting our features.”

Esportz Network will be an open online Freemium subscription-based service that is styled in part by identifying the best presentation of other leading sports networks to share esports news, headlines, and entertainment shows. With the development of its media center and broadcast studio, a wide range of esports-centric shows will be created and streamed through the Esportz network site, mobile platform, YouTube, Twitch, and other popular esports community channels.

While launching its full Esportz Network in June 2019, Esportz Entertainment is already broadcasting its “Esportz Network Minute” podcast,, with accomplished esports journalist, Mitch Reames. Working with OC Talk Radio,, Esportz Network is providing a daily esports recap designed to give radio broadcasters the latest in esports news for their listening audience. Ask Alexa for your Esportz Network Minute.

Esportz Pro will focus on providing brands and players with the opportunity to increase their value to the esports industry at large. The expert educators and trainers at Esportz Pro will help develop and teach the most effective techniques unique to esports that can improve players’ communications skills to convey their personal story and build exceptional value that can attract major sponsors.

“Even if you are not a gamer, we're betting some of your friends, associates, children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews are gamers. You may not understand esports or appreciate the pleasure others get from watching and playing, but you are smart enough to see it going on all around you, and you know it’s not just a phase. It’s ingrained in our global culture, and it’s getting bigger and more widespread every day,” Thimmig added.

Esportz Entertainment has launched a StartEngine equity campaign, ( ), to spread awareness about their products and services among esports players, fans, and the investment community.


Crowdfunding Corner: Hottlight

Upgrade your bathroom moments. Installs in seconds with no tools required. Screws-in like a regular lightbulb!
Not everyone can enjoy the pleasures of having a bathroom heater to warm things up during those cold winter mornings. Hottlight is the first On-Demand Bathroom and Utility heater that screws into any existing light bulb socket. Just like a light bulb Hottlight will start working as soon as you screw it in. 
Additionally you will be able to listen to music, or podcasts thanks to its built-in Bluetooth speakers. At night Hottlight will show you the way thanks to its motion enabled night light. It also includes an ambient LED light and programable App.
Hottlight is live on Kickstarter. Early birds can get one for $119 (60% off future retail price).
Hottlights start at $119 through Kickstarter

When you use Hottlight you’re not only having an excellent time in your shower. You will also be saving money on your energy bill, save water consumption and your mirror will be fog free every time.


Crowdfunding Corner: Boslla Bullet

The World's First Four-Color Car LED Headlight Bulb

The first car headlight bulb that can emit 4 different colors of lighting for different weather conditions. Works perfectly in all weather conditions and even emergency situations.

A game changing solution for car owners who demand safer driving conditions is now possible with Boslla groundbreaking design. Using a dual color chip this car lead headlight bulb delivers the first four color led headlight bulb in the market thats incredibly easy to install an operate. Driving under poor environment conditions is now safer thanks to improved visibility provided by Boslla headlights. Switch instantly from each of the 4 colors by turning on/off light switch. With IP67-rated protection, Boslla performs great in extreme conditions of water, mud, sand, and uneven terrain. It can even withstand extreme temperatures such as Antarctica at minus 94°F to the Sahara Desert at 194°F, Boslla easily carries you through. Boslla blew past its funding goal in less than a week on Kickstarter. Early birds can save 65% from future pricing on Kickstarter for $49.

A game changer for safer driving.


Crowdfunding Corner: Total Sous Vide

Looking to be the most unique chef in your neighborhood?
Total Sous Vide, the insulated cook-box and sear-station that helps cooks make delicious meal with minimal mess and prep. Perfect for gourmet chefs, those learning to cook, avid foodies, tailgaters, camping (or glamping) enthusiasts, Total Sous Vide will help people yield juicy, tender meat with the perfect “doneness.”

On Kickstarter here:

Pledges start at $49 for discounts on the cook boxes.


Highly insulative properties allow for larger water volume (24 quarts) and cooking larger quantities or sizes of meat using less electricity
Stainless steel rack (at bottom) serves as a platform to hold meat pre- and post-sear
Drain plug allows for easy cleanup
Handles and light weight allow for extreme portability and cooking on the go
Will hold food at set temperature for 4 hours without additional heating
Recyclable and chemical free materials, dishwasher safe
Uses less wood or charcoal than a regular grill
Multiple cooking surface options
Achieves searing temperatures approaching or exceeding 1000 degrees
Easy to ignite and clean
Portable and durable
Stainless steel
Dishwasher safe

Portable, easy to use and easy to clean.

Help out this Kickstarter.


Crowfunding Corner: Square Panda 2.0

Dedicated to improving the all-important literacy development process of young children, Square Panda, (, has introduced the second generation of its award-winning phonics system featuring a new meta-app learning adventure, SquareLand, and the new Square Panda Phonics Playset 2.0.


SquareLand is an exploratory adventure through a world of play where two primary characters, Panda and Cameo, guide children step-by-step through adaptive reading curriculum. Children explore worlds of learning as their fun friends help them learn letters, letter sounds, decode written words and develop skills in oral expression. With SquareLand, children experience playtime within a multisensory environment while learning valuable skills, such as letter-sound association, spelling, rhyming, word construction, and comprehension—with every child placed on an adaptive path and progressing at his or her own pace. A stream of cloud-based SquareLand content, developed by the Square Panda team in three international offices, is continuously expanding the learning experience. Accompanying the launch of SquareLand is the new Square Panda Phonics Playset 2.0, which supports the multisensory UI. The new playset is iPad and Android tablet compatible, with a library of free learning games available through the App store and Google Play.

According to Square Panda CEO and Co-Founder Andy Butler, SquareLand builds on Square Panda’s mission of empowering all children with the self-confidence gained through early fluency. “We are passionate about fixing the literacy problem because reading is about more than just reading, it’s about self-esteem,” said Butler. “Unfortunately, the ability to read is the first measure our society applies in judging a child’s potential, and the first step in fixing this is to realize that, especially for young learners, one size does not fit all. Square Panda personalizes the learning experience in real time to maximize both education and enjoyment.”

Butler was inspired to found Square Panda by his journey to find resources for his daughter, who has dyslexia. He discovered that most children, not only those struggling with dyslexia, need support when learning to read and that early intervention is essential.

Every child faces the critical task of moving from “learning to read” to “reading to learn” by the third grade. According to a 2016 U.S. Department of Education study, 64 percent of fourth graders in the U.S. perform below proficiency levels in reading. Incorporating the latest neurological research of unique circuitry development within young brains, SquareLand’s  personalized, data-centric system customizes the learning experience for each child, helping them master reading efficiently and painlessly. The Square Panda Parent portal lets users track their child’s progress and provides real-time analytics that identify areas of difficulty and next steps.

SquareLand and the Square Panda Phonics Playset 2.0 support early readers in multiple ways:

And as with most crowdfunding campaigns, there are different levels of pledges.

●       A unique land of educational play keeps children engaged through a world of games while collecting real-time data.

●       Interactive gameplay and engaging characters support increased attention and focus, including for children with learning differences.

●       Adaptive learning supports each child’s learning patterns and reinforces the curriculum in a playful way.

●       Multisensory play with Square Panda’s Smart Letters, which children touch, feel, and place on the playset. Preliminary results show 40 percent reduction in screen time while playing Square Panda multisensory games compared to digital only games.

●       Personalization customizes the experience to optimize learning.

●       Free downloadable games keep early readers in the optimal learning zone, challenged but not overwhelmed.

●       Built-in rest periods reduce any frustration or meltdowns.

●       Data collection and analytics keep track of progress and customize the games based on each child’s learning experience.

 Square Panda has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the SquareLand and the Phonics Playset 2.0.

The Square Panda™ team of parents, educators, professors of cognitive neuroscience, and game designers focuses on the development of language and literacy skills and solving the literacy problem. Square Panda is committed to helping children worldwide across skill sets and socioeconomic backgrounds learn to read, write, and communicate, with an adaptive system that creates a joyful learning experience based on innovative teaching practices. Please visit the Square Panda website for more information,