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Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Yoga Bible for Beginners

BONUS: Free Guided Relaxation Inside!

Do you often feel stressed, tense, or even anxious? Do you have the tendency to ruminate about past events? Would you like to live a healthier and happier life instead?

Then you have come to the right place: 'The Yoga Bible For Beginners' will allow you to reconnect with your deepest self again, so you can experience deep joy, contentment and inner peace.

The number of Americans that practice yoga regularly has grown from 20.4 million in 2012 to a staggering 36 million in 2016!

This many people can’t be wrong.

We live in a fast-paced world in which our senses are constantly stimulated. Yet, this progress comes at a cost. We are constantly tempted to keep up with Joneses, and many people have lost the connection between their mind and body.

Sound familiar?

Yoga can help restore this balance. For example, one study showed that yoga – even when practiced for the very first time! – can normalize levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

In this book, you will be taken by the hand so you can develop your own yoga practice and take back control of your health and happiness.
In 'The Yoga Bible For Beginners' You Will Learn:

    What Yoga is
    The Health Benefits of Yoga
    How to Perform a Yoga Pose Correctly
    30 Yoga Poses (Beginner, Advanced, and Expert)
    The Foundation of a Yoga Practice: Breath Awareness and Relaxation
    How to Make Yoga a Habit
    The Eight Limbs of Yoga
    How to Meditate
    And Much More!

And as a FREE BONUS, you will find a script inside that you can use to record your own guided relaxation!


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Excel for Beginners

If you are trying to master Excel, this is where to start.

Microsoft Excel is one of the most commonly used programs across all industry and geopolitical lines. Despite this fact, many business people, even those who interact with Excel regularly, don’t understand the essentials that can really further their career.

The truth is that most people find the task of learning about Excel overwhelming when confronted with a thousand-page book.

Could you be one of them?

You see, more information is not always good, especially if you want to save time and effort. The right information expressed in a clearly beneficial way is, however, always good.

That's why this book focuses on the basics and what you'll really need on a daily basis.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Camping Tips

Many people have no clue what to do when they’re camping. When this is the case, it can turn into a boring, frustrating downgrade from a hotel room, or even your own home. But camping can be fun and interesting in a variety of ways. Learn to make the most of your experience in nature and become a super camper! In this book, we’ll discuss several topics, such as:

Fun activities to engage in when you are camping.

Getting ready for the campout by taking the right supplies.

A list of items and tips to make your camping experience easier.

How to get your children ready for camping and get them excited about it before and during the trip.

Ways to stay clean, avoid negative aspects, and be closer to nature.

Delicious camping recipes.

And much more!


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: The Habit of Mindfulness: 25 Daily Meditations

For free, a nononsense roadmap to the practice of mindfulness through 25 simple exercises.

Discover how a simple state of clear, nonjudgemental, and undistracted attention to the contents of consciousness can improve your life. Cultivating this habit has been shown to reduce pain, anxiety, and depression. The practical teachings of the Buddha, which are curated for you into 25 digestible lessons, are an empirical guide to freeing the mind from suffering. They are based in experience, and validated by modern science.


Kindle Free Pick of the Week: Stuck in My Head

An Offbeat Look at Music and Mental Health


A lifelong dabbler in music, Michael Dane is also out of his mind. In this affectionately satirical memoir, you get a comedy crash course in music appreciation, from Bach to Bonnaroo, "Stuck" also chronicles the author's mental quirks, from OCD to anxiety disorder.

The premise is simple: Everyone's crazy, crazy is funny, and whatever brand of crazy you're experiencing, there's probably a playlist for it.

The book has playlists for losing your grip and for finding your way back. You'll also learn how to remove an earworm, why karaoke isn't necessarily evil, and how to avoid making Dizzy Gillespie angry.

Dane, author of "Does This Taste Funny?," also interviews a fictional eighteenth century composer, a piano tuner with a penchant for destroying pianos, a legendary sixties icon, two accordionists, a hip-hop harpist, and his high school band director.

No matter what style of music moves you, this book probably covers it, and whatever the state of your mental health, "Stuck In My Head" will have you laughing like a crazy person.