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Tornadoes Sweep Through Midwest

Bad weather all over the country.


Tornado Activity Hits OK, KS, IA

Saturday, twisters hit the middle part of the country.  The storms and warnings lasted for hours on end.

The states of Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa appear to be some of the hardest hit.

The video above films twisters in close proximity.

The video opens up of multi-vortex tornado crossing I-70 east of Salina. Various shots of the tornado up close as it moves in the field within a quarter mile of the chasers with amazing backlighting and flying debris. Shots of tornado roping out east of Manchester.

Video includes a couple shots of the Langley wedge tornado showing violent motions and horizontal vorticies


Video - Man Films Tornado in his Car as it Passes By

Unbelievable video, I would've been freaking out!

Highway worker Steven Hoag calmly chats on the phone while a tornado causes destruction around him in a Wilson, N.C., Walgreens parking lot.

Tornados Rip Through the South

Things got a bit hairy in Metro Atlanta last night as the same line of storms that produced tornados and hail in Oklahoma and Mississippi held together and raced through Georgia.

Seven people were killed by storms in Alabama on Friday, bringing the total dead from a string of violent storms and tornadoes across the southern United States to at least 16, officials said on Saturday.

Storms, some severe, are expected Saturday from the Florida Panhandle through eastern and southern Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia, according to Fire danger continues over the dry southern plains.

Tornadoes kill about 70 people in the United States each year.

Here's some unbelievable video shot in Clinton, MS last night.