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My Appearance on "Linkedin Lady Show" - March 28, 2013


I was on the March 28 LinkedIn Lady Show with Carol McManus talking about social media as we really get geared up for March Madness and the NCAA Tournament.

Here's the link:  (March 28 Show)



My Appearance on Last Week's "Brilliant Mobile Marketing"

Back on May 29, I joined Mobile Mary to talk about sports marketing, tech and trends on her weekly show.

Mary is a delight and even though she isn't big into sports, she was able to grasp that much of the tech we use everyday came out of the sports world.

You can listen here:  It's the May 29 show.


My Appearance on LinkedIn Lady Radio Show From Last Week

On February 23, I had the pleasure of being on Carol McManus' radio show.

Each day, author/speaker and marketer extraordinaire Carol McManus hosts her own show on the Rockstar Radio network and she talks social media, surviving as a small business and sometimes technology.

I was happy to talk to her about my use of social media and what it means in the sports world.

You can take a listen on her archive of shows here:

Feb 23, 2012 Show

You can also download it on iTunes for you iDevice.

Carol does a great job and you can learn something each day from her and her stable of guests.

Hope to do it again soon!