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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on ALT 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST

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Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7 and iHeartRadio - Pool Safety Tips and Tech

We've entered the dog days of midsummer. That means some visits to our favorite swimming pools.
It's time to revisit some safety tips and safety tech for our pools as the summer days drag on...


- From 2005-2014, there were an average of 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings (non-boating related) annually in the United States — about ten deaths per day... many at swimming pools
- About one in five people who die from drowning are children 14 and younger. For every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries.

Rick and Sully talk about some tech to stay safe at the pool

1. Never swim alone and always watch children in and around the water. Designate an “Adult Water Watcher.”
2. Teach kids how to swim. It’s a skill that will last a lifetime.
3. Stay away from drains in the pool. Make sure all drains are covered.
4. Make sure pools you use have a fence, a self-latching gate, alarms, a lifeguard (if a public pool) and is cleaned or covered.

Some New Gadgets and Tech you Can Use in and Around the Pool

1.  Pool Safety Pack

From Twist and Seal, it’s the new Pool Safety Pack.  It keeps water away from electrical cord connections and comes with three safety products – Cord Dome for power strips, Maxx for large cords, and Cord Protect for regular cords. This pack helps keeps the whole family safe by sealing off outside cords. Heavy grade industrial plastic is used, so you know these will be durable products that last.
2. Ahhsoles

Before stepping into the sand or walking around the pool, slip on a pair of Ahhsoles and experience incredible comfort with every step you take. It gets slippery poolside and Ahhsoles will give you traction and won’t slip or slide. Ditch that dull, everyday footwear and throw on a pair of Ahhsoles flip-flops! Perfectly named for that “Ahhh!” feeling you experience when taking your shoes off after a long day on your feet, this innovative brand designs an irresistible selection of wild foot bed textures that are “Offensively comfortable”. Ahhsoles also represent a step forward in flip-flop culture by deviating from the traditional idea of flip-flops and experimenting with vibrant textures, colors, and of course our unique name. We believe that our wild textures, styles, and name will become a major trend and fashion accessory rather than simply remaining normal everyday footwear.

3. Bio Key Touchlocks

Perfect not only for travel, but keep your valuables safe in your pool locker.
- Bluetooth or fingerproff enabled smartlocks for $40-50
- Open with your smartphone

4. Bambino Mio Swim Diapers

Keep the entire pool and pool area safe and clean with swim diapers for the little ones. Bambino Mio is a cloth diaper company offering a range of products designed for the stylish, modern and eco-conscious parent. Bambino Mio diapers are as simple to use as a disposable, easy to put on and easy to wash. They also make swim diapers for the pool or bath and a range of potty training essentials for when it’s time to ditch the diapers.

Remember, Rick is at the BB&T Atlanta Open all week.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7 and iHeartRadio - New Bicycling Tech

Atlanta and cycling.

Although Atlanta has historically been a city defined by the automobile, its increasingly compact urban form and mild climate are encouraging residents to cycle to work, shopping, and recreational destination.


Miles of bike lanes in the city of Atlanta: 45.2
Miles of bike lanes proposed under the city's official transportation plan: 226

In 2013, Mayor Kasim Reed announced plans for Atlanta to become a top-10 cycling city—a goal that seemed a tad ambitious when he gave it a timeline of three years. But now that the 2016 deadline is here, the wheels are finally in motion: The Atlanta Regional Commission has approved a $1 billion plan to make the area safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

This will be the first time the city has developed a comprehensive trail plan that seeks to connect communities and the big multi-use paths—like the Silver Comet trail to Alabama, and the 22-mile Beltline around the city's core.

- Have a listen to Rick and Sully

1. City Bikes are back like... the Linus Pronto

Linus Pronto

The brand is already well-known for its collection of classy, vintage-inspired town bikes.  The Pronto is a range-expander bike—it’s meant as a graduation from occasional rides into more frequent, longer trips. The frame is aluminum, and the entire bike is eight pounds lighter than the brand’s Roadster. Positioning is a little more aggressive for nimble handling than the other models in the brand, and the 1x8 drivetrain provides range for climbing. The bike retails for $669; fenders come stock.

2. Lightweight disc brakes come to Bikes

Are disc breaks going from our cars to our bikes?

Disc brakes are becoming more and more popular. Bike companies are even beginning to release wholly re-designed bikes, purposely built to accommodate the additional braking power.

Now, with the recent proclamation by the UCI that they’ll give the brakes a second go in the WorldTour we reckon we’re about to see plenty of race bikes released with some lightweight stoppers.
3. Wind Blox

Improves safety for cyclists
 #1 Most Effective Wind Noise Blocker: Stops up to 80% of Wind Noise
Made of Technical Materials Cyclists Require
Easy Installation and Care
Reduce Windchill on Ears
Wind Noise Reduction for Bicycling

The quick bi-directional Velcro closure takes seconds to mount to either side of your helmet. You don't have to disassemble your helmet straps to install. They are durable, easy wash and dry, they don't come unglued, fray or matt.

4. Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego Electric Bikes make riding more fun. An electric bike is just like a regular bicycle - only better. You can pedal normally (or not), and get power when you want it. You have the freedom to go farther and faster, without getting too sweaty. You're empowered to conquer hills and headwinds with ease. There are plenty of reasons to ride an electric bike, and the best reason is simple - it's fun. And who doesn't like to have fun?
Pedego is the market leader. Prices start around $2,000

5. Linka Smartlock

-No ordinary bike lock
This is no run of the mill chain - it’s essentially a SWAT team for your bike. It’ll send you push notifications if it senses someone attempting to hack it off, deafening them with a 100 dB alarm. In the case of a thief succeeding in cycling off, the lock has a geolocator to help you catch up with them

Have a great 4th of July weekend!