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Election Day

The "Go Vote" message even takes over the Google Home Page today!


Google Announces their own Hurricane Tracker

Google announces a new weather tool.

In a blog post announcing the storm tracker, Google said that the safety information comes straight from FEMA, and is tailored to your location and the amount of time you have to prepare. “If you search for a specific storm when it’s still several days away, you may see a map of the developing weather event and a recommendation to start preparing an emergency kit,” Google writes. “If the storm is only hours away from your location, you might receive a reminder to start charging your phone in case power goes out. And if you search when the storm is nearby, you’ll get the most urgent information, like how to avoid injury from fast-moving water or flying debris.”

Google says the new tracking tools are a part of its Crisis Response project, which was born during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The Washington Post did  a piece on this in their blog.


Google Acer Chromebook Priced Right at $199.99

Received a Acer 11.6" Chromebook at the Twilio/Google event in Atlanta last week and am enjoying using the Chromebook as a second computer.

Yes, it has its limitations, but it does quite a bit for $199.99.

It's light and easy to take with you, it's fast, boots and loads web pages quickly.

A great computer for someone that can live in Google and just needs something to return emails and check the internet.

Well worth the $199.99.



Google Does a Little 'Nesting'

Google buys a company I like in Nest for $3.2 billion.


What's New From Google?

From the L.A. Times