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Kindle Free Pick of the Week: FitStickz #1- Simple Fitness & Awesome Workouts For Humans 

If you’ve been looking for something to get you off the couch and guide you through brand new proven workouts that will burn stubborn body fat, stimulate lean muscle and help you get your ultimate body without wasting hours in a gym, all delivered in a brand new visual art style with multiple bonuses and follow along video workouts included …then this book is for you.

FitStickz is different.  It’s a non-intimidating Fitness book series for anyone who’s ever wanted to get fit but was afraid to ask.

  • Maybe you’re new to fitness, confused by the science or you’ve never tried bodyweight training.
  • Maybe you’ve done some exercising but are REALLY put off by busy gyms and want to get lean and increase strength at home.
  • Perhaps you train a lot and are looking for something different to add to your muscle building workout arsenal to carry you right through those plateaus.

No matter what your reason ‘why’ it’s fair to say anyone can enjoy life and get fit and healthy if they stay consistent with the right exercises and of course have fun exercising.



Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Heroes Among Us: Deep Within Each of Us Dwells the Heart of a Hero

A great read for Memorial Day Weekend!

We live in a world where rock superstars, athletes, celebrities, and successful business people are paraded across the big screen and featured on the news as though beauty and fame and money and power made them modern-day heroes. We seem to have lost sight of what a real hero is.

Yet America needs true heroes now more than ever. Not Supermen with super hero powers, but real men and women of character who will stand up and with conviction, make right and often hard choices in every circumstance. People who show us what it is to be good, to be brave, to be guided by conscience and character. Men and women who are examples, whose courage shows us the way we should go.

Congressman Jim Ryun has provided a wealth of stories of quiet historical heroes who have, for the most part, been ignored by popular culture and nearly lost in the mist of the past. This book is not about popular heroes or cultural icons such as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. These heroes were common people who stood firm in the face of tyranny, to give their lives for others, and to right the wrongs of social injustice. Their stories will inspire you to rise up to slay the dragons of your world.

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Kindle Free Pick of the Week: The Habit of Mindfulness: 25 Daily Meditations

For free, a nononsense roadmap to the practice of mindfulness through 25 simple exercises.

Discover how a simple state of clear, nonjudgemental, and undistracted attention to the contents of consciousness can improve your life. Cultivating this habit has been shown to reduce pain, anxiety, and depression. The practical teachings of the Buddha, which are curated for you into 25 digestible lessons, are an empirical guide to freeing the mind from suffering. They are based in experience, and validated by modern science.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: The Dark Side of the Hacking World: What You Need to Know

A Guide to the Hacking Underworld You’ve Never Seen Before!
Hackers have always been a closed, secretive circle, wary of infiltrators and keeping their secrets completely hidden from the public eye….until now!
This book blows the lid open on the dark side of the hacking world, bringing all of the shadowy secrets, tools of the trade, malicious methods, and high-stakes multi-millionaire lifestyles of hackers out into the open!
Each chapter gives you unprecedented access to the cunning tricks, psychological manipulation, and malware that hackers could be using against you RIGHT NOW!
In this eye-opening guide, I bring you:
•An introduction to the secretive world of hacking.
•The types of hackers that pose a threat to you, and their various motivations.
•The different tools, methods, and tricks these hackers could use against you.
•How a hacker could be literally watching your every move and listening to your every breath through your computer!
•How anyone could be the hacker next door!
•The cunning techniques dangerous hackers use to access your private information and step-by-step explanations of their hacks.
•Hacker tips and tutorials that take YOU inside the hack and put the power in your hands!
•How to avoid, prevent, and fight back against potential hacking campaigns.
•And much more!

Get it for free right now! A no brainer!


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Kitchen Hacks the Ultimate Collection

Meet your new best friend in the kitchen. You won’t ever cook without it by your side!

Every so often, you have a “WOW” moment that changes your life… this book is full them. Regardless of experience, the innovative tips and tricks in Kitchen Hacks will instantly improve how you do things. These groundbreaking ideas are easy and quick to execute. Discover how to be more efficient in your kitchen, save time, money, and tap into your greatest potential!

Get it right now for free.