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My Appearance on "Linkedin Lady Show" - August 30, 2012

Made a return appearance on Carol McManus' "Linkedin Lady Show" on August 30, 2012.

I was joined again by Steve Lee of Netcast Studio and Coach John Brubaker to talk about how college are using social media and how professional athletes should use it.

Have a listen at this link:



Pinterest For Dummies


Instagram is Here for Android

The wait is over for Android users.

Instagram for Android is here.

The popular social photo app that Apple IOS users have been enjoying for over a year is finally available to download on Google Play.

Instagram is a quick and easy way to share photos with the world. Think Twitter but for images. Users can shoot away and upload pictures within seconds to a feed sent to their "followers".

If users want, they can even make their snaps look more beautiful with a selection of editing functions.

An assortment of nifty digital filters can transform any dull and average photograph into a striking effect reminiscent of an album cover from the '70s. Critics cannot deny that the app is highly addictive. It's also free.

Instagram has been quite popular on Apple's Iphone, attracting 30 million IOS users since its debut on Apple's App Store in 2010.


My Appearance on LinkedIn Lady Radio Show From Last Week

On February 23, I had the pleasure of being on Carol McManus' radio show.

Each day, author/speaker and marketer extraordinaire Carol McManus hosts her own show on the Rockstar Radio network and she talks social media, surviving as a small business and sometimes technology.

I was happy to talk to her about my use of social media and what it means in the sports world.

You can take a listen on her archive of shows here:

Feb 23, 2012 Show

You can also download it on iTunes for you iDevice.

Carol does a great job and you can learn something each day from her and her stable of guests.

Hope to do it again soon!


Georgia Aquarium is a Believer in Social Media

I enjoy talking with the people that run the social media platforms at their companies and organizations.  These are mainly newly created jobs and many of these people are learning as they go. 

They all say their job is exciting and different each and every day.

Here's a guest column that I did for the Technology Association of Georgia where I talk about how the Georgia Aquarium handles social media and get some great insight from Ashley Payne, who is the Manager of Digital Media for the Aquarium.

Here's the link... enjoy.