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WGST's "The Sully Show" for 9/25/15 - Blue Week and the New iPhones

Have a listen as Rick and "Sully" talk "Blue Week" and the new iPhones:



It's Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and high school football in Georgia is going "Blue" for the week.
Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition (GPCC) is involved in “Blue Week” because it builds Prostate Cancer Awareness. This is what all 421 high school football teams will be doing the week of September 21st thru September 25th. All presented by Northside Hospital.

All football players will have blue ribbon decals on their helmets

All coaches will have blue wristbands

All referees will have blue penalty flags

Blue ribbons will be stenciled on the fields

Public Service  Announcements will be mentioned during half time

-  Does Rick have the new iPhone 6s?


Like every other "S" year, the new 6S and 6S Plus look the same as 2014's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models -- until you start touching them. But the changes underneath are plentiful: new front and rear cameras, upgraded processors and RAM, always-on Siri, and -- most importantly -- a pressure-sensitive "3D Touch" screen similar to the Force Touch screen on Apple Watch, giving you contextual options depending how hard you press the display.

Things to consider:

1. There is a new color now, called rose gold (it basically looks like a blush pink, same as the new Apple Watch color option that the company announced). But as far as looks go, this extra shade is the extent of the changes you'll be able to visually detect between this year's and last year's phones.

2. A new form of pressure-sensitive navigation called 3D Touch, and a faster processor all combine to keep the next-generation phone looking competitive enough to counter other top-tier handsets as we approach the year-end holiday rush.

3. The  iPhone 6S duo has achieved more inner strength. This time it uses a different grade of aluminum for its chassis, one that also has applications in the aerospace industry. They call it Series 7,000, and it's the same aluminum alloy Apple puts into its Apple Watch Sport. The company clearly hopes this reinforced material will help deflect against future "Bendgate" backlashes, where some customers complained that their 5.5-inch iPhone 6S phones "bent" after being sat on.

4. Improved thumb-print reader

5.   A 12-megapixel camera is a huge jump for Apple, which has been holding onto its 8-megapixel sensors in its iPhone for years. Autofocus will pick up the pace, according to Apple, and color accuracy is a point of pride.

The 5-megapixel front-facing camera now brings the iPhone 6S on par with a lot of today's competing handsets. Of course, it includes the company's proprietary voice chat feature, FaceTime video. Here's something wildly different, though. Instead of including a dedicated flash for the front-facing camera, which only a few phones do, Apple is using the home screen to light up instead. This is meant to increase the brightness of those selfies even in low-light situations.

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