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Alex Bregman on the Cover of RBI Baseball 19

One of the coolest guys in baseball on the cover of RBI this year.

Lets hope there is no jinx.


Federer Graces the Covers

First Sports Illustrated and now the cover of the New York Times Magazine, heading into the U.S. Open.

The New York Times today debuted its annual and celebrated U.S. Open Issue.

Kathy Ryan, the magazine’s director of photography, explains the story behind the cover, which was taken by Erik Madigan Heck for The New York Times.

“Like all great athletes, Roger Federer makes the impossible look easy. So we decided to go with an action shot that captures his grace and dynamism. It has the extra twist of letting us see him form an unexpected angle.”

This week’s cover story examines the “Wonder Year” that Roger Federer has enjoyed throughout the current season. Peter de Jonge explains how the 20-year-old veteran, who hadn’t won a Grand Slam in almost half a decade, was able to spring back after making a crucial change to his game.

In a story titled, “Attitude Adjustment,” writer Michael Steinberger chronicles how tall tennis players have come to dominate the game, which he sees as a shift with radical implications.

Gaël Monfils, who’s earned the reputation of a kind of “Miracle Man,” hits impossibly acrobatic shots with astonishing strength and speed. In this player profile, Ben Austen asks the simple question: “Why hasn’t that been enough to win?”

Finally, writer Geoff Dyer describes the peculiar pleasures (and occasional pitfalls) of attending an entire Grand Slam tournament.

The issue runs in print on Sunday, August 27. A link to download a high resolution version of the cover image can be found here.


Julianne Hough on the Cover of July's Glamour

Julianne Hough has a new movie coming out in "Rock of Ages."

That can only mean one thing... she will be on the cover of magazines.

Here she is on the cover of the July issue of Glamour.  The interview is pretty standard fare.

She talks about the movie and of course, Tom Cruise.  She also talks about life with Seacrest and how she misses "Dancing With the Stars."  Unless her career takes a severe downturn, I can't see her coming back to the show.


Like the Song "Africa" By Toto?

These guys are from Utah and they sang it in a Pizzeria and in my opinion, hit a home run.

Awesome cover!

As they say on American Idol, these guys "made it their own."  I almost liked it better than the original.

I don't care how the pizza is at this place, I would eat anything if these guys were playing.


Tech Accessory Holiday Gift Idea Day 20: iPad Shirt

Computerwear for iPad

How you dress your iPad is just as important as how you dress yourself. Just ask your iPad... so why shouldn't it wear the same thing you would wear?

This hand-picked vintage shirt has been custom tailored to fit your iPad, and lined with breathable, soft organic cotton to protect your precious magical gadget from the bumps and scratches of everyday life.

All Computerwear is machine-washable unless otherwise noted, and dryer-friendly.

Treat your magical portable device with the respect it deserves, and put it in a decent outfit.

Order one here:

Get one to go along with the iPad, they will love it.