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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on ALT 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST

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Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on ALT 105.7 and iHeartRadio - 3/23/19 Tech for Spring Break

Millions of college students, families and those looking for warmer climates have either already jetted off to or are planning to head to Spring Break in the coming days or weeks.

Rick has some perfect items to pack along with the swimsuits and sunscreen! Have a listen:

1.  Lucyd Loud Shades

Lucyd LOUD. Proper prescription-ready frames combined with a Bluetooth headset—now you’re talking LOUD.

This stylish line of Bluetooth-enabled eyewear uses bone conduction technology and a built-in mic to let you play music, make calls and use your voice assistant handsfree. The open-ear sound allows you to hear your environment as well as your audio content, meaning you can still carry a conversation while listening to a podcast. And with the ability to perform many everyday smartphone tasks from the Loud, you can finally stop taking your phone out every minute. You can answer calls, skip tracks in your playlist or even summon Siri just by using the intuitive touchpad on the side of the shades.

Order these smart tech frames with polarized sunglass lenses or have them filled with your  prescription, and enjoy all the perks of strolling through the sunshine earbud-free.
Lucyd LOUD Highlights:

•    Bone conduction speakers deliver hi-fi audio (audible to others at high volume)
•    Flexible temples create an adjustable and comfortable fit
•    Built-in microphone and trackpad are easy to use
•    More stylish than earbuds, headsets, and headphones
•    Listen to music and podcasts discreetly
•    More comfortable than holding a phone for an entire conversation
•    Available in prescription, clear, polarized, blue light blocking and more
•    Charging cable, manual, cloth and a case comes included
•    Recommended for iPhone 7 and newer and Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer
•    Refer a friend and get up to 11% cash back via
•    Free US shipping with fast FedEx shipping available to rest of world.

2. Buddha Board

Relax your mind and commit to truly living in the moment with the Buddha Board, a modern tool for rediscovering the ancient Zen artform.

Buddha Board Highlights:
Reusable -- As the water dries a clean slate appears, letting you create and draw over and over again.
Relaxing -- Practice being in the moment as you put brush to board and enjoy the art of letting go as you watch your brushstrokes slowly disappear.
Fun for Ages 5-105 -- Children love using it to draw and practice their letters, while adults use it to calm their minds after work, when traveling, or during the stressful holiday season.
Travel-Friendly -- The original board measures in at 12”x9.5”x1/4” and the Mini Buddha Board at 5”x5”x1/5” for easy portability and movement.


3. Pluggerz Swim

Keep your ears safe.
Pluggerz are the situation-specific earplugs that reduce volume without losing clarity of experience and overall health. For Pluggerz, it’s not about cancelling noise, it’s about “regulating” it, using innovative technology that makes it possible to adapt to situations including sleep, loud music, airplane travel, swimming and more.

Trouble with sensitive ear canals? Then having water in the ears is particularly annoying and sometimes painful. Pluggerz Swim are specially developed for swimming, bathing and showering. These unique earplugs close the ear canal during swimming and keep the ear canal watertight, but do not affect hearing. Made of flexible silicone and hypoallergenic material that is durable and keeps its shape. This keeps the ears dry and prevents pressure in the ears.
Each type of situation-specific Pluggerz uses different technology to ensure different effects:

·         Pluggerz Swim helps prevent infection by closing the ear canal so water cannot get trapped, but does not affect hearing so you can still hear while wearing them.

4. Samsonite electronic luggage scale

Do you like to see how much those bags weigh? Just hook it to the handle of your suitcase and lift. It weighs your luggage up to 80 pounds. Get it on eBay for $18.99.

5. Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3

A customizable Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Bluetooth speaker as unique as you are, created through the all-new online myBOOM Studio portal available online and at select T-Mobile store locations.
myBOOM 3 features eight available colors for the speaker cap, icons and spine, eight colors for the hanging loop and 12 available high-performance fabric colorways, including seven exclusive to the myBOOM Studio. Additional customization allows you to engrave a message on the spine of each speaker, be that a name, date, message, quote or whatever it is that makes this speaker truly yours.

Fabric designs like Jungle Bell, NY Kitty or Frozen Kingdom, or manifest your creativity with Marble Marvel, Blue Dreams and Berry Fun. With twelve fabrics and eight color options for the caps, spine, loop and volume buttons, your options are boundless. Additional colors and fabrics will become available over time. It’s your speaker, your canvas, and your style.

All speakers designed using the myBOOM Studio have the same product features as BOOM 3, including its 360 degree sound and deep bass, portable size, Magic Button, compatibility with the POWER UP charging dock and IP67 rating for staying waterproof and dustproof. myBOOM 3 speakers also work with PartyUp, so they can be paired with up to 150 of any generation BOOM or MEGABOOM speaker for even fuller sound.  All for $179.99