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Modern Family Quotes from "Punkin Chunkin"

It's Thanksgiving on Modern Family and the family members ask "what if?"

Phil wonders whether he would have been a better person, father and husband, if he had applied himself more. Jay (Ed O'Neill) decides Manny (Rico Rodriguez) could use a little more constructive criticism, if only to toughen him up and improve his chances when he becomes a man. And Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) takes it personally after a well-meaning Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) questions the veracity of some of his more fanciful childhood stories.

It all comes to a head at Thanksgiving with the family divided between the “Dreamers” and the “Pritchetts."

Here are the quotes.

Phil: At least buy me dinner first!

Phil: He was the sweet kid who lived next door.

Phil: Why hug when you can man shake.

Cam: I think I have to tell my Punkin Chunkin Story.

Cam: The pumpkin sails through the air, goal post to goal post.

Manny: My juices were really flowing on this one.

Jay: Centerpieces for starters.

Jay: This thing is a horn of ugly.

Haley: Ease up it's a holiday.

Kenneth: I'm in town to buy a blimp.

Kenneth: What would Phil Dunphy do?

Phil: He's me and he's spectacular.

Haley: Saying nothing isn't lying.

Mitchell: It was a supportive Wah Wah

Cam: Rain or shine, there's always a bumper crop of stories.

Phil: I bet this is how the French do Thanksgiving.

Luke: Why aren't we the jillionaires?

Manny: I think this might be a job for cumin.

Claire: Do you know what is illegal in Europe? Nothing!

Phil: Sometimes I need to be pumped up and frilly.

Phil: You're folding my dreams!

Phil: I love your "I Love You", getting sick of your but.

Manny: You hit those potholes pretty hard.

Jay: I saw them.

Jay: It's great and it's grrrrrrrrrrreeeeaaat

Manny: He said it was a swing and a miss.

Phil: The real Head Scratcher TM

Phil: It's like a 1,000 tiny angels are line dancing on my scalp.

Phil: Let's settle this, Dreamers vs. Pritchetts.

Jay: I'm just trying to get the kid ready for life.

Gloria: We only hvae one pumpkin and we just chunked it.

Manny: Maybe if this works, we should launch my centerpeice next.

Claire: Three more seconds and you would've got away with it.

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