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Crowdfunding Corner: Pillgo

With the goal of streamlining your medication intake and limiting the amount of stress you may experience about keeping up with your medication schedule, Qualife, has introduced a new smart pillbox, the Pillgo.

An upgrade to a previous model, the Pillgo is an even smarter, user-friendly pillbox that integrates biometrics for health status monitoring, as well as drug allergy and drug interaction alerts to inform users of possible side effects that might arise from combining certain medications.

With the Pillgo launch, Qualife seeks to address the troubling lack of medication adherence that leads to 30 to 50 percent of chronic disease treatment failures and 125,000 deaths per year in the United States alone.

Pillgo will help users better understand their response to the various medications that they take, as well as better manage a complex dosage schedule. No matter where you are, you can take comfort in knowing that you have curtailed the uncertainty and uneasiness of taking your medication, as the Pillgo will take care of the medication output and timing for you.

The Pillgo can be intelligently set up via optical character recognition (OCR) technology and incorporates a number of innovative features into an easily accessible, compact design. New features such as biometric tracking and analysis, drug interaction alerts, and flexible pill sorting improve upon the previous version that already included real-time remote monitoring and wrong dosage alerts.

Pillgo incorporates innovative technology into a compact product designed for optimal and efficient use by consumers. The combination of a comprehensive, intelligent app, and a physical, easy-to-use smart pillbox, the Pillgo has been developed to be your trusted health companion for a more balanced and healthier life.

Qualife has launched an Indiegogo campaign,
), to spread awareness about the Pillgo among consumers and the investment community.

Early bird pricing for Pillgo on Indiegogo is $42.


Crowdfunding Corner: Lunata Hair

Lunata Hair is looking to transform the haircare industry with its innovative wireless and portable styling products, including hair straighteners and curling wands.
In a move to further bolster its position as an emerging leader in the beauty tech industry, the Toronto-based company has launched a cordless, rechargeable, convertible curling iron that can be conveniently turned into a curling wand at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.
The company’s wand features two modes: cordless, battery-powered mode for portable use, as well as plugged in mode for professionals, or for when the battery runs low. The battery is also removable and rechargeable, and consumers can carry spares as well. Lunata Hair has recently partnered with select retailers to sell its industry-leading products online, including and
“Our mission is to free women from cords. Technology is at the forefront of everything we do, and every product we develop,” said Lunata Hair CEO and Co-Founder Monica Abramov, who started the company in 2017 with the brand’s Chief Marketing Officer Anastassia Boguslavskaya. “Our vision is to develop products that allow women to extend the life of their blowout, and enable them to increase the time between washes.”
Abramov added that the creation of their company came out of their frustration of not being able to find quality cordless haircare products.
“As consumers, we would search for cordless hair tools and found that what was currently on the market left a lot to be desired. The tools were butane powered, and ‘travel sized’ which is great for space saving, but really does nothing for your hair, and doesn’t get hot enough,” Abramov said. “We travel a lot for work, and we kept facing the same issues. When traveling internationally, we’d blow out cords due to the wrong voltage, we’d have issues finding plugs located next to a mirror, and overall, cords just got in the way when there was already limited space. We finally decided to stop searching, and take matters into our own hands, and the Lunata Hair brand was born.”
Benefits and features of the Lunata Hair cordless, rechargeable curling wand will include:
A clipless, full-sized wand for beautiful beachy waves on the go.
A removable clip to turn your wand into a traditional curling iron with a titanium barrel for even heat distribution and long-lasting style.
Two modes: corded mode for max heat and use, and battery-powered mode to use on the go.
Heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in corded mode, and 400 degrees Fahrenheit in cordless mode.
A removable battery so you can carry a spare if needed.
Boguslavskaya said response to the pending launch of the Lunata Hair wand has been impressive.
“The response has been nothing but positive,” Boguslavskaya said. “People are literally counting down the days for the wand. We are the target demo – we built this product because we wanted it for ourselves, and there’s nothing more genuine than that. We have thought through every detail and have spoken to our customers to gather feedback on what they wanted.”
Researchers predict that the global beauty tech market will reach $97 billion by 2023, which is based on a compounded annual growth rate of 19.4 percent between 2018 and 2023. Hair tools represent a $20 billion per year market currently.
Lunata Hair recently announced their new partnership with Joe Mimran, founder of Joe Fresh, Club Monaco, and Alfred Sung. Mimran, a Canadian entrepreneur, fashion designer, consultant, and retailer, will invest in Lunata Hair and provide strategic direction for the company’s future.
Lunata Hair has launched an Indiegogo campaign, to spread word about its products among consumers and the investment community.

Crowfunding Corner: OnTracks GuideWatches

OnTracks proves that two is better than one.

OnTracks GuideWatches are 2 vibrating watches to be worn on each wrist. No more stopping to find your way: just let their vibrations guide you! onTracks makes it easier to get guidance when you are running, biking or hiking.

OnTracks is launching the first connected guiding watches ! This new innovation follows your tracks easily with a simple and intuitive guidance solution:

Check it out on indiegogo here, where you get two watches for $137 as part of the corwdfunding campaign.

Running in the streets, mountain biking with friends or riding a motorbike never been easier!


You can follow your path without the need of a screen or a map. 2 bracelets connected to your smartphone, one on each of your wrists are guiding you through vibrations and leds all along the chosen track.  Thanks to the mobile application you can also join the OnTracks community where you can choose your track –among the proposals- or create your own one and enjoy the outdoor exercise in safety!

Find out more on :

- “Guidewatches” were designed by onTracks to make life easier for outdoor sports enthusiasts, and to allow for safer adventures! It’s the first connected wristband that allows you to follow a route without looking at a map or GPS, or having to listen to annoying voice instructions.

-OnTracks is a solution for all outdoor athletes (runners, mountain bikers, walkers, hikers, etc.), but it can also be used every day by both motorized and non-motorized two-wheelers around town.

Julien Absalon, two-time Olympic champion and five-time cross-country mountain bike champion, one of France's finest sporting achievements, discovered the onTracks GuideWatches  during a meeting with Philippe Leca, CEO. Julien immediately identified the advantages and the contribution that onTracks could offer to the various mountain bike or even city bike practitioners.


Crowdfunding Corner: Qbitoy offers interchangeable building blocks as a new kid's toy

Toys for children can be more than just playthings, they can be learning tools used to make a difference in their development. With that in mind, a new company has launched Qbitoy, which aims to help children develop many of their social and cognitive skills while cultivating their imagination and creativity in a fun and engaging way.

All this is possible thanks to a recently launched indiegogo campaign.


The Qbitoy’s colorful, interchangeable building block toys encourage children to interact and play with their parents and peers to develop a sense of logical thinking, spatial orientation, creativity, interactive communication, teamwork, and overall social skills. Each Qbitoy package provides an array of customization options, allowing a child’s imagination to run wild with different playing scenarios, six different sets of blocks, and several accessories. With so many configuration options, a child’s creativity, problem-solving, and outside-the-box thinking can be stimulated and further nurtured. There is a choice that would fit your needs and price range.

Any toy can offer value to a developing brain, but the Qbitoy incorporates a lot of the individual skills that can give a child a good start early in life, but it also encourages interaction, communication, and cooperation. Children can follow a detailed lesson plan from the included mission booklet or develop their own complex road system for the autonomous, self-propelled car that comes included. The mission booklet also offers various multiplayer options in which individual children have to work on their own individual portions, but then have to come together to create a large functioning track.

There is a  focus on strengthening parent-to-child and child peer-to-peer communication and the Qbitoy can help build a solid creative and intellectual foundation for social and cognitive development.

Qbitoy has launched an Indiegogo campaign, with packages starting as low as $39, to build awareness among consumers, investors, and the other parents. Would make a great gift. Check it out now!


Crowdfunding Corner: OmniShaver


A faster, safer and easier shave for your scalp: The OmniShaver provides an effective and efficient shave in an eco-friendly uniquely constructed device that offers improved results and features that will save consumers time and money!

Everyone has an opinion on shaving!

What if shaving your scalp was easier, more cost-effective, and less tedious? With all the endless options out there, how can you be sure that you will find the right shaving tool? Now consumers need to look no further than the OmniShaver, (, a new innovative product offering a superior shave in a fraction of the time, all the while producing less waste and using less water than you would with other shavers.

Most OmniShaver users report reducing their shaving time by 75 percent and many have claimed that they were able to shave their heads in less than a minute. How? Through a unique, low profile shaver that self-cleans, self-straightens, and self-polishes during use. The OmniShaver cuts consistently throughout your shave and requires fewer passes to sufficiently cut hair, saving even more time and leading to less skin irritation.

The OmniShaver incorporates recycled plastics in its production and exponentially extends its useful time by self-polishing its blade edges during use, reducing the need to consistently buy expensive shave cartridges. This lessening of waste contributes to its eco-friendliness, as does its self-cleaning feature, which eliminates the need to waste additional time and water in rinsing hair out of the blades.

Fueled by a significant number of positive reviews and tests, the OmniShaver is already more 480 percent funded and had secured more than 1,680 backers in its recently launched Indiegogo campaign at: This level of positive response reinforces the confidence that the inventor, John Harris, has in the attributes of the OmniShaver, believing that it will become an essential part of a man’s shaving regimen.

There is nothing better than a close shave!