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Embarrassing Selfie


Parents Start Wrestling at Wresting Meet

Parents started wresting at a high school wrestling meet in Wisconsin.


Celebrity Parents Represent at ESPY Parties



The ESPY (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly) Awards took place last night, and there’s only one thing as exciting as the actual ceremony– all the fabulous parties!

Many celebrity parents were out and about celebrating the 21st annual ESPY Awards in style! Christina Milian, mom to three-year-old daughter Violet, was seen partying with friends at the “Beauty and The Beast SWAG Suite” at the Game Sports Club. Renowned rapper and father-of-three Snoop Dogg also lit up the red carpet at the 8th Annual All-Star Celebrity Kickoff Party hosted at the Playboy Mansion. 

Celebrity Baby Scoop also attended the Kickoff Party at the Playboy Mansion and chatted with Lost Boys actor Corey Feldman. He opened up about why he loves being a dad.

He said, “I have one son named Zen. I love the look on his face when I tell him good news, as opposed to when I have to tell him bad news like ‘you didn’t do good enough’ or ‘you didn’t clean your room.’ That look of disappointment kills me, but I have to do it. However, it really makes me proud to see the look in his eyes when I say, ‘Hey, you did an awesome job on your test!’ or ‘I got that call from your teacher and you’re really doing great!’ Nothing beats that.”

He also shared what his eight-year-old son loves to do for fun.

“Zen is a really big Star Wars fan. He’s very much like me in that aspect. He likes to do all the ‘kids imagination’ stuff, and he just recently started getting into sports. We went to the batting cages two days ago, which was the first time he ever mentioned to me that he actually wants to play sports. Every time I ever brought it up to him, he said, ‘No, no, no. I am not into sports.’  I just wanted to make sure my kid does ‘kid stuff.’ The other day he came up to me and said, ‘I want to go to the batting cages. I did it the other day and it was fun!’ Today we were also at the Hurricane Harbor water park, and tomorrow we’re going to Magic Mountain for my birthday!”

And at GBK’s Pre-ESPY Awards Gift Lounge held at the Andaz Hotel, Celebrity Baby Scoop watched as star parents like Jackie Christie of Basketball Wives and Gilles Marini of Dancing With The Stars engaged in a celebrity poker tournament for charity.

While browsing sports products like Nutrition53‘s high performance protein and luxe gifts like Jason of Beverly Hills‘ lavish diamond pieces, Celebrity Baby Scoop chatted with The Parent ‘Hood actor Robert Townsend about his GBK Gift Lounge experience.

“It’s great to meet all different kinds of people and have a fun time. There are also beautiful gifts and honors. So far, my favorite gift here is the Technogel Sleeping memory foam-based pillow, because I really value my sleep time. I can’t wait to test it out!”

He also shared his favorite part about the ESPY Awards.

“I love sports and honoring all these incredible athletes is really what it’s all about. I am such a sports nut, so it’s great.

He was also happy to share why he loves being a dad and how he balances his work and family life.

“My favorite part about being a dad is watching my kids grow and expand. I love my kids. One of my daughters is a singer, and hearing her do her music is just incredible. She did four songs in my new movie, which is really wonderful. In regard to how I balance everything, it’s all about simply making time. It really is a juggling act and you just have to figure out how to make time for everything. I am still learning how to get better at it.”

While checking out the Model Citizen Fund charity that helps the homeless and disaster victims, Celebrity Baby Scoop also chatted with Seattle Seahawks linebacker Heath Farwell about his newborn son!

“I just had a son a couple of days ago, so I am super busy with that. I have a two-year-old son already, and having two boys is twice the energy and twice the time, but they are so much fun! They are both cute little boys.”

He also shared his favorite fatherhood moment.

He said, “My favorite fatherhood moment is whenever I get my two-year-old son on the field and take pictures with him after the games. He won’t remember taking the pictures, but they are my favorite.”

He also shared his favorite part about being at the gift lounge and how he is preparing for the upcoming football season.

“It’s great to get around and meet all these people and learn what their businesses are. Everyone here is having a great time! I am preparing for the upcoming season by doing a lot of training. I’ve also spent some time away and had a little vacation.”


Butler's Matt Howard's Proud Parents

He's tough he's scrappy and he epitomizes Butler Basketball.

Of course I'm talking about Matt Howard, the Mr. Everything for the Bulldogs.

He's a great story and so are his parents who seem to be everywhere at the Final Four.

Here's an interview with The Howard's following their son's heroic performance against VCU.