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Caffeinated: Starbucks' Stock

What a difference a month makes. For Starbucks, it would seem that perhaps the market now is beginning to realize some of the things we mentioned in our Starbucks growth article. The future lies in two drivers: burgeoning China sales and the growth of mobile ordering and payment in the U.S., enabling American consumers to order their favorite coffee brew, tea, sandwiches and pastries anytime and anywhere - without so much as going near a traditional Starbucks coffee shop. Both areas have been growing by leaps and bounds in past few quarters.

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How is Starbucks Doing?

They say they are turning the corner.


Rick's 12 Days of Christmas: Starbucks

If you have waitied until the last minute and need to buy a gift.... I guarantee there is a Starbucks open near you that has gift cards, coffee, mugs and ornaments for sale.

Start or finish your holiday shopping at Starbucks.


Maybe We Should Just Rename Fall.... 'Pumpkin'

Supermarket shelves are being stocked with autumn flavors like cinnamon, apple and, you guessed it, pumpkin spice.

Starbucks, which spearheaded the pumpkin spice flavor craze back in 2003, isn't the only company toting a pumpkin-flavored product these days. Lindt, Kellogg and General Mills, among many others, have all introduced pumpkin to their roster; offering flavored chocolate truffles, cereals, and nutrigrain bars.


Starbucks Puppuchino in the News

Your dog can enjoy a nice treat at Starbucks with you.

Great to see the Puppuchino getting press and for all the right reasons.