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LeBron James: The Inspirational Story of One of the Greatest Basketball Players of All Time!

If you are missing LeBron as he and the Lakers are not in the playoffs, here's a free Kindle read.

LeBron is one of the most recognizable sports figures in the world because of his remarkable athleticism and on-court brilliance. He dazzles sports fans with his flawless shots and powerful dunks. His dominance on the court is unlike any other. He has made and broken historic records in basketball and he continues to do so in more than 16 years of playing in the NBA. Even with a slew of new talents, LeBron still dominates.
The one thing the separates him from the other basketball superstars is his strong desire to win not just in basketball but in life. LeBron’s off-court endeavors are as remarkable as his on-court performances. His incredible life story is a treasure trove of life lessons that inspire, motivate, and drive you to action.
This book paints LeBron James in a different light. Basketball is what made him a superstar, but it was his humble beginnings that shaped his ideas, moral values, and winning mindset. Knowing his story will make you see that he is more than just a basketball player chasing rings and winning ballgames.

With this book you'll learn:

✓Who is Lebron James
✓The Phenom
✓The Activist
✓The Mogul
✓The Philanthropist
✓The Future
✓ Life Lessons and Blueprint to Success from him!


Christmas Day: NBA Play of the Day

The Heat vs. Lakers.

The NBA game everyone is waiting for is here.  The Heat is in L.A. to play the Lakers today.  This is setting up perfectly to be the coming out party, for James, Wade and Bosh. 

Both teams have similar records (Lakers are 21-8, Heat are 22-9)  Both teams are below .500 ATS.

The Heat are getting 3 pts and this sets up perfectly for the Heat to make a splash.  The Lakers are coming off a bad loss to Milwaukee, and in that loss they looked slow and lethargic.  The Lakers may be going through a rough spell right now and the Heat see this as an opportunity to make the rest of the league take notice.

Take the Heat and the 3 pts.

Also, when these teams play, the game usually goes over.  Take the over if you want a bonus pick.

Enjoy the games.