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Gorilla-Costumed Marathoner Completes Course

The London Marathon started on 24 April but Tom Harrison, one of the participants, was able to finish it only on 29 April.

It's not that he's a slow runner. It's just that he crawled through the race. Yes! Harriason crawled through the race wearing his gorilla suit.

The man dubbed Mr Gorilla is raising money for the Gorilla Organisation. So far more than 22,000 pounds (28,500 US dollars) have been pledged. The 41-year-old crossed the finish line with his two sons walking beside him on Saturday.

Harrison says the money will be used to protect endangered gorillas in Africa.


Andy Murray is Front Page News

We'll see how he does today, but leading up to the Wimbledon Final, Andy Murry sure is front and back page news on every newspaper/tabloid in the UK.


Cold Weather Blasts Europe

Northern Europe contines to be hit with cold and snowy conditions.

Dozens of people are reported to have been killed by exposure to the cold or in weather-related accidents.

The snow continues to disrupt transport networks but many airports are resuming a more normal service.

Temperatures in Poland have fallen to as low as -33C (-27F) in the past few days.

Another 12 people froze to death across Poland on Thursday night, according to police, bringing the total killed there during this cold snap to 30.

Police say many of the victims were homeless people.

Eleven people were reported to have died in Russia over the past 24 hours, and three in France. Deaths were also reported in Germany and the Czech Republic.

The snow and ice has meant widespread delays and cancellations to European flights in recent days, with the closure of a number of British airports.

London's Gatwick airport reopened on Friday morning for the first time in two days, but the authorities said it was likely to be some time before flight schedules returned to normal.

While a regular service appears to be resuming in many European airports, arrivals and departure boards are still showing delays and some cancellations.

Eurostar says it expects to operate a significantly reduced service until Sunday, but that no more tickets will be available until Monday.

Cold air moving down from Siberia has contributed to the wintry conditions in northern Europe.

Temperatures are an average 5C-10C below average in some major cities.