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Entries in season finale (4)


Season Finale of "The Amazing Race" Tonight

In "It's a Great Place to Become Millionaires" - The final four Teams battle for the $1 million prize in a grueling two-hour season finale that starts in Japan, where Racers call upon their track skills for an exhausting Japanese game show, and concludes in Hawaii, where Teams hit the waves to put their rescue mission skills to the test, on THE AMAZING RACE, Sunday, May 6 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS.


The Amazing Race Preview for "Go Out and Get it Done"

It's the season final of The Amazing Race.  After racing through 4 continents, 20 cities and nearly 40,000 miles, the final three teams race to Atlanta, Ga., where a smooth landing evades one team as their competition soars. In the end, the winning team is crowned and awarded the $1 million dollar prize, on tonight's episode of The Amazing Race Sunday, Dec. 11, 8pm Eastern on CBS.


Dancing With the Stars Finalists Face Tough Judging

And then there were three!

Three is the number of couples that are left as the finals of Dancing With the Stars starts tonight.  It's not much of a surprise that Ricki and Derek and J.R. and Karina have made it this far, but early on in the season, who would've predicted Rob and Cheryl would still be dancing?

Two dances tonight including the freestyle.  The show is only one-hour tonight so there won't be much wasted time.

Ricki and Derek are up first tonight after being perfect last week.  They get a cha cha and she wants to make it real sexy.  I think Ricki really turned it up a notch with this performance.  The only criticism was that it lacked a little fluidity.  Ricki gets a 27.

Rob Kardashian and Cheryl are next on.  Rob had a great week last week and he will need to do at least that good this time around.  Their first dance is the waltz.  A nice dance, but Bruno talked about his posture and footwork.   Rob scores a 27 as well.

J.R. and Karina are third.  Len gave J.R. some pointers heading into the finals and it appears his ankle is doing better.  Their routine was high energy, but I think he has done better.  Carrie Ann said he was a little off to the music and Len thought his timing was off.  J.R. earns a 24 out of 30.

The second dance tonight is the freestyle.  This might be the dance that determines the winner of the season.  

Derek and Ricki lead off the freestyles.  Derek looks like he is going to pull out all the stops here.  It was hot and energetic.  Lots of flips and lifts and the crowd loved it.  Derek made a tough dance look effortless and they scored another 27.

Here we go with Rob and Cheryl.  Cheryl wants to start out with a slow dance then pick up the pace at the end.  A tough dance and the judges loved it.  He gets a perfect 30.

J.R. is the last one on.  At this point in the competition J.R. and Karina are both tired.  This was a tough dance, lots of action.  Nonstop movement from the start of the music.  The judges loved it and they get a 30.

The two-hour finale is tomorrow.  Lady Antebellum performs. 


The Amazing Race Preview for 'This is Where it Ends'

Season finale of The Amazing Race tonight as four teams are left.

The race will finish up in Miami after the teams go through Brazil.

The winner will be the first team in Amazing Race history to win after experiencing the taste of defeat in a previous season. This has been called an "all-star" season -inviting past contestants back to race one more time, but no winners. That guarantees a happy end to tonight's race, no matter who wins.

Looking at finishes through the race so far, best friends Zev/ Justin have finished 1st in 4 of the legs. Father/ daughter team Gary & Mallory have finished 1st in 2 legs as have basketball team mates Flight Time/ Big Easy. Sisters Kisha/ Jen’s best finish has been 2nd place.

Tune in to CBS Sunday night at 8PM ET/PT to watch the Season Finale of The Amazing Race Unfinished Business to see who won and will hear host, Phil Keoghan declare them winners of the $1,000,000 prize at the final pit stop and earn Redemption in this season of do-overs