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Each week, Rick joins his buddy Sully to talk tech on the Limpert Tech "SullyCast on ALT 105.7, formerly TalkRadio 640 WGST

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Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on iHeartRadio Radio 105.7 - CES 2017

Happy New Year and as 2017 begins, Rick was at CES in Las Vegas along with 200,000 other people looking at the latest in gadgets tech and getting a glimpse at what's coming in the future. Here, he and Sully have fun talking about Rick's adventures at CES.

Have a listen:

1.  New Phones

LG, Samsung, Burnerphone,  other smaller brands that fit a need.

2. LG's Levitating Speaker

LG plans to mesmerize visitors to the next CES with its new futuristic PJ9 bluetooth speaker, whose levitation is achieved through the use of electromagnets. The PJ9 combines its original design with high-quality sound that can be delivered indoors and outdoors.

The speaker has a battery life of about ten hours and when it is running low on power, it automatically descends onto its "levitation station" where it will recharge wirelessly without any intervention from the listener. As an added bonus, it also complies with the IPX7 norm, meaning that it will not be damaged by dust or immersion in water at depths of less than a meter, which makes it useful both indoors and outdoors.

LG has yet to communicate either the availability or the price tag for this surprising product.

3.  Sleep Number 360 smart bed

The bed that learns and reacts

Sleep Number’s 360 smart bed will forever transform the way people sleep. The new integrated design includes a proprietary algorithm (powered by SleepIQ technology) and machine learning to intuitively sense and automatically adjust all night for an effortless and optimized sleep experience.

4.  ShadeCraft's Sunflower Smart Patio Umbrella

 Shadecraft, the pioneer of intelligent, autonomous outdoor living solutions, launches its premiere product, SUNFLOWER, the world’s first artificial intelligence-controlled, solar-powered, robotic patio shade.

SUNFLOWER uses artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) connectivity to track and tap the sun for optimal shade and energy collection. SUNFLOWER’s integrated security cameras provide consumers with added protection outside their homes through an autonomous robot. The robotic shade’s sensors provide real-time weather data, including UV radiation levels, humidity, air quality, and temperature, and detect wind and obstructions to ensure consumer safety.

5. Showerheads

- Moen - Moen’s new shower system lets you pre-heat the water from your smartphone. U by Moen is a controller that's installed in the shower to deliver more personalization (and hopefully save some time in the morning).
The device allows users to create preset settings for water temperature, so the shower can automatically warm up to the ideal temperature, and allows multiple users to program their own specific settings.

- Hydrao  - The new HYDRAO Loop and First smart showerheads and HYDRAO Drop smart shower light bring innovation, color, enjoyment – and now French design chic – to the bathroom. They are designed to increase awareness of water usage and encourage reduced water and energy consumption.
HYDRAO First will be the first product to become available internationally – starting tomorrow.
The designs of HYDRAO Loop and Drop have already won two new CES Innovation Awards:
HYDRAO Loop in the Smart Home category and HYDRAO Drop in Tech for a Better World.


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7 - Surviving that Middle Seat or Flight From Hell

It's the holiday season and that not only means "Merry Christmas" and Mistletoe, it means the dreaded holiday travel season and that means delayed and packed flight and everything involved with flying testing your patience.

You might even have to deal with an oversold flight or a middle seat on a 737.  

Rick and Sully talk a little travel this week...

What to do if you find yourself in 18B, which is probably a middle seat? Let's take a look and listen...


1. Sleep and that Neck Pillow

Sleeping upright can be a possibility—even in the middle seat. Make sure you have the right neck or travel pillow for your body, whether that's a standard neck pillow, a shoulder-wrapping Travelrest Pillow, or even a jacket that converts into a pillow. Though they may not be as cuddly as their foam-filled counterparts, consider blow-up travel pillows for their space-saving qualities. For more convenience, there are now blow up travel pillows.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Ask any road warrior what to look for in a pair of headphones, and they will say noise-canceling. For just a few hours, a pair of good headphones can be a middle-seat passenger's best friend. The right set tuned to a good movie or music can take your mind off the otherwise muscle-contorting rigors of the middle seat.

Samples: Bose, Beats by Dre BiGR.
3. Airline Apps

Make sure you have the app of the airline you are flying downloaded on your phone or tablet. If you get delayed or if there are weather problems, sometimes you can get info and make changes easier on your app, rather than dealing with a gate agent.

4. The Airhook

Give your airline seat, especially a middle seat a comfort upgrade. The Airhook is a legroom-saving airline travel accessory that holds your beverage and electronic device. Available here for $22.45.

5.  Best "In Air" apps

Tripit published some suggestions here:

Conde Nast published some Flight Tracker apps which help pass the time:


Limpert Tech "SullyCast" on Radio 105.7 - New iPhone 7


The new iPhone 7 hits shelves this week. Big changes and advances for this new edition of the iPhone.  Should you spend the $649 and get one?

Rick and Sully take a look!  Have a listen:

Though the product's new features are usually the highlight of iPhone arrivals, it's what's absent that is making waves: the removal of the headphone jack. Observers of Apple say the company is banking on the expanding use of wireless technology, with the hopes of making the iPhone lighter and waterproof.

1.    Improved Battery Life

While still lacking compared to its android rivals, the iPhone 7 does have improved battery life, giving you more juice when you're on the road. Expect 10-15% better battery life.

2.  Dual-camera system

Capture even more special moments and from different angles as the new iPhone offers more photography and video-recording options. The major additions are dual 12-megapixel lenses, able to snap SLR-quality photos and create special effects.

3. Siri enhancements

Siri will go deeper with commands, searching within apps on your phone to find the answer to your question or request. The intricacy sounds impressive, especially if Siri can help settle those bar arguments.

4.  No Headphone Jack

Are we all ready to go wireless all the time?

5.  Waterproof

Maybe you're caught in a storm, spill your beer or that trip to the swimming pool went horribly wrong. One of the reasons the headphone jack went away is to allow for waterproof technology, one that's a blessing for those that like to spend a lot of time outdoors.

6.  Storage

Many of us tape our swings; unfortunately, videos take a major bite out of a phone's storage, making the saving process an endeavor. However, the iPhone 7 has 32GB instead of 16GB, and it looks like the next two tiers will be 128GB and 256GB, meaning you won't have any storage worries.


WGST's "The Sully Show" for 4/10/15 - From Kaua'i

Rick and Sully talk this week as Rick is coming to you from the island of Kauai in Hawaii, out 50th State

Rick is actually working while in Hawaii this Spring Break.

He's at the Kauai Marriott Kalapaki Bay! - With a ton of recreational activities, a superior beach experience & 18 hole golf course in Kauai Lagoons.

And also the Grand Hyatt Resort & Spa Kauai which features the Poipu Bau Golf Resort. This golf course used to host the Grand Slam of Golf and we take a look at some technology that is uniquely Hawaiian.

Have a listen:

Kaua'i  facts:

Nickname:  The Garden Isle
Size:     552 square miles, roughly circular in shape with a diameter of 32 miles and a wide point of only 25 miles.
Population: 67,000
Highest point: Kawaikini Peak is Kauai's highest point at 5,148 feet
Kauai is geologically the oldest  of the major Hawaiian islands at 5.8 million years old.

1.   Kauai's Mt. Waialeale is the Wettest Spot on Earth, averaging 450 inches of rain per year producing eight major, majestic waterfalls. Very lush and healthy vegetation in Kauai.


2.  Kauai's Building Code dictates that "no building shall be taller than a Coconut Palm"--thus the 4 story limit on vertical construction.

Even the hotels... which is kind of amazing.

Rick likes this as it means Kauai will never become like Honolulu with all condo buildings and high rise hotels.

3.  No Surprise Here- Kauai is a big golf destination...  There are 10 golf courses at seven venues on Kauai.

North Shore

> Makai Golf Club at Princeville
> Makai Golf Club at Princeville – Woods Course
> Prince Golf Course at Princeville at Hanalei
East Side
> Wailua Golf Course
South Shore
> Kiahuna Golf Club
> Kukuiolono Golf Course
> Poipu Bay Golf Course
> Kauai Lagoons Golf Club
> Puakea Golf Course

4. Kauai is like Atlanta in that a ton of movie and TV shows have been shot there.

There’s no doubting the inspiring scenic beauty of Hawaii’s Island of Discovery. But did you know dozens of filmmakers were inspired by Kauai’s beauty as well? For decades movies and television shows have used Kauai as the stunning backdrop for their epic stories, from “South Pacific” to “Jurassic Park.” Take a movie tour to learn about the more than 60 feature films shot on location in Kauai or you can discover them for yourself and make your own movie moments:

Huleia River (by air tour or kayak only): Raiders of the Lost Ark
Nawiliwili Harbor: Jurassic Park: The Lost World
East Side (Coconut Coast):
Lydgate State Park: Blue Hawaii
Wailua Falls: Fantasy Island (TV show)
Wailua River: Blue Hawaii, Islands in the Stream
Coco Palms Hotel: Blue Hawaii, South Pacific
Opaekaa Falls: Blue Hawaii, The Wackiest Ship in the Army
Kapaa Town: Honeymoon in Vegas
Anahola Mountains: Raiders of the Lost Ark
North Shore:
Kilauea Lighthouse: Lilo & Stitch
Anini Beach Park: Honeymoon in Vegas, Lilo & Stitch
Hanalei Bay: South Pacific, Lilo & Stitch
Lumahai Beach: South Pacific
Makua “Tunnels” Beach: Body Heat, South Pacific
Kee Beach: Lord of the Flies, The Thorn Birds, Throw Mama from the Train
Kalalau Valley: King Kong, Mighty Joe Young
Napali Coast: Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Six Days/Seven Nights

5.  The U.S. Military is also Here!

The U.S. Military uses the Pacific Missile Range Facility on the southwest side of the island for training exercises and developmental tests...they have about 42,000 square miles of remote sea and air space that is virtually encroachment free.

* Tourism is also key on Kauai as is West Kauai Technology and Visitor Center which houses high technology companies is probably the best "least known" tourist attraction on the island...

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