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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on ALT 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST

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WGST's "The Sully Show" for 4/8/16 - Masters and Gulf Coast Travel

Rick is on the Gulf this week as in the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana and Mississippi as he is doing some travel pieces in New Orleans and Biloxi.

- So we look at what Rick and his wife Lindsay say and what's going on "Tech Wise" on the Gulf Coast...

Have a listen to Rick and Sully:

It's also Masters week and the newly updated Master app by IBM is back and more interactive. it's for all iOS and Android devices and also has integration this year for wearables like Apple Watch and Android Wear that features a tournament leader board, player bios and additional real-time tournament data. Fans will also be able to use an enhanced version of Track for iPad and desktop systems. This all includes a picture-in-picture feature to watch live and player comparison data. Users can also personalize their experience with a feature called "universal favoriting." Basically this is a ability to spotlight your favorite players and follow how they are doing during their round.


1.  2 New Orleans apps... to help you get around "The Big Easy"

-  GO NOLA app
- New Orleans Official Visitor's Guide app

 GO NOLA - New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, the cocktail, the po-boy and now, GO NOLA, the Official Tourism App of the City of New Orleans. GO NOLA is the most comprehensive, constantly updated, go-to source for all things New Orleans. Whether you’re planning a trip to the Big Easy or you’re a local and just want to get the most out of your weekend, you’ll find that this app is where it’s at.
From the French Quarter to the Garden District to the historic Treme, New Orleans’ Official Tourism App has you covered. You’ll find “Things To Do,” “Places To Dine,” “Where To Stay,” “Nightlife & Music” and more. Plus, this is the only New Orleans app that features free, celebrity-narrated walking tours.
Like New Orleans itself, this app is full of surprises:
- Planning trips to New Orleans is made easy with hundreds of restaurant, music, hotel, and shopping listings filtered by neighborhood, price, distance from user’s current location and more
- Take your pick of celebrity-narrated walking tours of famous New Orleans neighborhoods, each with a unique archive of historical documents and photographs. Celebrity narrators include John Goodman and Wendell Pierce, with more to come
- “Insider Tips” feature guarantees you’ll always be in the know in NOLA
- Build your New Orleans itinerary with the handy “My Trip” feature
- “Get Directions” button activates built-in GPS, ensuring you’ll never get lost in New Orleans

New Orleans Official Visitor's App
- For something official, check out the New Orleans Official Visitor's Guide, which is free for your IOS device. Hit all the hot spots in New Orleans with ease and the help of this official app. A complete directory with addresses will help you find the way and save time. The app gives great detail and picks to go along with planning tools.

2.  Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort in Biloxi/D’Iberville, MS  is "High Tech Fun"

Brand new resort on the Gulf...
The Scarlet Pearl offerd views of D’Iberville and Back Bay from its 18 story, all glass hotel tower. The casino will also provide the newest casino technology and diverse, delicious cuisine from the four dining venues on property, as well as a 36 hole, elite miniature golf course.


3.  Lazy Magnolia Brewery in Kiln, MS

A brewery in Mississippi run by engineers, so you know technology is involved in the brewing process..

Lazy Magnolia is Mississippi’s oldest packaging brewery, and the first one since prohibition was enacted in 1907. We’ve been offering locally brewed beer to Mississippians since we were founded in September of 2003. Since then you can now find our delicious brews in your favorite bars, restaurants, and local retailers throughout the South and surrounding states, including: Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, New York, Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana and Oklahoma. We’ll keep you in the loop as we expand into other markets. As long as you’re thirsty for us, we’re happy. Check the “Find Beer” page above if you are looking for our beers.

Lazy Magnolia is dedicated to providing the best possible products through our tireless efforts, our superior motivation, and our Southern heritage. We offer our customers a line of refreshing beverages, made in true Southern Style, complementing the traditions of the South and remaining true to Southern tastes.

4.  Visit MS Coast  -- @VisitMSCoast

Very interactive with a great website and on social meda.
Sign up for the online newletter or request literature for your trip to the MS Gulf Coast.

*** Another highlight of the trip for Rick was he was able to be on the field at the Double AA Biloxi Shuckers baseball team went through a night workout the day before their season opened...


WGST's "The Sully Show" for 3/11/16 - Rick Playing Tennis and Spring Cleaning for your Tech

Rick is back in town after spending the better part of the week in the California Desert, specifically the Palm Springs area, where he was at one of the largest tennis tournaments in the world, the BNP Paribas Open, and participating as one of the tennis-playing media members in the "Tennis With the Stars" event at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa.

Rick took to the court with Canadian tennis superstar Genie Bouchard and was the last doubles team standing in the media competition that also featured Richard Gasquet, Kei Nishikori and women's World No. 3, Garbine Mugaruza.

We also are getting ready to "Spring Ahead' this weekend as we turn our clocks ahead one hour, so Rick and Sully look at some "Spring Cleaning" ideas when it comes to your gadgets and technology...
Have a listen:

1. Physically Cleaning Your Devices

- Wipedown your headphones
- Clean your monitor or TV screen
- Carefully clean not only your phone, but also the case  - Touch screen devices are known to be a safe harbor for all sorts of germs and bacteria.  Make sure you power off your device before you start wiping it down, and never spray a cleaning solution directly onto your device; just to be safe.
- Cleaning your keyboard -     Shut down your computer. If you're using a wired desktop keyboard, unplug it.Tilt the keyboard upside down and shake it to remove any loose debris. If you have a can of compressed air, you can spray it in between the keys as well.

2. Recycling Your Old Gadgets

This is not only good for the environment, but can put some extra cash in your pocket.

You can use approved recycling programs, donate to non-profits, sell outright or trade to someone that can put the item to use. Repurpose for a DIY project.

3.  Getting Optimized

Keep your apps and device software up-to-date: Always run optimally!
It may prevent you from getting a virus.

4.  Digitizing your life

Simple things like:
- Going digital with your wallet
- Digitize your CD collection
- Take pictures or scan of all those receipts you are saving
- Go digital with print subscriptions to magazines, newspapers, etc



WGST's "The Sully Show" for 2/26/16 - Baseball Spring Training Tech

Spring Training has sprung at places in Florida and Arizona as the MLB season prepares to throw it's first pitch.

All the teams have reported and are getting ready for Exhibition Games where some new technology will be tested and introduced.

Rick and Sully feel it's never too early to talk about baseball, so here's some of the hot tech to look for at Spring Training 2016.

1.   Protective Headwear for Pitchers

Seeing a pitcher, at any level of baseball, struck by a powerful hit is one of the more gruesome aspects of baseball. This type of contact is extremely dangerous, and could even result in death by internal bleeding in the brain.

The protective cap, designed by Boombang, essentially looks like a helmet with the top cut off to look more like a hat. Each helmet is specifically made to protect the most vulnerable areas of contact for both left-handed and right-handed pitchers. The headwear is 0.7 inches thick, made with a carbon fiber shell—it has been tested to protect pitchers at around 85 mph.

The list of pitchers that are set to receive this new cap varies from ones that have been struck by hits in the past, like Tampa Bay’s Alex Cobb, to pitchers that recently expressed interest.

2. Coolbase Technology in the Jerseys

Cool Base jerseys are made of 100 percent Polyester Performance Mesh and feature Cool Base technology, which helps wick away moisture quickly to keep you dry and comfortable.

You too can order your own Coolbase jersey at


3.  Three-wheeled Pitching Machines

Allow balls to come at batters not only at Major Leage speeds, but with Major League movement on the ball.
They throw Major League cutters and sliders on and off the edge of the plate. Also helps catchers with their technique and are great for simulated games.

4.  Minnesota Twins To Use Kinduct Technologies To Try And Prevent Injuries

The Minnesota Twins and Kinduct Technologies have announced a merge to try and prevent injuries.

Kinduct Technologies is dedicated to making people better by providing products to address information challenges of organizations who work with athletes, students, patients, employees and clients. Their software solutions help organize, collect, share and analyze data in one centralized platform that leads to better and more informed results.

The Twins will be able to use the technology to modernize their performance and operational capabilities. The tools provided by Kinduct will be utilized across the Twins’ organization, even in their minor league clubs.
Kinduct gives the Twins a centralized platform to collect, share, monitor and measure health, wellness and player performance data. Kinduct Technologies include performance, health, clinic and fitness solutions. The performance aspect of Kinduct allows coaches to collect any type of data, whether it is fitness testing or wearables, in order to get a full picture of the athletes’ ability. Kinduct Health helps collect and organize patient information on one platform

5. Use Of Extended Protective Netting Starts In Spring Training

The new experience of looking through extended protective netting in more of the best field-level seats of the ballpark will first occur for Cubs fans at spring training games in Mesa, Ariz. Sloan Park will have netting from dugout to dugout, going 70 feet from home plate. This new feature will be in place on March 4 when the Cubs play the first of their 15 home games in the Cactus League.

The decision to enhance fan safety here by the Cubs is consistent with the MLB’s recommendation in December to further protect fans by extending the netting down the foul lines. Clubs aren’t being forced to put up the protective netting in spring training, MLB chief communications officer Pat Courtney said, but the Cubs chose to do so anyway.

The view of the playing field will be different with more netting in place and could be a big adjustment for the fans paying the top prices for premium seats.

----  Don't forget about the big NASCAR weekend at AMS, this coming weekend!


WGST's "The Sully Show" for 2/12/16 - Home Health Gadgets

If your New Year's resolution was to improve your health, hopefully you haven't broken your resolution. If you are holding true to your resolution for 2016, there are a number of new gadgets that can help you monitor your health or keep healthy right in the comfort of your own home.

Rick and Sully discuss this week with some new gadgets with the theme of "home health"

1.  QardioArm -  Blood pressure sleeve that works with an app

Did you know?

High blood pressure is an epidemic. Nearly 70 million American adults have high blood pressure and only 52% of those with high blood pressure have it under control. Those stats are from the CDC and they also say that high blood pressure costs the nation $46 million per annum.

With the QardioArm, there are no buttons, displays or wires to worry about. It just works after you downloan an app, pair it with your smartphone or tablet and press the "start" button. What many call "home health" products were all over CES in January, but I think very few will catch on with consumers- QardioArm is sure to catch on and you can use it as much as you want, right in your own home. for $99

2.   ReliefBand

ReliefBand has an answer for those feeling the effects of virtual motion sickness from roller coasters, cars and even VR heatsets. It’s an FDA cleared wearable device for the drug-free treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with morning and motion sickness and can provide a welcome relief for those loving the immersive VR content but not loving the sickness it may cause.

It works by sending pulses with highly specific waveform, frequency, and intensity that stimulate the median nerve on the underside of the wrist. This precise activity (technically referred to as “neuromodulation”) uses the body’s natural neural pathways to block the waves of nausea produced by the stomach.

“With 70% of women experiencing morning sickness during pregnancy and more than 60 million people suffering from motion sickness, ReliefBand is fulfilling a very large unmet need,” said Nick Spring, CEO, ReliefBand Technologies. “With wearable technology becoming widely accepted, the time is now right to bring this clinically proven technology that has been developed over decades to a device that people can buy without a prescription.”

For sale soon - over the counter for $89.99

3.  MocaHeart -  analyze your blood velocity

MOCAheart is a device that makes the tracking of cardiovascular health super simple by removing the need for bulky cuffs and complicated monitors.

By scanning thumbs, MOCAheart measures blood velocity to determine a number of important indicators of heart health including heartrate, blood oxygen levels as wells as a measurement on a simple 1-5 scale called the MOCA INDEX, which is correlated to blood pressure.  Generally, the faster blood travels through blood vessels, the more pressure the heart is under. Because systolic and diastolic blood pressure figures can be hard for everyday users to understand and remember, the MOCA INDEX is an easy way to understand the current state of your cardiovascular health.

Priced at $149.99, MOCAheart is available online at

4.  KallDoc  -  an app that will bring a doctor right to your door.

Silicon Valley’s revolutionary new HealthTech startup, KallDoc, announces plans to launch a new on-demand service for health care practitioners, leveraging the on call economy to bring house calls back to medicine. The app has launched and will soon roll out to 25 more cities across the United States.
KallDoc, which runs across iOS, Android and the web and provides doctors to the home or office on demand, saves patients from hours in a germ-filled waiting room, minimizes time off work, and reduces lost employee hours as a result of seeking medical attention.

“Patients want the best quality doctors in the quickest time for the best results – that’s what we provide at KallDoc,” says Mark Baker, President of KallDoc. “We started KallDoc to ensure patients receive the best quality service in the quickest time frame using the latest cutting-edge technology.”

KallDoc aims to differentiate itself from other doctor services by providing three times more doctors per city and is also putting user experience and the consumers at the forefront.
KallDoc’s platform offers patients the ability to provide service feedback, a scoring system and overview of their doctors so patients know they are getting the most experienced physicians at their door.

The KallDoc pre-call system means that doctors will come equipped for the case in hand and deliver the prescription wherever possible.

5.   Dario

Within this portable glucose monitoring system, there’s a glucometer (glucose meter) that connects to the audio port of your smartphone. To use a Dario, just remove one of the 25 blood test strips and insert it into the meter. Dario also has a lancing device to draw blood for the test strip.

The smartphone app will then tell you your blood sugar level and also tell you how much insulin is required based on the food information that you entered into the app.


WGST's "The Sully Show" for 1/29/16 - PGA Merchandise Show

Rick is down in Orlando at the 63rd PGA Merchandise Show, held Jan. 26-29. This is where the golf season kicks into high gear, with all the new product announcements and the debut of everything golf for 2016.

Tuesday is always Outdoor Demo Day, but the show at the Orange County Convention Center is going on thru today. Rick is seeing all the new products and hot trends.

Here is some of what Rick has taken in at the PGA Show:

1.  It's the 100th Anniversary of the PGA of America.

- Not the PGA Tour, but the PGA of America
Founded in 1916, The PGA of America is the largest working sports organization in the world, comprised of more than 28000 dedicated men and women who are ambassadors of the sport of golf. Certified golf instructors and promoters of the game of golf to everyone, everywhere.

2.  Ship Sticks

Golfers can travel with their clubs all they want, and it never really gets easier. I’ve schlepped my golf clubs around airports all over the world, and it’s still a pain rolling the bag from the economy parking lot, or loading and unloading them on rental-car shuttles, squeezing them onto an escalator. At most airports, you have to drop off and pick up the bag at a separate location from your regular baggage.

At the most basic level, checking a golf bag is often a little cheaper than shipping them. (Ship Sticks offers a base rate of $39 for bags under 42 pounds.) Southwest Airlines still costs nothing as long as it’s one of your first two checked bags. On other airlines, it’s $20-$100 to check bags.

But looking beyond the black-and-white math of the airlines’ $0-$100 vs. Ship Sticks’ $39 and up, there are still a lot examples where shipping your luggage makes more sense. PGA members as well as PGA Tour pros have made a habit out of using the service.
Great idea for getting your golf clubs to where you are playing and you don't have to lug them or do the work.
    Easy-to-use web site
    Ship golf bags anywhere
    Ship using a travel bag, hard case or a box
    Personal customer service and claims assistance

See the real cost of checking your bag >
Guaranteed + Insured

    On-time Guarantee
    $200 consequential insurance for delayed shipments
    $1,000 of baseline insurance included
    Insure up to $3,500
    Partnered with UPS & FedEx

3. Boa and FootJoy Partnership

Boa Technology and the Boa Closure System powers product across a wide range of categories including snow sports, cycling, running, outdoor/trail, motor sports, water sports, even equestrian.  And that’s just the sport categories!  You can also find Boa on utility and prosthetics.

They have now partnered with FootJoy, a brand that has been making great golf shoes for a long time.
 FootJoy, the #1 shoe in golf, has a long history of developing comfortable, performance golf shoes featuring the latest materials and technology. The Boa Closure System enables FootJoy to deliver an even higher level of comfort and stability through a truly custom fitting golf shoe no matter your size or fit preference.

4. GOLFZON Simulators come to the U.S.

GOLFZON, with headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, made its debut at the 2015 PGA Show soon after finalizing a position as an Official Marketing Partner and the Official Golf Simulator of the LPGA and the installation of a simulator in the World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine, Fla. GOLFZON is also the golf training system for the Korean National Team and has simulators situated globally, presenting golf in a way never seen before.

"We are excited to publicize the excellent technology and quality of GOLFZON at the world's largest golf exposition and look forward to the response from attendees and media at this important event," said Tommy Lim, the Vice President of the EU and American Business division at GOLFZON. "Participation in the show will serve as momentum in further aggressively targeting the North American and global golf markets."

Since its establishment in May 2000, GOLFZON has been trying to overcome the entry barrier to golf and expand the number of golfers under the corporate philosophy, "making golf enjoyable for everyone," believing that golf should be no longer exclusive for the upper class only.

Some numbers to consider about GOLFZON's impact:

• 43: Number of countries where GOLFZON has a presence.
• 2000: The year GOLFZON was founded in Seoul, South Korea.
• 5,500: Sites around the world for GOLFZON.
• 25,000: Number of simulators in operation around the world.
• 130,000: South Koreans playing on GOLFZON simulators daily.
• 200,000: People around the world playing on GOLFZON simulators daily.
• 1.7 million: Online GOLFZON members.

5.  BioMech Putting App and Sensor

- An app that can improve our putting stroke, it's worth a try.

BioMech Sports is using technology to improve your putting. First there was the AccuLock ACE putter, as it was a putter designed with biomechanics, physiology and physics in mind. The thought here is a  legal putter that allows better vision and takes the unpredictable muscles in the arms, wrists and hands out of play is something golfers of all levels can benefit from and trust.
BioMech continues its wave of innovation with the introduction of the BioMech Golf App and real-time Putting Analysis Sensor, the first such products to not only identify mistakes in the putting stroke but to actually help fix them.
Among the putting elements that the BioMech Golf App & Sensor identify throughout the stroke are:
    Position of the putter throughout the putting stroke
    Path direction back and through
    Putter face orientation and loft at address and impact
    Detailed analysis of timing, acceleration and force changes at any point throughout the stroke