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Like the Song "Africa" By Toto?

These guys are from Utah and they sang it in a Pizzeria and in my opinion, hit a home run.

Awesome cover!

As they say on American Idol, these guys "made it their own."  I almost liked it better than the original.

I don't care how the pizza is at this place, I would eat anything if these guys were playing.


The Amazing Race Preview for "I Didn't Make Her Cry"

This week, The Amazing Race goes to Africa!

There will be fights, yelling, shocking revelations and dancing! Tune in on Sunday, April 8th at 8/7c only CBS!

Oh, and there will also be crying.  What a surprise.



The Amazing Race Preview for "Move Goat"

Teams race through Malawi where a puzzling patriotic Roadblock causes one team to fall behind. Also, with a Double U-Turn on the line, teams must choose whether to sabotage their fellow Racers for a chance at first place, on THE AMAZING RACE Sunday, Nov. 6 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS.



Crocodiles on a Plane

How about a crocodile as a carry on?

A crocodile escaped on an airplane flight over Africa, sparking a stampede onboard that caused the plane to crash, killing 19 passengers and crew, according to press reports.

The crocodile wasn't supposed to be on the plane. It had been hidden in a passenger's bag but got loose and ignited panic onboard, according to the website.

The stampede caused the small plane to crash in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A lone survivor told investigators about the crocodile, the website reported.

The crocodile survived but was later killed with a machete by rescuers.


'The Amazing Race' Heads to the Arctic

CBS' The Amazing Race heads to colder climates Sunday as teams travel from the brutal heat in Africa to the bone numbing chill found in the Arctic. The Amazing Race, making its first appearance north of the Arctic circle challenges racers to drive a sled dog team over a remote course and to maneuver a snowmobile over icy, rough terrain. When one team finds themselves in a difficult position, they contemplate a game changing move.


At the last pit stop,host, Phil Keoghan offered teams the opportunity to return to the school where they had worked with children to identify African countries on a map during that leg of the race. While there they would work on the school as a way to give back to the community. The teams readily agreed to spend their mandatory rest period in this fashion.

The father and son team of Michael and Kevin were spared from elimination at the last pit stop and face a speed bump in the upcoming leg of the race. A speed bump is a task that only they must do - in addition to the tasks encountered by the other teams. The physical nature of the recent tasks has taken a toll on Michael who insists that he is enjoying the race despite their current last place position. Phil shares with them that other teams feel a great deal of respect for them after seeing how well they performed early on in the race. Michael brightens up after hearing that and as the reality that their race is not over yet sets in.  I have to believe it will be tough for them to survive this leg of the race without some luck.