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More on the Kansas Governors Race

Now a dog is barred from entering.


KWCH-TV reports that Terran Woolley, of Hutchinson, decided to file the paperwork over the weekend for his 3-year-old pooch, Angus, to run for the state's top office after reading stories about six teenage candidates. The teens entered the race after learning Kansas doesn't have an age requirement, something lawmakers are seeking to change.


Teens Running for Governor in Kansas

As if there weren't enough weird political stories.

There are no laws about age requirements to run for office in Kansas.

And when there's a giant loophole like that, teens who aren't even old enough to vote will exploit it.

That's what 17-year-old Jack Bergeson did. He filed papers to run for governor this November. Five other teens quickly entered the race as well.

Now, Kansas lawmakers are trying to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

Republican Rep. Blake Carpenter told CNN he introduced House Bill 2539 this week after six high school students filed to run for governor in the November 2018 elections. The bill states that candidates running for any government office in Kansas should be at least 18 years old and be a resident of the state for at least four consecutive years.


Tornado Threatens Wedding and Attendees Don't Seem to Mind

Looks like a tornado was also invited to this wedding.

Caleb and Candra Pence were married last Saturday, May 19 in an outdoor wedding on their property near Harper, Kansas. The couple and their guests were aware of the weather, the threatening rain and tornado. But they didn't let any of it spoil the sacred event.

The tornado was seen over the ridge while the wedding was underway.

"I wasn't worried. It was moving to the northeast so I wasn't worried," said Carla Pence, the groom's mom.

The wedding photographer seemed more worried about the rain than the tornado about eight miles away.  “As soon as they came back down the aisle, my main concern was trying to quickly get some pictures of the couple and the wedding party before the rain started,” he said.

The tornado reportedly caused serious damage where it touched down, but there were no injuries.  Cool video, though.


Tornado Activity Hits OK, KS, IA

Saturday, twisters hit the middle part of the country.  The storms and warnings lasted for hours on end.

The states of Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa appear to be some of the hardest hit.

The video above films twisters in close proximity.

The video opens up of multi-vortex tornado crossing I-70 east of Salina. Various shots of the tornado up close as it moves in the field within a quarter mile of the chasers with amazing backlighting and flying debris. Shots of tornado roping out east of Manchester.

Video includes a couple shots of the Langley wedge tornado showing violent motions and horizontal vorticies


College Basketball Play of the Day for 2/25/12


Missouri at Kansas today as this could be the last meeting between these teams a Big XII foes.  Missouri is leaving the Big XII to head to the SEC.

Both teams will be seeded highly when it comes to seeding in the NCAA Tournament, but these teams are bitter rivals.

I can't see Kansas losing this game, and even though the line is 8.5, I somehow see the Jayhawks covering the 8.5.  Should be a great game, by two top teams, enjoy this Big XII battle.