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Amway Arena in Orlando Implodes

I love building implosions

Here is implosion of the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida. Original home of the Orlando Magic.


Big Bang Theory Quotes from "The Shiny Trinket Manuever"

Penny helps Sheldon when he gets in trouble with Amy.  Will Howard and Bernadette have children?  
Here are the quotes:

Raj: Ordinary, but I bet it's dripping with magical potential.

Raj: There's a seat on the Hogwart's Express with your name on it.

Sheldon: Ryan Reynolds was a better choice for Green Lantern than...

Sheldon: Billy Sparks put a Mexican Peso up my nose.  It's still there.

Penny: Pasadena's favorite power couple: Shamey.

Sheldon: Somebody just hit 100 Twitter followers.

Sheldon: i can be overly fond of Koala Bears.

Sheldon: Biology is all about yucky squishy things.

Sheldon: She knows my Koala face.

Howard: The only wand that ever saw any action was this one.

Mrs. Wolowitz: She has a tricky figure, she's short and stacked, like me.

Sheldon: Think I'll go in this saloon and drink my troubles away.

Leonard: Digital alcohol is never a solution.

Leonard: I'm no expert in women.

Bernadette: Do you know how to pipe down?

Bernadette: No cake for you!  Anyone else want to join the no cake club?

Howard: I think my crotch is starting to curdle.

Bernadette; Let's see how you like this waffle!

Sheldon: Maybe she wants a man with a pocket watch.

Penny: Trust me, we are not a couple.

Raj: I often pictured you guiding a young boy into manhood.

Howard: Even Donkey Kong had Donkey Kong Jr.

Penny: That pocket watch is ridiculous.

Amy: We both know that is you Koala face!

Amy: Oh it's a tiara!

Howard: What is that behind your ear, it's a condom.


Thursday Night NBA Play of the Night: Magic at Heat

The Magic visit the Heat tonight in a battle of two of the best teams in the East.

The home team owns this series, but the games can be close.  Orlando is 8-3 ATS in their last 11 Thu. games.  That means something to me.  This should be a fun game to watch.  The Heat are favored by 5.

I'm looking for a close game tonight, so the Magic are the play.

The Magic might not win, but they will cover with the 5.  Take the Magic.