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The Big Bang Theory Quotes From "The Vacation Solution"

Sheldon has to take a vacation, so he goesto work with Amy and will Howard and Bernadette sign a pre-nup?

Here are the quotes:

Sheldon: Physics - Mad Libs

Howard: I haven't seen him laugh that hard since Leonard made a multiplication error.

Suggestion Box: Can Dr. Copper take a vacation?

Sheldon: I'm sneaking into work.

Sheldon: It's how Velma and Shaggy smuggled Scooby into the old lighthouse.

Bernadette: Hoping my relatives think it's Hebrew.

Amy: You, would fetch a unicorn.

Sheldon: Mahalo for nothing, Hawaii.

Sheldon: A seagull stole a hot dog from me on the beach.

Leonard: Leonard's got to get paid.

Amy: It's going to be romantic.

Sheldon: A little hazing for the new fellow?

Sheldon: It's like asking the Incredible Hulk to open a pickle jar.

Sheldon: I bought a tamagotchi in 1998 and it's still alive.

Raj: Follow your heart.

Howard: I some rare comic books.  The Vespa is almost paid off.

Raj: Mr. Roper is dead!

Sheldon: Biologists are mean.

Sheldon: This place needs a suggestion box.

Sheldon: When I was in kindergarten, I recited Pi to 1,000 places.

Sheldon: It takes me a while to get things going on an unfamiliar toilet.

Sheldon: I'm no stranger to a little gray matter.

Sheldon: Yea, you're a biologist.

Sheldon: Social convention is stupid.

Howard: We're grown men, we drink at bars.

Sheldon: This is a fairly substantial wound.

Sheldon: I had lost a lot of thumb blood.

Sheldon: Next year I'm going to EPCOT.

Bernadette: He still carries his gun.  it's more of a fashion statement.

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