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Rick's Appearance on CBS WMAZ Morning Show with Sleep Gadgets and Tech

Rick appears on CBS WMAZ Weekend Morning Show with anchor, Suzanne Lawler, talking some new sleep technology to help you get more rest.

Have a watch to this rough cut:


Products include:

BedJet, Mediflow Pillow, the Snow Pillow and Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc.: Sound+Sleep Suite.


A Piece in Inc. on that 'Good Night's Sleep'

Large-brained types at Northwestern University performed a little research and concluded that the one fine way to guarantee yourself a good night's sleep is to have a purpose in life.

How, though, did they measure it? Well, participants were asked to rate their response to such statements as, "I feel good when I think of what I've done in the past and what I hope to do in the future."



Larklife: High Tech Wristband

Fitness and wellness gadgets have been so big over the last two years.

Here's another one, the Larklife wristband.

They look good and they work.  It wll track all your daily activity from movements to sleep.

  • Measures everything from "micro-movements" to substantial exercise to precisely track the calories you burn during the day

  • Suggests optimal times to eat based on a given day's activity level, assuming all of your day's activity isn't eating

  • Sends "nudges" when you've been sedentary for too long (note: being nudged does not count as physical activity)

  • Monitors your circadian rhythm to advise the best time to sleep, and rates the quality of your slumber using the sure-to-put-you-to-sleep-science behind "actigraphy", which gets factored into its advice for the following day

  • Functions as a silent alarm clock, preventing grogginess by waking you at an optimal time with gentle vibrations, which won't resonate throughout your no-longer-fat belly

Find out more here:


Americans Don't Get Enough Sleep

Do you get enough sleep? 

Probably not.

30% of U.S. adults - or 40.6 million workers sleep six or fewer hours a day, a new CDC report shows.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends we get seven to nine hours of sleep each day. Most at risk, according to the report, are people who work the night shift, especially those in the transportation, warehouse, and health care industries.

Lack of sleep on a chronic basis also increases risk for other health conditions such as obesity, depression, heart disease, and diabetes.

According to the new report, 44% of people who worked the night shift were short-sleepers, compared with 28.8% of those who worked during the day. People aged 30 to 44 made up the age group most likely to be sleep deprived.

Others who are not getting enough sleep include people who hold down more than one job, widows, divorcees, or recently separated partners. The findings are based on data from the 2010 National HealthInterview Survey.

I guess it's time for a nap.