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NCAA Tennis in Full Swing in Athens

If you are a tennis fan, this is an event you have to attend at some point.

The men's and women's NCAA Tennis Championships are in Athens, GA for the next 10 days and now with the teams down to the final eight, it going to get more exciting.

The men were in action today, the women are back on court tomorrow at one of the best facilities for tennis in the country, the Dan Magill Tennis Complex.



Henry's Louisiana Grill Featured as 'Unique Eats' on 11 Alive

One of my favorite restaurants is Henry's Louisiana Grill, located in Acworth, GA.  It happens to be owned by one of my favorite people, Chef Henry Chandler.

It was featured this week on 11-Alive's website.  Have a look.

No miss eating at Henry's if you have the chance.


Let the Redneck Games Begin!

The Atlanta Olympic Games have come and gone, but a lasting legacy still remains from the games.
The Redneck Games!

What started as a pre-festival leading up to the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta, developed into what is now a large showcase of pure redneck talents.

How can you go wrong with events like bobbing for pig feet, spitting watermelon seeds, and toilet seat tossing?

The answer is you can't.


Hollywood Comes to Acworth, GA

There is a buzz and excitement in the air that could only mean one thing to this small northern suburb of Atlanta.

Hollywood film crews have arrived in Acworth, GA to film the remake of the popular 80's movie Footloose.

This isn't some smalltime independent film mind you.  This is a major motion picture, and all you have to do is look around Downtown Acworth to feel it.  About 30 semis bearing the names of Paramont Pictures and other movie production staples are holed up in Acworrth.  Calls for extras, and sightings of the crew and stars around town are happening on a daily basis. 

Footloose is slated to be released in Spring 2011, and many are looking forward to this remake.  I'm not sure myself why they are remaking this movie, but Director Craig Brewer got the go ahead and has set out to remake this cult classic.


Outside of the occasional road closures and the fact that it is harder than ever to find a parking spot in Downtown Acworth, it's not too much of a bother.  The stars are Dennis  Quaid, Andie MacDowell, Julianne Hough, and newcomer Kenny Wormald.  Anyone I've talked with that has been on set has said everyone affiliated with the production has been nothing but nice.

I'm sure the stores in restaurants in Acworth will see a nice benefit from this filming that is expected to last about three weeks.  It's not the first time Acworth has been the backdrop for a major motion picture.  The movie Six Pack with Kenny Rogers was shot here in the 80's as was the recent movie with Bill Murray, Get Low.

The State of Georgia has made a big push in recent years to become a friendly place to make movies.  They give incentives for filming in Georgia and this is paying off.  No less than 3 movies are being shot around Georgia at anyone time and Georgia rolls out the red carpet for these productions.

They are filming at an old church off Main St. in Downtown Acworth and a house behind the church.


They have taken a break from the filming this weekend, but all the equipment is all stored and kept onsite for it to resume on Monday.

The weather has been hot, but perfect for filming this past week. 

Dennis Quaid was spotted in Downtown Acworth last week, and at a local restaurant outside of Downtown Acworth last night.

Extras and members of the crew are using an old abandoned car dealership down the street for parking.  Shuttles are running people to the set all day long.

Hopefully the weather holds out for the filming and Acworth makes a good showing for itself.  Many are upset there is no Kevin Bacon this time around, but since this is Footloose, things must change.  I'll update if anything interesting happens as filming progresses.