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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on ALT 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST

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Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7 and iHeartRadio - Summer Travel Tech

Last week, while up in Annapolis, MD, Rick had the opportunity to visit and tour the US Naval Academy

Also, Rick and Sully talk some Summer travel gadgets:
Make sure you bring them along!  Have a listen:

1.  BCOZZY – Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow
$29.97 with Free Shipping

If you've never understood the fascination with travel pillows, chances are you haven't tried BCOZZY. You and your child can now travel in comfort. BCOZZY provides head, neck and chin support. BCOZZY can be used three different ways. Whether you want to fold it, so you have an extra cushion between you and the side of the plane (car) if you want to sit straight up to have chin support, or put your head off to the side--there's a way to make this pillow work. Gone are the days of squishy bead pillows. BCOZZY is soft yet supportive! It also comes in different sizes so you and your child can both arrive at your destination well rested, and neck-pain free! Adult version too!

2.  ZUS Travel Adapters

You will always be able to plug in and recharge with Zus. Universal adapters, chargers, key finders and more. Avail also on Amazon.

3.  Dryel - on the go  - Stain remover pen

Dryel stain pen:  Drink red wine! Stains be gone! Perfect for those stains that happen while traveling.
Dryel is the best way to safely and thoroughly clean your special care clothes at home. The patented Fabric Protection Bag protects clothes and concentrates the gentle cleaning vapor from the ULTRAcleaning™ cloth for optimal cleaning performance. No fading, shrinking, or stretching like caused by wet washing or dry cleaning.
Dryel works in the convenience of your dryer in as little as 15 minutes and saves up to 90% of the cost of dry cleaning.

4.  truMedic Massage products

a. truMedic InstaShiatsu+ Foot Massager with Heat ($299.97)  For those sore feet

Walking and standing on your foot all day is exhausting, foot massages are ideal for relaxation and reducing stress, but having to travel to a spa or book an appointment can be really inconvenient. Now your dad can get pampered without leaving the house.  
The ergonomic and unique design perfectly complements your foot structure and provides a relaxing, enjoyable foot massage. Press the heat button to add soothing heat to your massage. Relax in comfort and style.

b. InstaShiatsu+ Neck and Back Massager with Heat

Don’t let stress and discomfort prevent you from enjoying your life. Relax with the great benefits of massage therapy without having to travel or schedule expensive appointments. The InstaShiatsu+ Full Body Massager With Heat is a complete massage experience in one convenient device. Relax, reduce stress, and let your body rejuvenate. Add soothing heat to the massage to maximize comfort.


5.  Raven  - for your car   starting at $249

Just launched last month -- It's a device that encompasses every gadget you need for your car, all in one sleek mount.
Smart cameras. Smart sensors. Smart navigation. Smart diagnostics and data. Always connected.
Raven is all the technology you need for your car, packed into one sleek super powerful device.
Access live video from HD cameras that also record what's happening in front of your car and inside too. An always-on security system that can detect accidents, break-ins, and even bad driving anytime, anywhere. An OBD reporting tool that lets you keep track of your activity and even diagnose fault codes. Finally, a super smart navigation system that uses next turn navigation so you don’t have to look at your phone while driving. To top it all off, all of these features are always connected and available to you directly on your smartphone.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 - Inn at Perry Cabin and Father's Day Tech

Rick and Sully look at some tech for deal ole Dad!

Rick is up in Annapolis, MD at the Inn at Perry Cabin for the weekend!

Now talking Father's Day gifts, have a listen:

1.   Zoopa Phoenix HD Drone

For the Dad that wants a high performance drone at a great price
– Zoopa™, a snakebyte® group brand specialising in drones and RC vehicles, announced today the shipping of the Phoenix HD, a new high-performance drone engineered in Germany and now shipping worldwide.
Featuring a truly impressive specification, the Phoenix HD has been designed to offer enthusiasts a rich feature set and the latest camera stabilisation technology, previously unheard of for a drone at this price point and setting a new standard for value.

The Phoenix HD features integrated 2-axis camera stabilization (gimbal) technology, capable of capturing silky-smooth images and HD video, delivering rich, vibrant truly professional videography even under difficult flying conditions. The Phoenix HD proves ideal for seasoned enthusiasts and those new to drone ownership, including features such as ‘auto-land’ and ‘auto take off’ which take the difficulty and stress out of complex manoeuvres while retaining all the fun of flight for the user. At a touch of a button, the Phoenix HD will hover in a fixed position (great for capturing that perfect shot) and even return to its original take off position when ordered!
In addition, the Phoenix HD allows users to link their drone directly to their iOS™ or Android™ smartphone, and view their photography in real time, sending images direct to their smartphone thanks to on board Wi-Fi video technology.

2.  The Edge Desk
$399 at

We know that “sitting disease” leads to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. And we also know, based on numerous scientific research studies, that sitting disease leads to an increased risk of cancer. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic, you can extend your life expectancy by two years just by cutting out three hours of television viewing time per day.

Launched on Kickstarter, The Edge Desk is the first desk-chair and easel all in one. Forget hours of assembly and hundreds of parts to manage, The Edge comes fully assembled right out of the box. Set up takes less than a minute and the ergonomic design provides for the most comfortable, productive work experience you’ve ever had. The patent-pending kneeling desk puts your back in a comfort first position removing pressure so work is fun!
The Edge Desk is the first kneeling desk ever created and is thought of as the “Most comfortable desk for productivity”! Kneeling desks improve posture, reduce lumbar pressure and lower back pain while increasing blood circulation

3.  Makers + Goods

A remarkable e-commerce site with a mission of giving gifts that give back. The owner, Julie Skon, designs and curates the most unique and impactful gifts that leave layers of impact.  Next to each item is a thoughtful description on the “maker” and “impact.” Each maker gives back differently from planting a tree every time a purchase is made to helping victims of sex trafficking to providing two weeks of utilities to the women who make a particular blanket.
Options on the site include:  Father's Day!
Individual gifts
Curated gifts picked out by Julie Skon
Create your own gift box
Wedding packages for guests/bridal & groom parties
Corporate gift boxes

4. Original Penguin Golf Apparel

Remember the iconic Penguin on shirts, shorts and more...  it's back.
It's no longer Munsingwear, reintroducing the Original Penguin
Conventional is boring, but tradition is timeless. Channel the classic style of Original Penguin's past with a modern twist in the Earl™ Polo, which features contrast tipping on the placket, sleeve cuffs and collar on a solid-colored base. This short sleeve polo stands out amongst a sea of polos. Be an original in this men's polo at the office or at your buddies on Friday night.

5. Tervis Beer Pong VR Mug

Tervis has announced their new Beer Mug and they announced they have an AR version to play Beer Pong! It’s really cool. Great gift for Dad, right?
Bring this limited edition AR Beer Pong Beer Mug to life and enjoy your favorite brew and play a game or two. It’s all possible with the TervisAR app.
    Made in America & Lifetime Guarantee
    This tumbler is BPA free
    Great for both hot & cold
    Microwave & dishwasher safe (top rack only)
    Reduces condensation
    Printed wrap-around design (sealed between walls of tumbler)
    Personalization not available
    Fits all 16 oz. lids (travel, straw and shaker top)
    Tervis AR app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

6. Nikon Cameras...
What's new from Nikon?

Like the D3400  for $299
Some moments in life are too good to keep to yourself. With Nikon's D3400 D-SLR camera, you can capture the excitement beautifully and share it right away. Working with the SnapBridge app, the camera establishes a constant connection with your smart device via Bluetooth®. Each amazing picture you take is transferred to your device automatically, letting you post it online without missing a beat. And when you share those pictures with your friends, they're sure to be impressed by the incredible image quality. That's the D3400 effect: it makes enthusiasm contagious.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio - Earth Day

*Earth Day is now a global event each year, and we believe that more than 1 billion people in 192 countries now take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world.

Rick and Sully talk some Earth Day tech and eco friendly items.. have a listen:

1.  HONOUR™ Essentials

A collection of skin, shave products who’s secret ingredient is Costa Rican coffee oil that is sustainably sourced and elegantly and ethically made for the discerning man. The rich coffee is also sold to complete the morning experience.  

Created by brothers and business partners, Jerad and Matt Poling, HONOUR’s “transformative ritual” is centered around the richly derived benefits of the coffee bean and maximized in two primary ways:  
    First, as a defining ingredient in a three-step skincare process—WAKE Exfoliating Rinse, PREP Shave Well Cream and TEND Revitalizing Moisturizer.
    Second, as deliciously roasted BREW coffee. Pure to form, all products are free of parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals.  
Quality is at the heart of the product, with sustainability being a common theme throughout the entire brand.  
    The heirloom-quality Keep Good canister is comprised of eco-friendly materials like reclaimed aluminum and Refills consist of pressed sugar cane pulp, so one can live in the modern world without damaging the planet.
    The coffee beans utilized in all HONOUR products are grown, handpicked, and sorted on family-owned farmland rooted in the lush mountainous hills of Costa Rica.  
    1% of gross revenues go to organizations that protect the environment. 
More information is available at

2. Moshi’s Helios Mini

A compact designer backpack crafted with lightweight, weather-resistant vegan leather. Its multi-pocket design lets you store your essentials and even carry a MacBook up to 13-inches (USB-C version). A zippered RFID Shield pocket protects your personal data from theft. Helios Mini keeps you stylish and organized no matter where you go this season. Available in olive green and beige.

3. Smart Ocean - irst ever task chair made with recycled fishing nets

Developed with Bureo, it incorporates almost 2 lbs. of plastic pollution and marks first NextWave product available to purchase.

As 2018 celebrations such as Earth Day and World Oceans Day focus on reducing and preventing plastic pollution, this product is a tangible example of how a manufacturer can leverage its supply chain as a means of keeping plastics out of the ocean. The fishing nets utilized in Smart Ocean's production are from Bureo's Net Positiva recycling program which facilitates the collection of discarded plastic fishing nets and provides incentives to participating coastal communities.

4. Best Buy making it a point to get the word out about recycling and trading in your old gadgets and electronics.

5.  Veestro

Veestro offers over 50+ a la carte chef crafted meals that can be delivered directly to your door in recycled, earth friendly, containers. Think veggie lasagna, roasted beet and kale salad, veggie empanadas and more. The meals come frozen, ready for you to simply heat and serve. It’s that easy! All meals are 100% plant-based, made with organic ingredients and preservative free.

6. Take an Earth Day quiz


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7 and iHeartRadio - Tech to Make Your Life Easier

Life is tough.

Rick is here this week to look at some tech that makes various aspects of your life a little easier.

Have a listen to Rick and Sully:

1. PaMu  -Waterproof and Wireless Earbuds

An Indiegogo campaign for earbuds that solve a pet peeve of many.
PaMu is the closest thing to what people have always wanted in a sports earphone – a pair of lightweight and compact earbuds that stay connected, stay in, and sound amazing. You can call it a technology-packed solution!

Hi-Fi Sound/Auto-connects/Touch Control/In-Ear Mic/Waterproof/Portable Charging Pod/Never falls out
Just $29 right now at:

2. FooBot


 SET UP IN SECONDS: Smart and well made, it will take you just 2-5 minutes from the moment you open the box to start receiving data on your phone. No need to read thick manuals nor become an engineer. Just plug it in, download the app, sync your Foobot, and receive the data.
USER FRIENDLY APP: Completely re-designed at the beginning of 2017. This new version of Android and iOS app is very smooth, easy to use, and reliable. Get real-time data on your phone every 5 minutes, no matter where you are, hassle and glitch free.

30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our new model 21 has a 1-year warranty and it comes backed with a fully renewed Customer Satisfaction department that will go the extra mile and beyond to sort any issue you may have, by email, Monday to Saturday. In addition, you are covered by our 30-days money back guarantee. No questions asked.

AIR QUALITY AT A GLANCE: If worried about the air conditions around you or your children, just take a look at the Foobot. Coloured LEDS will show you instantly what your air quality is like. LED lights can be dimmed from the app and sleep time is also available.

HANDS-OFF CONTROL: Connect your Foobot to your home automation devices via IFTTT, Stringify, and/or Artick Cloud, wirelessly. Set it up once and forget. Foobot will take care of keeping the air quality of your home within safe levels automatically (requires additional devices to work).

3.  Package Concierge - a cutting-edge digital locker system

Package deliveries have increased 48% in the last two years as a result of the increase in online shopping - and this is expected to continue increasing up to 17-28 percent each year, posing a major logistical problems for e-tailers and their customers.

Package Concierge® is the innovator of the digital locker system for apartments, retail, universities, and office/corporate settings. Made in America, with cutting-edge technology at its core, Package Concierge® is the highest-quality solution in the industry and is the only secure and seamlessly integrated system for 24/7 package management that also meets all fire and safety standards. From its intuitive mobile app, shipping and returns, to its Peer-to-Peer transactions, Package Concierge® makes package management hassle-free for every user.

The Package Concierge system lockers are constructed from corrosion resistant steel, and the kiosk is powered by a Windows 8 operating system. This innovative combination of hardware and software comprise the Package Concierge system.

4. myCharge Amp Prong+  - a dual threat when it comes to power


Charges your devices when plugged into the wall or as a stand along power bank
The myCharge Amp Prong+ 6000mAh portable charger is the one powerbank you need for charging two devices simultaneously. Sure it charges your devices during the day or night when plugged into a wall outlet. The hidden secret here is it also carries power to charge multiple devices when not plugged into the wall. Tech's answer to, "what is the best dual threat in tech?"


5. Tapplock

Tapplock has created a smart fingerprint padlock so you never need a key or combination again.
The state-of-the-art capacitive fingerprint sensor allows unlocking in under 0.8 seconds. Stores up to 500 fingerprints for multiple users. Adaptive algorithm means the lock becomes faster and more accurate with each access.


6. Royal Velvet® Signature Soft Solid Bath Towel by Trident // $9.99-$16 at

Wrap yourself in plush comfort with these Royal Velvet towels. An ultra-soft design pairs with fade-resistant color and reinforced hems for luxury that lasts.

Washable and durable. Purchase individually or as a set.

These are products from Trident

Trident is one of the world’s largest fully integrated home textiles manufacturers and biggest terry towel manufacturing facility. As innovators of the softest towels, bath robes and bed sheets, Trident’s products will help any home feel like a luxurious resort, and make every day feel like vacation.
Rick and Sully wrap up with talking a little Art Bell, the radio legend that passed away last Friday.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 - New Golf Tech

A wrap up of St. Patrick's and St. Baldrick's

Then on to some new golf tech  and a bunch to get through this week...


Rick will be hitting the links this spring. Here's some of what new he'll be using.

Have a listen to Rick and Sully:

1. A New Fitted Driver from Club Champion

Custom fit golf clubs from the experts...
Rick recently got fitted for a new driver at Club Champion.
When it comes to getting fit for golf clubs, in order to do it absolutely to the best of your ability, you need to look for four key things:

Demo Equipment:  How many brands of heads and shafts can you hit during your fitting session and even better, can you mix and match them.  At the end of the day, the more choices you have, the better.  If you’re only getting fit with one or two fitting carts and/or demo bags, you are not getting even close to the breadth of equipment combinations available today.

Technology:  A launch monitor is a MUST, but which one is important as well.  Many are good, but Trackman is still the de facto launch monitor the pros trust and so should you.  For putting analysis, the Science and Motion PuttLab is still second to none in terms of the data it delivers to help you decide which type of putter is best for you.

Your Fitter:  If you think reading a launch monitor and saying “You’re spin is too high, try this” is all there is to club fitting, think again.  There is an art to the science behind all of this, and if your fitter hasn’t been fitting for long or hasn’t seen a couple hundred people, you’re taking your chances that your fitter truly knows what he’s doing.

Club Building:  At the end of all of this, if you have a perfect 3 for 3 score from above but your clubs are built in the ‘custom shop’ of a manufacturer (ie assembly line) your odds of getting the clubs built exactly to your specifications decrease considerably.  No two sets should be alike, and you need someone to get those lofts, lies, lengths and swing weights dead-on to take full advantage of any club fitting process.
According to Golf Digest, 8 out of 9 Club Champion customers who upgraded to custom-fit clubs added an average of 21 yards off the tee and lowered their scores by as much as 6 strokes per round. In fact, nearly 100% of Club Champion Customers report they were satisfied.

2. Cobra Irons - Smart Golf Clubs

Used by Rickie Fowler
Golf club manufacturers are expecting a big year in 2018, and one company, Cobra Golf, introduced the first ’smart’ set of clubs – the KING F8 AND F8+ line up featuring Cobra Connect Powered by Arccos. This is golf club engineering with next-level performance tracking. Your Cobra Connect clubs come standard with an Arccos sensor embedded in the grip end. This allows users to automatically track and analyze their performance with each club and across all game aspects. This is Cobra quality with Arccos technology collecting and disbursing that data golfers need and want at

3. Ecco Shoes

The ECCO BIOM® HYBRID 3 features the ECCO TRI-FI-GRIP™ outsole with a multi-purpose zonal performance structure for optimal traction and stability. Specifically engineered to move with the foot through the swing, the multi-purpose zonal performance structure is focused on achieving maximum rotation, stability and durability.
Specifically engineered to move with the foot through the swing, the multi-purpose zonal performance structure is focused on three key segments:\
    Zone 1 centers on delivering outstanding lateral stability throughout the swing.
    Zone 2 forms the middle of the outsole and is designed to enhance walking comfort through the round and beyond. It also features a durability region in the heel where shoes can be prone to wearing.
    Zone 3 is a specially engineered rotational section designed to optimize the movement in the forefoot through slim, rounded lugs which promote fast and easy rotation through the swing.
Available in bold options for men and women, additional features of ECCO BIOM HYBRID 3 include:
    An ECCO Racer Yak leather upper with supreme breathability and durability
    100% GORE-TEX® waterproof protection, guaranteed for three years
    The option of a BOA® closure system for optimum fit
    ECCO Freedom Fit mixing a snug heel setting with a roomier forefoot area that allows toes to move naturally
    BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® technology brings the player closer to the ground while offering an anatomical last shape with superb cushioning and advanced support
    Removable Ortholite® inlay soles, offering long-term cushioning, enhanced breathability, moisture management and the option of extra width

4. Shot Scope V2 - Performance Tracking Watch

Combining front/middle/back GPS with Shot Scope’s industry-leading Performance Tracking. V2 fills a significant gap in the market. V2 is now available.

Golfers have long sought a device that combined GPS yardages and fully automatic performance tracking; Shot Scope’s in-house engineers have developed a product that meets the needs of the modern golfer while retaining the company’s trademark automatic club recognition technology and detailed performance statistics.
V2 has three modes to suit the golfer’s playing requirements, GPS, PRO and GPS+TRACK, each mode has been designed for ultimate flexibility. In both GPS and GPS+TRACK modes, the LCD screen displays distances to the front, middle and back of the green from the golfer’s real-time position using SMART GPS. Distances to hazards will be released in a software update later in the year.
Performance Tracking is activated in both PRO and GPS+TRACK modes. The watch works in the background to collect over 100 Tour-level statistics, broken down into five areas: clubs, tee shots, approaches, short game and putting. Performance statistics of this calibre have previously only been available to Tour players. No manual input or phone-use is required.
V2 uses Shot Scope’s proprietary course mapping data which is compiled and quality checked by a team of elite golfers.

5. Club Car is celebrating 60 years in the industry in 2018.

As far as golf carts go, Club Car is hard to beat...

Club Car was founded in the early to mid 1950s in Dallas, Texas.   Bill Stevens bought the rights to the golf car and moved the manufacturing facility to Augusta, Georgia, where he lived.  
Stevens eventually sold out to Johns Manville Company and then in 1978 Club Car was sold again to a group of investors that included Billy Dolan and seven other top managers from E-Z-GO.  They redesigned the golf car and in 1982 introduced the DS model which is still familiar today. They took a small company from back in the pack to become a world class manufacturer of golf and utility vehicles.

They are also launching Tempo ConnectTM, a stylish new golf car with enhanced technology including Visage Fleet Management.
Tempo Connect’s enhanced ride is designed with automotive styling and connected technology. Club Car’s proven engineering, industry-leading durability and reliable comfort are evident with a new sleek front cowl, rust-proof aluminum frame, new alloy wheels, premium comfort seats and a spacious dashboard.

6. Golf Pride Grips

The No. 1 Grips on Tour
A new golf season and that means you need some new grips
ALIGN Technology Features a Raised Ridge to Assist Hand Placement and Improve Swing Consistency.
For over six decades, Golf Pride has been the global leader in golf grip innovation and technology, from the invention of the slip-on grip to groundbreaking advancements in cord with our new Brushed Cotton Technology (BCT®) to the introduction of the hybrid category of grips.
Today, Golf Pride® has laid claim to more major wins than any other grip company. More than 80% of Tour professionals choose to play our grips and not one is paid to do so. And in this age of multi-million dollar endorsement deals, that’s the strongest endorsement of all. So, whether you’re a Tour pro playing a major, a rising amateur, or an everyday golfer, you can rest assured knowing you’re playing the #1 Grip in Golf.


 7.  80BREAKR app

80BREAKR™ is the only app that looks and works like a scorecard, but incorporates everything the latest mobile devices can do for you. It's ease-of-use lets golfers focus on their game, instead of the app. Without any annoying screen changes, it features two-tap score entry and an at-a-glance screen, including score, competition, betting and GPS distance to the center of the green. We're also excited to roll out our live leaderboard for multi-foursome competition this spring.
For the start of 2018, and for a limited time, 80BREAKR is offering savings for golfers:
GPS at-a-glance on your scorecard: $4.99 (normally $29.99)
Betting Modes: $0.99 (normally $4.99)

Service $9.99: posts your score automatically for a USGA™ handicap (normally $29.99)