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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on Radio 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7 - New Sports Apps

Rick and Sully talk new sports apps this week.

Sports are the breeding ground for what hits the mainstream in this country and around the world.

Have a listen

1.  New NHL app

For hockey fans...

In one of the first major new product launches since MLB Advanced Media took control of the NHL's digital assets, the league next week is expected to roll out a new mobile app called Arena that is modeled after the Ballpark app that MLBAM introduced in 2012, according to sources close to the leagues. Think or either a "second screen" mode or  way to heep up with what is happening on each trip up and down the ice.
2.  BioMech

The sports biomechanical company is on the verge of something huge for the golf industry when it comes to putting. A new sensor that gets attached to your putter along with am app it set to debut.
Get immediate feedback either right on the sensor or through the app. Not only on 8-foot straight putts, but putts of any distance with breaks.

Rick has been in the great state of Connecticut this week looking at the media debut of the app and sensor and it works. More golf and sports apps and products to come from BioMech

3. Parkmobile

Parkmobile could help solve the problem of parking at sporting events
Parkmobile is an innovative app that is working across nationwide to help user find parking spots in real-time and pay using their smartphones.  People will no longer need to fumble with cash, coins, or even cards at machines.  

Parkmobile provides a new and better way to pay for parking on your smartphone and is available for different devices iPhone, Android phones, Windows phones, and any tablet.  Registration for Parkmobile can also be done through the website at or via the QR code found at Parkmobile signs.  After you have downloaded the app and registered you will link payment to either your MasterPass, Visa Checkout, or Paypal account.

4. The new and updated Twitter App

Twitter is making a play for people’s living rooms, unveiling an app in Sept. for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Microsoft’s Xbox One that will showcase its bet on live content.
Twitter’s new free app includes live streams of 10 National Football League Thursday night games, and all live videos from MLB Advanced Media, the National Basketball Association, Pac-12 Networks, Campus Insiders, Bloomberg News and the business news start-up Cheddar. This spring, Twitter beat Facebook and other technology companies to win the rights to live stream the N.F.L. games on Thursday nights. Twitter agreed to pay the league around $1 million a game and to let the N.F.L. handle some of the ad sales. Mr. Noto once was the N.F.L.’s chief financial officer.

5. Fox Sports VR mobile app

Live VR of college football on Fox.
By hooking their phones up to a Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard, viewers be able to watch the game in its full, immersive glory. Those who don’t have a headset will still be able to interact and watch in a 360-degree video setting. It’s the first of three or four college football games the company plans to broadcast in VR — in addition to its regular telecast — this season.

6.   Arccos Golf announcing the launch of its second-generation system, Arccos 360

Boasting low-profile sensors that are more than 50% smaller and lighter than the original Arccos system, Arccos 360 ($249.99) also showcases a powerful new shot detection algorithm that increases accuracy and virtually eliminates the need for editing. Additional features include:

    Battery Guarantee – Certified for a minimum of two years without charging
    Power Saving – Allows users to play rounds in airplane mode, dramatically reducing phone battery drain and eliminating data roaming during international travel
    GPS 2.0 – Hands-free shot mapping combined with rangefinder distances in yards or meters to any point on more than 40,000 courses  
Arccos 360 consists of 14 ultralight sensors that easily attach to the club grip and communicate with a free app for iOS and Android devices. The system seamlessly records every shot a golfer makes, analyzes the data in real time and reveals strengths and weaknesses to enhance on-course decision-making. Unlike competing products, it requires no tagging, tapping or other annoying disruptions to a player’s routine.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7 - Turner Field and Technology

Turner Field will close as we know it this weekend. But is will live on through repurposing with Georgia State taking over.

When the ballpark lights are shut off for good on the night of Oct. 2, the team will leave behind not only a stadium filled with memories of National League championships, but also a 50-year legacy that started just across the street from Turner Field. After all, Mechanicsville has been — for better or worse — the home to the Braves since their relocation from Milwaukee.

The team now moves to Cobb County.

Rick and Sully look at some tech advances and features of Turner Field

1.    The Olympic Legacy

Originally built as Centennial Olympic Stadium in 1996 to serve as the centerpiece of the 1996 Summer Olympics, the stadium was converted into a baseball park to serve as the new home of the team. The Braves moved less than one block from Atlanta–Fulton County Stadium, which served as their home ballpark from 1966 to 1996 (30 years). The stadium was a bit ahead of its time in that it was converted to a ballpark from the Olympic Stadium. Immediately after the 1996 Summer Paralympics, which followed the Olympics, much of the north end of the stadium was removed in order to convert it to its permanent use as a 49,000-seat baseball park.

2.  Public Transportation and Access

MARTA access (well, plus shuttle) to the games and the ability to bring in food from home — or Publix, because nothing says baseball like a sub from Publix or KFC.

3. Wi-Fi Pioneers

Thanks to AT&T, Turner Field was one of the first stadiums in any sport to offer free Wi-Fi to fans throughout the stadium. There was also an early Turner Field app that helped fans navigate the stadium.

4.  One of the first "Fan Plazas"

Fan Plaza: Fan Plaza (sometimes called Grand Entry Plaza) serves as the primary entrance and exit to the park, and is the hub of pregame and postgame activity at Turner Field. The Plaza is located directly behind centerfield and the jumbotron. The area features the Majestic Clubhouse Store, as well as multiple dining options and drink stands, and the Taco Mac Family Zone (a children's interactive area, which replaced Cartoon Network's "Tooner Field" in 2012). The radio pregame and postgame show broadcast location is also located on the Plaza. Prior to select home games, live music is performed in this area.

5. Turner Field has been the filming locations for movies:

"The Change Up"
"Trouble With the Curve"

Turner Field Facts:
-Seating capacity
    85,000 (1996 Olympics)
    50,528 (1997)
    49,714 (1998–2000)
    50,096 (2001–2007)
    49,743 (2008–2010)
    49,586 (2011–present)
-400 Feet to straight-away centerfield

- The first regular season game played at Turner Field was on April 4, 1997 against the Chicago Cubs. The Braves were losing 4–3 in the eighth inning when Chipper Jones drove in the tying run. A Michael Tucker single gave the Braves the lead as they won their first regular season game at Turner Field 5–4.

First Hit: Chipper Jones
First Home Run - Michael Tucker

- The longest game by time, and in Braves history, was played on July 26–27, 2011 between the Braves and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The game lasted 6 hours and 39 minutes with the Braves winning controversially 4–3 in 19 innings.



Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7: Lighthouses and More on the Jersey Shore

Rick is up in New Jersey making his way up and down the Jersey Shore

He is there doing a golf piece on the historic Bayonne Golf Club, but also visiting the lighthouses and life-saving stations along the Jersey Coast

The Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey in Mid October and Rick is getting  preview...

Listen to Rick and Sully's segment this week...

Topics discussed:

1.    New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge

Coming Oct 15, 16
A chance to visit all the historic lighthouses and life-saving stations in new Jersey

2. Life-saving Station

Rescued the people and the ships that needed help along the New Jersey Coast in the late 1800s and into the 1900s

3. Lighthouse History in America

A rich history indeed.

4.  Tesla -  putting car charging stations at B&Bs

Including the Candlelight Inn B&B in N. Wildwood, NJ