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Kindle Free Pick of the Week: 5-Minute Recipes

For when you need to whip up something quick in the kitchen.

Here is a collection of fun and easy recipes that only take 5 minutes to make! Use your microwave to make cake or your food processor to make ice cream. But don't stop at dessert - check out the recipes for quick breakfasts, dips, and snacks too! With step-by-step pictures and instructions all from, you can't go wrong with these 5-minute recipes.


NFL Playoff Play of the Day: New Orleans Saints

It's the Saints offense vs. the 49ers defense.

The Saints are on the road in San Francisco, but as the Saints demonstrated last week, they can score when they need to and quickly.

The 49ers defense will be tested and look for them to be on their heels early.

Drew Brees with a big day and the Saints cover the 3.5 points.  New Orleans with a big playoff win on the road.

Bonus play: The OVER in the Patriots/Broncos game.  Over the 51.5.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: I Used to Know That

Stuff You Forgeot From School

This book covers:

Figures of Speech (and other devices for spicing up your writing): Expressions used in a nonliteral way, such as when you say, "My lips are sealed," but you haven’t put glue over them. Includes hyperbole, which is exaggeration for effect, as in "I’ve told you a hundred times."

Notable British Authors: From William Blake and William Golding to George Orwell and Virginia Woolf, relearn which authors wrote the most notable poems and tomes. You’ll also find fun facts about each author, including that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle started writing fiction when his medical practice slowed and Jonathan Swift wrote his own obituary.

International Authors: Homer’s not just the name of a character on The Simpsons. This 9th century Greek writer penned the great epics the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Arithmetic: With division you divide a divisor into a dividend and the answer is a quotient. If there is anything left over, it is called a remainder. So 15 divided by 2 gives a quotient of 7 with a remainder of 1.

Biology: The term biology comes from the Greek, meaning study of life; therefore, this field of learning concerns plants and animals and how the human body works. Give your central nervous system something to ponder, such as how a plant is structured or which elements make up the periodic table.

Explorers: A quick rundown of people who discovered some of the regions of the world, like Amerigo Vespucci (1454-1512, Italian), who discovered the mouth of the Amazon and the River Plate, which made him important enough to have a continent or two named after him.

Geography: Read this section, and you won’t be able to deny that the Nile is a river in Egypt, or that Russia has five of the longest rivers in the world.

Sure to touch a chord with anyone old enough to have forgotten half of what they learned at school, here is a perfect gift for every perennial student. Make this and all of the Blackboard Booksô a permanent fixture on your eReader, and you’ll have instant access to searchable knowledge. Whether you need homework help or want to win that trivia game, this series is the trusted source for fun facts.


College Football Bowl Play of the Day: Bowl

After all the NFL action is complete today, we get the Bowl.

Arkansas State and Northern Illinois.  Bonus points if you can name more than one player on either team.

NIU is getting a point and half, so it's just about a pick.

Arkansas is really coming into this game on a roll.  they have won 9 straight.  Northern Illinois has won eight straight, but have had some close games in that stretch.

Look for a close game with Arkansas State pulling it out by 4 pts in the end.

Take Ark. State and give the 1.5 pts.


Week 15 NFL Play of the Day: New England

The New England Patriots travel to Denver to take on Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos today.

I have to believe that Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Bill Belichick and company want to put a hurting on the upstart Broncs.

The Broncos are even getting 7.5 pts at home, but it won't be near enough.

The players, cheerleaders and coaches will all have to be "Tebowing" for Denver to stay in this one.

Take New England and give the 7.5 today.