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Kindle Pick of the Week: Keep It Simple (Tennis) Students

Not a free Kindle pick this week, but a timely selection with the US Open in progress.

See my complete review on

But this new tennis book here.

David F. Berens goes into great detail about not only the basics of tennis but how a player can a few simple strategies to success.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: 40 Homemade Insect Repellents

Would you like to have an insect free house? Tired of insect bites on your body?

Are you sick and tired of dealing with insects flying and crawling around your family members?
Use these powerful strategies to immediately fight off the insects.

This book is voted to have the best guide and strategies to solve all your pesky problems . You'll learn to make your home an insect free zone! And better yet, you won't be contaminating your loved ones and home with harmful chemicals!


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Stuck in My Head

An Offbeat Look at Music and Mental Health


A lifelong dabbler in music, Michael Dane is also out of his mind. In this affectionately satirical memoir, you get a comedy crash course in music appreciation, from Bach to Bonnaroo, "Stuck" also chronicles the author's mental quirks, from OCD to anxiety disorder.

The premise is simple: Everyone's crazy, crazy is funny, and whatever brand of crazy you're experiencing, there's probably a playlist for it.

The book has playlists for losing your grip and for finding your way back. You'll also learn how to remove an earworm, why karaoke isn't necessarily evil, and how to avoid making Dizzy Gillespie angry.

Dane, author of "Does This Taste Funny?," also interviews a fictional eighteenth century composer, a piano tuner with a penchant for destroying pianos, a legendary sixties icon, two accordionists, a hip-hop harpist, and his high school band director.

No matter what style of music moves you, this book probably covers it, and whatever the state of your mental health, "Stuck In My Head" will have you laughing like a crazy person.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Crouching Costs, Hidden Savings


Are you one of those brainless sheep that accumulates all kinds of crap you don't need just because you saw it on sale at a store or on TV? Do you watch rap videos and wish you had a ton of gold jewelry, a sports car, a pimped out "grill," a giant house with a $1,000 monthly air conditioning bill, and a swarm of gold diggers twerking in close proximity to your face?

Or are you an aspiring frugal warrior, satisfied with a simple life, who feels a little piece of your soul get murdered every time you pull a plastic card out of your wallet? If you are, and you're sick of how bloated your monthly bills have become, this training manual will set you back on the path to frugal freedom.

Crouching Costs? Hidden Savings?

Many people try to save money by doing painfully mundane and inefficient tasks like clipping coupons or growing their own vegetables. But the BIG costs in life are where the real money is saved, saved most painlessly, and often these big costs lie in stealth without you even realizing it. On top of that, old-fashioned personal finance gurus often recommend archaic practices that could cost you a Ferrari worth of hard-earned money in your lifetime. For example, one of the most expensive things humans do is SAVE MONEY. In the book, you'll find out why.

Less Money, More Freedom

Ultimately, in Crouching Costs, Hidden Savings: 10 Deadly Moves for the Frugal Warrior, Buck Flogging takes you into his discount dojo, revealing ten epic ways to save big on major life expenses. These savings can give you tremendous freedom to work less, play more, travel the world, and much more. To start your training, download it on Kindle now (also available in paperback and audiobook).

Get it now for the ultimate bargain... free!


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: History Bytes