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Crowfunding Corner: OnTracks GuideWatches

OnTracks proves that two is better than one.

OnTracks GuideWatches are 2 vibrating watches to be worn on each wrist. No more stopping to find your way: just let their vibrations guide you! onTracks makes it easier to get guidance when you are running, biking or hiking.

OnTracks is launching the first connected guiding watches ! This new innovation follows your tracks easily with a simple and intuitive guidance solution:

Check it out on indiegogo here, where you get two watches for $137 as part of the corwdfunding campaign.

Running in the streets, mountain biking with friends or riding a motorbike never been easier!


You can follow your path without the need of a screen or a map. 2 bracelets connected to your smartphone, one on each of your wrists are guiding you through vibrations and leds all along the chosen track.  Thanks to the mobile application you can also join the OnTracks community where you can choose your track –among the proposals- or create your own one and enjoy the outdoor exercise in safety!

Find out more on :

- “Guidewatches” were designed by onTracks to make life easier for outdoor sports enthusiasts, and to allow for safer adventures! It’s the first connected wristband that allows you to follow a route without looking at a map or GPS, or having to listen to annoying voice instructions.

-OnTracks is a solution for all outdoor athletes (runners, mountain bikers, walkers, hikers, etc.), but it can also be used every day by both motorized and non-motorized two-wheelers around town.

Julien Absalon, two-time Olympic champion and five-time cross-country mountain bike champion, one of France's finest sporting achievements, discovered the onTracks GuideWatches  during a meeting with Philippe Leca, CEO. Julien immediately identified the advantages and the contribution that onTracks could offer to the various mountain bike or even city bike practitioners.


Crowdfunding Corner: Qbitoy offers interchangeable building blocks as a new kid's toy

Toys for children can be more than just playthings, they can be learning tools used to make a difference in their development. With that in mind, a new company has launched Qbitoy, which aims to help children develop many of their social and cognitive skills while cultivating their imagination and creativity in a fun and engaging way.

All this is possible thanks to a recently launched indiegogo campaign.


The Qbitoy’s colorful, interchangeable building block toys encourage children to interact and play with their parents and peers to develop a sense of logical thinking, spatial orientation, creativity, interactive communication, teamwork, and overall social skills. Each Qbitoy package provides an array of customization options, allowing a child’s imagination to run wild with different playing scenarios, six different sets of blocks, and several accessories. With so many configuration options, a child’s creativity, problem-solving, and outside-the-box thinking can be stimulated and further nurtured. There is a choice that would fit your needs and price range.

Any toy can offer value to a developing brain, but the Qbitoy incorporates a lot of the individual skills that can give a child a good start early in life, but it also encourages interaction, communication, and cooperation. Children can follow a detailed lesson plan from the included mission booklet or develop their own complex road system for the autonomous, self-propelled car that comes included. The mission booklet also offers various multiplayer options in which individual children have to work on their own individual portions, but then have to come together to create a large functioning track.

There is a  focus on strengthening parent-to-child and child peer-to-peer communication and the Qbitoy can help build a solid creative and intellectual foundation for social and cognitive development.

Qbitoy has launched an Indiegogo campaign, with packages starting as low as $39, to build awareness among consumers, investors, and the other parents. Would make a great gift. Check it out now!


Crowdfunding Corner: OmniShaver


A faster, safer and easier shave for your scalp: The OmniShaver provides an effective and efficient shave in an eco-friendly uniquely constructed device that offers improved results and features that will save consumers time and money!

Everyone has an opinion on shaving!

What if shaving your scalp was easier, more cost-effective, and less tedious? With all the endless options out there, how can you be sure that you will find the right shaving tool? Now consumers need to look no further than the OmniShaver, (, a new innovative product offering a superior shave in a fraction of the time, all the while producing less waste and using less water than you would with other shavers.

Most OmniShaver users report reducing their shaving time by 75 percent and many have claimed that they were able to shave their heads in less than a minute. How? Through a unique, low profile shaver that self-cleans, self-straightens, and self-polishes during use. The OmniShaver cuts consistently throughout your shave and requires fewer passes to sufficiently cut hair, saving even more time and leading to less skin irritation.

The OmniShaver incorporates recycled plastics in its production and exponentially extends its useful time by self-polishing its blade edges during use, reducing the need to consistently buy expensive shave cartridges. This lessening of waste contributes to its eco-friendliness, as does its self-cleaning feature, which eliminates the need to waste additional time and water in rinsing hair out of the blades.

Fueled by a significant number of positive reviews and tests, the OmniShaver is already more 480 percent funded and had secured more than 1,680 backers in its recently launched Indiegogo campaign at: This level of positive response reinforces the confidence that the inventor, John Harris, has in the attributes of the OmniShaver, believing that it will become an essential part of a man’s shaving regimen.

There is nothing better than a close shave!


Crowdfunding Corner: Mr. Hexa

Everyone has been there. Maybe sitting in a crowded boardroom or making their way to the office on a hot day, having to deal with the sweat and subsequent stress of dealing with the noticeable sweat stains and the increasing discomfort of wearing a wet, stifling dress shirt. Unfortunately, it can get even worse, as you head out to dinner or a night out on the town, unable to go home and change into a new shirt.

Mr. Hexa is a new shirt startup starting at $79 that can be customized into 200 plus styles, a new company, Mr. Hexa,, has launched to help consumers master the business casual or formal look for any setting.

Mr. Hexa is also on indiegogo at:
The Mr. Hexa brand has been tailored to keep your body moisture-free, keep your body temperature in check, and eliminate any worry about your shirt being a detriment to your appearance. It is the daily shirt that professionals everywhere have been looking for.

The team behind Mr. Hexa conducted extensive fabric and manufacturing research to provide its product with essential features and capabilities for travel, work, and relaxation. Developing the Mr. Hexa shirt using 100 percent American Supima cotton, and with an emphasis on overall comfort and performance, company founder Keyur K. Monpara believes that a brand should always look to “challenge the trends and styles of the modern fashion industry.”


“The Mr. Hexa brand incorporates the most creative and innovative manufacturing methods and materials as part of our mission to meet customers’ demand for the best quality shirt,” Monpara said.

Benefits of the Mr. Hexa shirt include:

●       Thermodynamically Enhanced Weave: Breathable & maintains body temperature

●       4-Way Diagonal Stretchability: Durable & performance ready

●       Moisture Wicking: Fabric pulls moisture away from the body, preventing sweat marks

●       4.0 DP Non-Iron: Keeps your shirt sharp & wrinkle free

●       Laser Cut Fabric: Highly accurate and error-free for a precise fit

●       Formality Button: Strategically placed to ensure the right professional look

●       Built-in Collar Stays: Canvas level stiffness to keep collar crisp & straight

●       100 Percent American Supima Cotton: Superior cotton fiber that is soft, durable, and ensures long-lasting color

Looking to construct a modernly designed shirt that he could wear throughout the day in the humidity of India, Mr. Hexa’s founder developed a customizable brand with technical specifications that will keep you dry, comfortable, and looking your best as you make your way through the daily hustle of life.

Get in now for about $59. Choose you color, and I'm not sure how you pick your size, but if you see that let me know.

With a mission of satisfying customer demand for a quality, customizable shirt, the Mr. Hexa brand is here to reinvent the standard for what a dress shirt should be. The Mr. Hexa is built for performance, combining the best materials and the most innovative manufacturing methods into a versatile design that will keep your style office, club, and beach-ready at the same time.


Crowdfunding Corner: Fidget-Capsule

Soon on indiegogo.

When you google the word ‘fidget’, two highly successful fidget devices appear: the fidget-spinner and the fidget-cube. This is the next generation! Strong yet cute, Fidget-Capsule, helps relieve tension while quietly strengthening your fingers!


  1. Doesn’t require attention and is easy to use 
  2. Offers 5 different level of resistant to strengthen one's fingers.
  3. Is built like an “old fashioned” metal device, in terms of its reliability and trustworthy mechanics.
Our CEO, The entrepreneur behind the Fidget-Capsule, Nir Daniel, has dealt with the improvement and development of fitness equipment for years. The fidget capsule came about when his nephew explained that he was having trouble playing the guitar, and couldn’t find a device that could help strengthen his fingers (not just his hand), while going about his day. 
The fidget that gives you more!

Helps in concentration, releasing tension from long sitting in front of screens and on the way trains your palm and fingers.
Different colors available. Sign up for updates on