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Big Bang Theory Quotes from "The Agreement Dissection"

Leonard has had it with Shelton's famous "roommate agreement" so Priya springs into action like any good lawyer.  Sheldon takes up dancing.

Here are tonight's quotes.

Sheldon: 32 oz. banana smoothie, 14 oz. bladder.

Priya:  Leonard, let the man pee!

Sheldon: Move, move, move.

Leonard:  Cool, I have a lawyer, and I've seen her naked.

Leonard; Licensed to practice law in 3 countries and your face.

Leonard: Schooled!

Leonard: Shower sex with you is the second best thing that happened today.

The guys: ooompa!

Leonard:  I got you the lamb kabob.

Sheldon:  The Greeks, they gave us science, democracy and little cubes of beef that taste like sweat.

Penny:  We'll probably be trashing Priya a little.

Bernadette:  What's up with those pants suits?

Amy: See,  crazy!

Amy:  You smell like baby powder.

Sheldon: it's talc.

Amy: You're a sexy toddler.

Sheldon:  I had to give mouth to mouth to a nun.

Amy:  Give me some sugar bestie!

Bernadette:  I bet he looks like a spider on a hot plate.

Sheldon:  I saved a nun's life, why am I being punished.

Bernadette: Muy caliente, Sheldon!

Sheldon:  It's hard to say no to Yoo Who!

Sheldon:  You own a smoking monkey?

Amy:  I can train him to shoot a poisoned dart.  No jury in the world will convict a monkey.

Sheldon: A stylized penile display.

Sheldon:  You really are an ass.

Sheldon: I never bluff.

Computer: Self destruct sequence aborted.

Sheldon: Good morning Amy!

Amy: It most certainly is not.

Amy:  I also found a Korean businesman's business card tucked in my cleavage.

Amy: They were out of menthols, get off my back!

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