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Obama Goes Where No Jedi Has Gone Before

POTUS makes a sci-fi slip up

President Obama goofed an attempted sci-fi reference today at a press conference discussing Republican refusal to make a sequester deal. The president said he couldn't "do a Jedi mind meld with these folks and convince them to do what's right." Dude: You confused the JEDI MIND TRICK from Star Wars (think Obi Wan Kenobi and “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”) with the VULCAN MIND MELD from Star Trek (think Mr. Spock splaying his fingers and treating your face like a bowling ball).


Today's Google Doodle: 46th Anniversary of Star Trek

Beam me up, Scotty!

Great Google Doodle today.


The Big Bang Theory Quotes From "The Rothman Disintegration"

Sheldon and Kripke see who's the most athletic and Penny feels uncomfortable taking a rather "large" gift from Amy.

Here are the quotes:

Sheldon: Dibs!

Sheldon: Offices are not assigned because someone calls dibs!

Raj: I'm glad that men are wearing hats again.  They are so distinguished.

Amy: A new lace bra that hooks in the front of all things.

Amy: I wanted to get you something you didn't have.

Amy: Where are you going to hang it?

President Siebert; I'm your boss and I'm holding my penis.

Sheldon: I can send you a link to a Youtube video showing you how to perform your own rectal exam.

Sheldon: By the way, butter is a great lubrican in performing your rectal exam.

Bernadette; That is big!

Bernadette: Do you like pictures of yourself where you look like you're a man.

Sheldon: If that doesn't work out, I'll poison his tea.

Kripke: I'll take Rothman's office and you so suck a wemon.

Sheldon: Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock

Kripke: I haven't watched Star trek since I discovered a strip club near my apartment that has a free buffet.

Sheldon: Five what?

Kripke: Wan out of woom.

Leonard: Nothing that is happening here is being done on purpose.

Sheldon: Use the Force, Sheldon.  You need more force.

Sheldon: I've bounced many a rubber ball in my day.

Leonard; Ok stop the trash talking.

Penny: I can't believe you have never seen "Grease"

Amy: Those singing hooligans really got my juices flowing.

Amy: I'm just glad I didn't go for the sculpture.

Amy: I bought you a painting that is 12 square feet.

Penny: It made Bernadette very jealous.

Amy: Of the three of us, she is the least cool.

Sheldon: I'm trying to raise the temperature in here before my nipples freeze through my shirt.

Sheldon: That's a mockingbird, he's mocking me.

Sheldon: Hey gravel monkeys!

Sheldon: You geo-loving feldspar junkies!

Amy: Originally we were painted nude.

Sheldon: My head got stuck.  It's called scientific curiosity



The Big Bang Theory Quotes From "The Roommate Transmogrification"

Bernadette gets her Ph.D., making the guys to tease Wolowitz about his lack of a doctorate and will Raj become Sheldon's new roommate?

Here are tonight's quotes.

Sheldon:  Leonard produces copious amounts of methane.

Howard:  Bonding over your rooty, tooty stinky booty.

Penny:  Howard you know a lot of doctors.

Leonard:  Do you make a buttload?

Howard:  I know what you make a buttload of.

Penny:  About the car window thing, it may help, but it's not peachy.

Priya:  I can't believe I'm wearing my brother's Halloween costume.

Mrs. Wolowitz;  Like Leonard and the skinny weirdo.

Amy:  Yeast, the organism responsible for Michelob Light.

Amy: Bear down on it like the 7th grade noogies we all know so well.

Sheldon:  My hands are magic!

Raj: Tyra Banks says the most important item in your make up bag is a good night sleep.

Leonard:  Mouth to mouth Mona.

Raj: Sheldon doesn't get along with Sheldon.

Raj:  A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

Raj:  This says you can make end of life decisions for me.

Leonard: Bring a ball or Frisbee, something he can chase.

Sheldon:  I do a live webcast called "Apartment Chat."

Sheldon:  I'm just realized how much Leonard has been skating by all these years.

Raj:  Just call me the brown Martha Stewart.

Raj:  I'm the new homo in town.

Sheldon:  Origami napkin swans are the headline.

Bernadette:  I volunteered for the premature ejaculation project.

Sheldon:  When does a monkey have a trunk?

Penny:  When a suitcase just won't do.

Raj:  It's better to have loved and lost than to stay home every night and download increasingly disturbing pornography.

Sheldon:  And the answer was elephant.

Leonard: So, hot in India?

Sheldon: Rajesh and I hve a good thing going and you're not going to ruin it.

Sheldon: What does it look like?