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Crowdfunding Corner: Qbitoy offers interchangeable building blocks as a new kid's toy

Toys for children can be more than just playthings, they can be learning tools used to make a difference in their development. With that in mind, a new company has launched Qbitoy, which aims to help children develop many of their social and cognitive skills while cultivating their imagination and creativity in a fun and engaging way.

All this is possible thanks to a recently launched indiegogo campaign.


The Qbitoy’s colorful, interchangeable building block toys encourage children to interact and play with their parents and peers to develop a sense of logical thinking, spatial orientation, creativity, interactive communication, teamwork, and overall social skills. Each Qbitoy package provides an array of customization options, allowing a child’s imagination to run wild with different playing scenarios, six different sets of blocks, and several accessories. With so many configuration options, a child’s creativity, problem-solving, and outside-the-box thinking can be stimulated and further nurtured. There is a choice that would fit your needs and price range.

Any toy can offer value to a developing brain, but the Qbitoy incorporates a lot of the individual skills that can give a child a good start early in life, but it also encourages interaction, communication, and cooperation. Children can follow a detailed lesson plan from the included mission booklet or develop their own complex road system for the autonomous, self-propelled car that comes included. The mission booklet also offers various multiplayer options in which individual children have to work on their own individual portions, but then have to come together to create a large functioning track.

There is a  focus on strengthening parent-to-child and child peer-to-peer communication and the Qbitoy can help build a solid creative and intellectual foundation for social and cognitive development.

Qbitoy has launched an Indiegogo campaign, with packages starting as low as $39, to build awareness among consumers, investors, and the other parents. Would make a great gift. Check it out now!