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Modern Family Quotes from "Two Monkeys and a Panda"

This week on Modern Family:

Claire runs herself silly while Phil hits the day spa.  We find out Jay wants to be put in a crypt when he dies and Cameron wants to write a children's book for Lily.

Here are this week's quotes:

Phil: If you don't use them then all of our money just goes to charity.

Haley:  That was the first time the top half got any exercise.

Mitchell:  Guess what the new spinach is?

Cam: Adopting...Yea!

Claire:  Tell me again why the violin just wasn't you?

Alex:  It's too happy.

Alex:  Relax, half the 11th grade has been inside this sweater.

Manny:  I'm seeing a younger woman.

Gloria:  With all that bacon he eats.

Mitchell:  And we're monkeys because....

Cam:  I can draw monkeys.

Mitchell:  I fill out the forms ever since you signed up for a 12-year gym membership.

Phil:  You mess with Phil Dunphy, the claws come out.

Gloria:  Tada is when you do a flip, or cut a woman in half.

Gloria:  Here you are just a mushy bag of bones rotting away for all of eternity.

Gloria: We don't want our bodies in these drawers where God cannot find us!

Phil:  Did you know Karen and Richard Carpenter grew up in Downey?

Claire:  There is no simpler way, just make dinner!

Jay:  I don't know what our lineup is yet, but at home I sleep on the right.

Gloria:  Good luck at getting someone into your drawers.

Cam:  I don't know stop asking me questions.  Can't do it, can't.

Phil:  Forgive me for being a man!

Phil:  Maybe it's all the cremes, but that just made sense girlfriends.

Manny:  I just made a joke about The Wiggles, it went right over her head.

Jay:  What if I'm the putz?

Jay:  I have a few moves.

Claire:  I had to undress a mannequin while a creepy guy filmed it.

Jay:  Who's my gal?

Gloria:  We need to talk about this tada...

Mitchell:  There was something missing...

Cam: A hyphen?

Mitchell: Coco and Miko,  I like that.

Mitchell:  Technically it's my house but I'll fix that too.

Cam:  Gay parents are a huge market.

Mitchell:  Trans-gender adoption. 

Cam: Let's go Miko.

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