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Big Bang Theory Quotes from "The Pulled Groin Extrapolation"

Leonard goes to a wedding as Amy's date and Howard and Bernadette spend the weekend with Mrs. Wolowitz.

Here are the quotes:

Shelton:  I've seen pictures of your mother, keep eating.

Howard: When I say honey, I mean my fiance'

Penny: I'm not driving him.

Amy: Leonard please, I don't need the running commentary.

Amy:  Now I'm thinking about what I read.

Sheldon:  I'm going in with an open mind.  It's "O" gauge or no gauge.

Howard: She actually has hair on her chinny chin chin.

Amy: How was your shower?

Amy: I'm like a possum.

Leonard: Rough night Casey Jones?

Sheldon: You said there would be other scientists there my age.

Mrs. Wolowitz: In or out, we don't need bugs!

Mrs. Wolowitz: After all your sleep overs with the little brown boy...

Sheldon: The smaller the train, the more concentrated the fun.

Amy: When you are done copping a feel, that goes on my wrist.

Sheldon: I'm an HO trainiac!

Mrs Wolowitz: Hubba, Hubba

Amy: I'm being a delight here.

Leonard: I'm fun.

Mrs. Wolowitz:  The eagle has landed.

Howard: And we have splashdown.

Amy: Hokey Pokey is the young man's game.

Amy: I accidently made Leonard fall in love with me.

Amy: The perfect combination of Madonna and whore.

Amy: Leonard just doesn't get my motor running.

Amy: This body is never going to be his wonderland.

Leonard: My groin is a little worse for wear.

Howard: Good morning Mom.

Bernadette: He wants butter!

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