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WWE Comes to FOX on Friday Nights

Everyone seems excited about the WWE on Fox in primetime on Friday Nights.


Jack Nicklaus Talks with on FOX News 'Special' Report

A little something different on FOX news.


FOX U.S. Open TV Ratings

Fox's ratings, as expected look good.

Saturday's coverage:

Sunday's numbers...


7:00 FOX U.S. Open Golf - Live (7-10PM) 1.7/share 7.58 million

Keno Brothers Going After 'Buried Treasure'

You don't have to be a fan of the "Antiques Roadshow" to know who the furniture-loving Keno Brothers are.

Now, they are coming to network television.

Antique experts and twin brothers Leigh and Leslie Keno are coming to FOX in the new show "Buried Treasure" - In the series cameras, follow them as they help ordinary people find treasures in their homes.

Using their expertise and technology to determine authenticity and condition, the duo will reveal each item’s estimated auction value and gives the family a chance to sell. In some instances, the Kenos will bring the items to the world’s top buyers. At the end of each episode, you’ll learn if the item sold and for how much.

The show wil debut on Wednesday August 24 at 8pm on FOX.